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[Construction Industry] The Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme

The Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (ITCTS) follows "First-hire-then-train" approach. Trainees are first employed by the employer, then they will receive an initial training provided by the CIC with up to HK$10,200/month allowance. After the initial training, trainees will undergo on-site training provided by the employer. During on-site training period, trainees can get at least HK$13,400 monthly salary. At the end of training, trainees are required to take the relevant Intermediate Trade Test (ITT) / Certification Test provided by the CIC. Trainees who pass the ITT / Certification Test will be awarded a one-off bonus of HK$10,000. Mode of Training- Initial training provided by CIC- On-site training provided by the employerEntry Requirement- Aged 18 or above; and- Hong Kong residents and have permit to work in Hong Kong; and- For those who have not taken the below courses within one year:(i) Full-time Short Course/Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS) offered by Construction Industry Council (CIC) or Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC);or(ii) Other full-time training courses offered by CIC or HKIC or other training bodies funded by CIC or HKIC;or- For those who have not taken CIC’s or HKIC's Technician programmes within two years.- To ensure the optimal use of training places, holders of trade test or intermediate trade test qualification are not eligible to participate in the Scheme of relevant trades.Employers may have other requirements. The applicant may consult the employer directly.Enquiry: 2100 9000 For details, please visit Construction Industry Council website. For more information about the Recruitment Day in 2023, please subscribe online in the website of Hong Kong Institute of Construction. Here below is the sharing of students from Hong Kong Institute of Construction. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Site Supervisor

Once the building contractor has won the tender, the Site Supervisor will start work at the construction site. He or she will ensure that the project complies with the contractual specifications and that construction follows the construction plan.He or she will also have to ensure that, throughout the project, the building contractor fully complies with the environmental protection and safety regulations in force.To avoid project delays, the Site Supervisor must also monitor work progress and report to the construction team on a regular basis.Discipline is particularly important for a Site Supervisor, who has little margin for error in his or her monitoring task in order to achieve the highest possible project standards. Owing to its site-bound nature, the job is more suitable for those who enjoy working outdoors. Good communication skills are also required to help resolve disputes among workers. Organisation chart

Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person - Tenacity through adversity

Construction Industry Council organises the “Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award 2021”  (CIOYPA) with the aims to recognize and honour the achievements of young practitioners who have excelled themselves in their own career, and also contribute to the betterment of the construction industry and the community at large. It is believed that the Award will inspire fellow practitioners and young people as a whole to strive for excellence and pursuing accomplishment, thereby making Hong Kong a better home.The Award will recognise outstanding practitioners engaged in the 3 major categories in the construction industry.- Design and Management (e.g. Engineer, Architect, Planner, Surveyor, Safety Officer, Supervisor, etc.)- Frontline Construction Personnel (Registered Construction Workers, e.g. Registered Skilled Worker, Registered Semi-skilled worker etc.)- Business, Academic and Others (People who engage in business operations, e.g. Developers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers; OR People who engage in academic activities, e.g. Professors, Instructors etc.) *Please visit their official website for details. Tenacity through adversity - Outstanding Young Person Award WinnersIn time of unpredicatable epidemic, CIOYPA Winners have empowered people and changed their operation modes to combat the epidemic.Expert Decorator - Mr. Will KWOKFrontline Construction Personnel     (The videos are broadcasted in Cantonese) In addition to being a talented painter, Will is also great at putting together complex machinery. During the coronavirus epidemic, he did his part for society by leading a team of colleagues to help a local mask manufacturer set up a production line. Truly an inspiration!   Senior Project Manager - Cr Michael WONGDesign and Management     Although construction progress has slowed to a crawl, Michael knows as a Project Manager, it is now more important than ever to protect the health of his employees, bring leadership, and to never abandon one’s spirit for self-improvement. For details, please visit the Construction Industry Council website.

Works Supervisor

Wong Ka-chuk, Works Supervisor II of the Highways Department, will not only introduce to us how the Highways Department has laid solid foundations for the infrastructural development of Hong Kong over the years, but also describe the daily joys and problems of his job and the reasons for his unwavering dedication to his profession. Organisation chart