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Popular Interest Class - Yoga

Yoga Yoga focuses on integrating the body, mind, and soul, giving people an impression of mystery. As more and more people pursue both physical and mental health, yoga as a sport that emphasises pranayama, posture, and regulation of breathing has gradually gained popularity and transformed into a fitness exercise. Yoga Courses Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) Apart from face-to-face yoga training courses, online-mode yoga fitness courses are also available. The courses cover the basic movements and basic poses of yoga, with a view to improving body shape, cardiopulmonary functions, muscular fitness and flexibility. More information about the yoga courses schedule can be found on LCSD’s website. Yan Oi Tong Regular yoga courses such as yoga therapy classes and yoga wheel classes for the public are held to help citizens build up a healthy lifestyle through stretching exercises. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) Wheel yoga and sculpt yoga courses have been held for people of different ages. More information about the yoga courses schedule can be found on HKFYG's website. Notes to participants during exercise Space required: about 2 x 2metres. Remember to remove all obstacles within the range of motion. Auxiliary equipment: anti-slip floor mat, bath towel (70 x 140 cm) and cushion (30 x 30cm). Wear proper sportswear and sports shoes.   (The video is provided by Leisure and Cultural Services Department)