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General Grade - Administrative Officer(1)

All Departments


General Grade - Administrative Officer(1) (All Departments)

To apply for the post of Administrative Officer, you need to undergo two rounds of written tests and interviews. The first round of written tests includes three multiple choice papers. The second round of written tests includes a case study paper in English and Chinese. During the first round of interviews, two to three examiners will interview the candidates. During the second round, interviews are conducted in the morning and afternoon. The morning session is a group discussion while the afternoon session is an individual interview. To prepare for the written tests, you can visit the website of the Civil Service Bureau for sample questions. As for the second paper, the case study one, there are two ways to prepare for it. First, candidates should pay attention to news about current affairs. Second, candidates should hone their writing skills to answer accurately and fluently. Winnie suggested that candidates should pay more attention to current issues. Apart from understanding the facts of the news, they should also think more. For example, imagine how you would handle different issues if you were a policymaker. During the interview you should demonstrate your independent thinking.

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