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Accounting Officer II

Still remember the “Scheme $6,000”? As an Accounting Officer II, Debbie worked in the team which was responsible for the implementation of the scheme. In our perception, accountants might just concern about numbers and calculation, but that is not the case for Accounting Officers in the Treasury. Since the projects are related to major livelihood issues, Debbie has to take public concern into consideration and to identify what the people need. In the video, Debbie will share some accounting projects in which she had participated, giving us more inspiring insights into the job, and how it has shaped her. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Treasury Accountant

I believe all of you are quite familiar with an accountant’s job, but what about professional accountants working inside the government? What do you know about them? Kenneth from this episode is a Treasury Accountant for the Treasury, and he is regularly assigned to various bureaux or departments for treasury duties. When he was assigned to the Transport Department, it was his job to manage the “Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities”. When making decisions, he has to consider both public interest and taxpayer’s money and try to strike a balance between them. This has given him new insights on accountancy as well as auditing. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page