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Job TitleTerms of AppointmentAcademic Qualification RequirementSalaryApplication DeadlineVideoApply

Post Office

Terms of Appointment:Non-civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Degree, HKDSEE results, HKCEE resultsSalary:Monthly HKD$ 35,105Application Deadline:23-12-2019ApplyApply
Assistant Landscape Officer

Development Bureau

Terms of Appointment:Non-civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:DegreeSalary:Monthly HKD$ 31,685Application Deadline:19-12-2019ApplyApply
Station Officer (Operational)

Fire Services Department

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Degree, Associate Degree or Higher Diploma, Diploma from a registered post-secondary college, HKDSEE results, HKALE resultsSalary:Monthly HKD$ 39,310Application Deadline:Year-round RecruitmentVideoVideoApplyApply
Landscape Officer

Development Bureau

Terms of Appointment:Non-civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Professional QualificationSalary:Monthly HKD$ 53,195Application Deadline:19-12-2019ApplyApply
Assistant Inspector (Graduate) [Post (M) Special Education]

Education Bureau

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Degree, Teacher CertificateSalary:Monthly HKD$ 44,325Application Deadline:27-12-2019ApplyApply

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The CRE and BLT would be postponed

The CRE and BLT originally scheduled for 5 October 2019 would be postponed.  The rescheduled CRE and BLT will be held on 14 December 2019.  The Civil Service Examinations Unit (CSEU) has informed candidates concerned about the rescheduled date by email. All candidates will be arranged to take the selected paper(s) on 14 December 2019.  An e-mail will be sent to candidates in late November 2019 notifying them of the relevant examination time and details.  If any candidates do not receive the e-mail by 2 December 2019, they should immediately contact the CSEU by phone at (852) 2537 6429 or by e-mail to  Any requests for change of examination venue will NOT be considered. Please visit this CSB webpage regularly for the latest information. The CRE and BLT outside Hong Kong The CRE and BLT outside Hong Kong is scheduled to be held on 7 December 2019 in seven other cities, namely Beijing, London, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Sydney. An e-mail will be sent to candidates starting from 19 November 2019 notifying them of the relevant examination details.  If candidates do not receive the e-mail by 25 November 2019, they should immediately contact the CSEU by phone at (852) 2537 6429 or by email to Candidates who will take the examination outside Hong Kong are advised to refer to the “Notes for Applicants” and “Frequently Asked Questions” for the examination outside Hong Kong. Good luck to all candidates!

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Preparing for AO recruitment?

Government jobs are popular, and Administrative Officer (AO) is among the most popular ones.You may have some questions or even feel puzzled while preparing for the written examination and the interview of AO.No worries, here are the tips. 01 | Keep abreast of current affairs AO Mickey Wai advised, “To become an AO, candidates have to keep abreast of current affairs.” AOs are subject to regular postings to different bureaux and departments to assist in policy making.  In order to formulate suitable and practical policies for different bureaux and departments, AOs are required to develop a thorough understanding of current affairs, and be aware of the viewpoints of different stakeholders in the society, as well as the rationale behind their viewpoints. 02 | Form your own standpoint It is important to form your own standpoint after reading news. Mickey Wai suggested candidates to discuss with family and friends about current affairs to develop one’s own standpoint. Conflicting ideas are not necessarily bad; communication helps build mutual understanding.03 | Organise your ideas systematically For an AO, being able to organise and express one’s ideas systematically is a quality as important as forming one’s own standpoint.  Another AO Bernadette Lam reminded the candidates, “Stay calm when the interviewers challenge your standpoints.” It is natural to be nervous during interviews, but do remember to keep your presentation clear and concise. There are no model answers for interview questions. What the interviewers would like to know is your own standpoints and your ability to present them in a well-organised manner. Let’s recap: keep abreast of current affairs; form your own standpoint and express them in a systematic manner.  Most importantly, show the interviewers that you possess the qualities they look for in an AO and have the passion to serve the society.Good luck! Contributing Editor: Sophie

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The 100 civil servants commended for their outstanding work performance in 2019 are...

The civil servants commended for their outstanding work performance this year came from 39 bureaux/departments and from various professional and technical grades, disciplined services and general grades as well as Model Scale 1 grades. Here let me introduce you five of the awardees.Senior Dental Officer of the Department of Health Dr So Hon-chingWith over 25 years of service with the Government, Dr So has been dedicating great efforts to promoting oral care services for the elderly. He participated in the formulation of the Outreach Dental Care Programme for the Elderly, which provides free outreach dental services for the elderly residing in residential care homes or receiving services in day care centres. The programme is benefiting about 50 000 elderly persons each year.Assistant Officer I of the Correctional Services Department (CSD) Mr Fida HussainMr Hussain said the CSD's rehabilitation work is very meaningful. In addition to day-to-day duties, Mr Hussain, who can speak several languages, assists the department by acting as an interpreter to explain custodial procedures to non-ethnic Chinese persons in custody and counselling them whenever necessary.Chief Customs Officer of the Customs and Excise Department Ms Lau Wai-manDuring her career in law enforcement and customs clearance spanning 30-odd years, Ms Lau has detected many drug trafficking and smuggling cases. She currently works at Lok Ma Chau Control Point and is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the smooth operation of cargo and vehicle clearance. Her rich front-line experience made her understand that while enforcing the law in a professional manner, Customs officers should treat the public with empathy and spend more time on communication and explanation so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and conflicts.Senior Field Assistant of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Mr Shek Shui-waWith over 34 years of service with the Government, Mr Shek has been tasked with duties related to the conservation of native plants since joining the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Mr Shek has earlier collected from the field a seedling of the rare and precious Westland's birthwort for conservation outside its habitat. With his efforts and persistence, seeds eventually germinated and propagated successfully. He will return the grown plants to nature to assist in the propagation of this rare plant in Hong Kong.Senior Waterworks Inspector Mr Wong Yiu-waiMr Wong has served in different positions in the Water Supplies Department during his 36 years of service and is currently attached to the Water Loss Management Section. With identifying leaking underground water mains in Hong Kong and Islands Region as his main duty, he has to study a lot of data collected from the water mains network every day, and at times carries out leak detection on-site late at night before determining follow-up actions so as to safeguard precious water resources.(The SCS's Commendation Award Scheme was introduced in 2004 to commend colleagues who have achieved outstanding work performance continuously for at least five years. The Scheme has a meticulous selection process which requires nominations from Permanent Secretaries, departmental heads or heads of grades, adjudication by a selection committee and final decision on the awardees' list by the SCS.)

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Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test

Please read thoroughly the "Notes for Applicants" and "Frequently Asked Questions"