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Marine Department - Assistant Surveyor of Ship

Marine Department

“Although I am usually the only woman on board, I have to act as a fire-fighter in the drills, carrying full set of gears with helmet, oxygen cylinder, and fire hose, opening the hatch cover, climbing the cat ladder, passing through narrow space, and putting out the fire in the engine room. They would not take special care of me just because I am a woman. We all work together to ensure navigational safety." Yoyo, Assistant Surveyor of Ship of Marine Department.

“While I was working on board, I had come across surveyors conducting all kinds of surveys. As time passed, I became interested in their monitoring role for vessels. After working ashore, I want to broaden my professional knowledge in the maritime industry and continue to make use of my previous experience on-board. That is the reason why I decided to apply for the post of Assistant Surveyor of Ships." Raymond, Assistant Surveyor of Ship of Marine Department.

Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Assistant Surveyor of Ship of Marine Department and its career prospect.

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