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General Grade - Executive Officer

All Departments


General Grade - Executive Officer (All Departments)

It is now Samantha's sixth year as an Executive Officer after graduating from university. She worked for the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau when she first joined the Government. She also worked at the Transport Department. An Executive Officer has many chances to contact the public. Other than managing the work from the counters, Samantha needs to work directly with colleagues. When the Government hosted the Boao Forum for Asia some years ago, Samantha was in charge of ushering. An Executive Officer must be able to learn and be adaptable, ready to face different challenges, needs to think about how to use the human resources and information systems to raise morale and work efficiency and face a lot of ad-hoc issues. When facing difficulties, they need to keep calm and make appropriate decisions and be patient in any situation despite the pressure from various parties.

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