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YS School-Cultural Festival

“Matsuri” or ”festival” means celebration, School Cultural Festival refers to student-led celebration, unleashing their strengths and charismas to the public in a variety of ways. “Dimension” means “space”. “Two-dimensional culture” refers to a variety of visual products and “three-dimensional” refers to life in the real world. Youth Square will organise the first ‘YS School-Cultural Festival’ in mid-December. With the theme of “Gathering of Dreams in N-Dimensions”, youngsters are encouraged to follow their passions and live their dreams. Bringing together the elements of street dance, anime, cosplay, and figurine exhibition, the festival provides a platform for youngsters to freely express their enthusiasm in two-dimensional art, and additionally demonstrate their talents and dedication in the three-dimensional space. It opens up an exciting world for the new generation to pursue their dreams in infinite dimensions.