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Administrative Service Summer Internship Programme 2023 (The application is closed)

The primary objective of the Administrative Service Internship Programme ("the Programme") is to give Hong Kong students who wish to pursue an AO (Administrative Officer) career an opportunity to get hands-on experience of working with serving AOs, so as to facilitate their future career planning.Students participating in the Programme will be assigned duties similar in nature to those of AOs in different government bureaux or departments. Students will also have the opportunity to visit various government offices and / or relevant public organisations.Terms of EmploymentThe employment period will last for about two months or more between May and September 2023 (depending on office exigencies and individual participants' availability, the actual employment period of different cases may vary).  The level of remuneration for participants will be $10,500 per month (including contribution to Mandatory Provident Fund).  Participants are normally required to work 44 hours per week.  The exact hours of work will depend on the actual operational needs.  Overtime work, where necessary, will be compensated by time-off in lieu.All successful applicants will be offered identical terms of employment (except for the period).  No allowance will be given to appointees currently residing outside Hong Kong to cover their travelling expenses to and from Hong Kong or their subsistence during their stay in Hong Kong. How to ApplyLocal ApplicantsAll local applications (including those from students of local tertiary institutions who are currently participating in exchange programmes at tertiary institutions outside Hong Kong) must be submitted through their respective tertiary institutions.  Interested students may wish to approach the responsible department of their tertiary institution direct for details on the application procedures and deadline.Applicants Studying Full-time Outside Hong KongHong Kong students studying at tertiary institutions outside of Hong Kong (excluding students of local tertiary institutions who are currently participating in exchange programmes at tertiary institutions outside Hong Kong) who wish to participate in the Programme are required to submit by mail to the Administrative Service Division of Civil Service Bureau at Room 918, 9/F., West Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong or the scanned version / soft copy of the required information together with a recent colour photo taken against a plain background (file format should be JPG, JEPG or PNG; minimum size of the photo should be 413 x 531 pixels) by email to csbasd@csb.gov.hk by 28 February 2023 (Tuesday) (Hong Kong Time) (late applications and applications submitted by fax will not be accepted).EnquiriesApplicants who do not receive any notification within six weeks after the above-mentioned deadline may assume that their applications are unsuccessful.  Please contact Civil Service Bureau at csbasd@csb.gov.hk if you have any query. Please visit CSB website for more details.

Administrative Officer(2)

Mickey Wai, Administrative Officer: To become an Administrative Officer, one has to pay close attention to current affairs and understand the point of views of different stakeholders. Bernadette Lam, Administrative Officer: There is no model answer for the interview questions. When facing challenges from interviewers, keep calm, stand firm and express your views  in an organised manner. Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Administrative Officer. Grade Structure

Administrative Officer(1)

To apply for the post of Administrative Officer, you need to undergo two rounds of written tests and interviews. The first round of written tests includes three multiple choice papers. The second round of written tests includes a case study paper in English and Chinese. During the first round of interviews, two to three examiners will interview the candidates. During the second round, interviews are conducted in the morning and afternoon. The morning session is a group discussion while the afternoon session is an individual interview. To prepare for the written tests, you can visit the website of the Civil Service Bureau for sample questions. As for the second paper, the case study one, there are two ways to prepare for it. First, candidates should pay attention to news about current affairs. Second, candidates should hone their writing skills to answer accurately and fluently. Winnie suggested that candidates should pay more attention to current issues. Apart from understanding the facts of the news, they should also think more. For example, imagine how you would handle different issues if you were a policymaker. During the interview you should demonstrate your independent thinking. Grade Structure

What you need to know when applying for AO (Administrative Officer)

Roles and DutiesAOs take up different positions in bureaux and departments, as well as district, Mainland and overseas offices in the Government at regular intervals. Through regular rotation of jobs, AOs receive wide exposure and acquire expertise in different policy areas, as well as develop multi-skills and accumulate rich experience in public administration. Not only are they required to possess a good understanding of their respective policy areas, they should also be alert and sensitive in listening to the views of different stakeholders and members of the public so that they are able to approach policy work with the overall public interest in mind. In formulating policies that contribute to the long-term development and benefits of Hong Kong, AOs also work closely with members of professional grades both within and outside the Government (such as various regulatory authorities and statutory bodies). Annual Recruitment Timeline *The information below is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The actual periods and details of events will be announced nearer the events. You are advised to refer to the announcements made by then.>>Beginning of Recruitment Cycle<<JUL/AUG: Application Period for the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) and Basic Law Test (BLT) SEP/OCT: Application Period for the AO PostOCT: CRE and BLTDEC: Joint Recruitment Examination (JRE)following yearFEB/MAR: Preliminary InterviewMAR/APR: Final InterviewJUN/JUL: First Batch of Offers of Appointment (Subject to completion of recruitment formalities)JUL/AUG: First Batch of New Recruits Reporting Duty>>End of Recruitment Cycle<< Entry Requirements1. Permanent Residency: Must be a permanent resident of HKSAR at the time of appointment.2. Qualification: (i) A first or second class honours bachelor’s degree from a Hong Kong university, or equivalent; OR (ii) A postgraduate degree from a Hong Kong university, or equivalent, where the qualifications considered in totality are comparable to the requirement in (i).3. Good Command of both Chinese and English: Meeting the language proficiency requirement of Level 2 in the two language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE), or EQUIVALENT.4. Aptitude Test: A Pass in the Aptitude Test in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE).5. Basic Law and National Security Law Test: A pass result in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (Degree / Professional Grades) Remuneration Package1. Starting Salary: Pitched at Point 27 of the Master Pay Scale, which is at present HK$60,065 per month2. Annual Vacation Leave: Annual vacation leave of 18 days per year3. Fringe Benefits: Free medical and dental treatment. On reaching Point 34 of the Master Pay Scale, officers will become eligible for housing benefits (a non-accountable cash allowance)4. Retirement Benefit: Mandatory Provident Fund on appointment on probationary terms; Civil Service Provident Fund on appointment on permanent terms. For more details, please visit the AO Recruitment website.And we have invited two young Adminstrative Officers Vincent and Kiki to share their reasons of serving at the Administrative Officer Grade, working experience and interview tips. Don't miss the sharing if you are interested in the Administrative Officer Grade!  Applicants could watch the video below for better preparation of the interview. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Preparing for AO recruitment?

Government jobs are popular, and Administrative Officer (AO) is among the most popular ones.You may have some questions or even feel puzzled while preparing for the written examination and the interview of AO.No worries, here are the tips. 01 | Keep abreast of current affairs AO Mickey Wai advised, “To become an AO, candidates have to keep abreast of current affairs.” AOs are subject to regular postings to different bureaux and departments to assist in policy making.  In order to formulate suitable and practical policies for different bureaux and departments, AOs are required to develop a thorough understanding of current affairs, and be aware of the viewpoints of different stakeholders in the society, as well as the rationale behind their viewpoints. 02 | Form your own standpoint It is important to form your own standpoint after reading news. Mickey Wai suggested candidates to discuss with family and friends about current affairs to develop one’s own standpoint. Conflicting ideas are not necessarily bad; communication helps build mutual understanding.03 | Organise your ideas systematically For an AO, being able to organise and express one’s ideas systematically is a quality as important as forming one’s own standpoint.  Another AO Bernadette Lam reminded the candidates, “Stay calm when the interviewers challenge your standpoints.” It is natural to be nervous during interviews, but do remember to keep your presentation clear and concise. There are no model answers for interview questions. What the interviewers would like to know is your own standpoints and your ability to present them in a well-organised manner. Let’s recap: keep abreast of current affairs; form your own standpoint and express them in a systematic manner.  Most importantly, show the interviewers that you possess the qualities they look for in an AO and have the passion to serve the society.Good luck! Contributing Editor: Sophie