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How to register for Consumption Vouchers?

Registration of Consumption Voucher Scheme is open! Do you know about the eligibility and registration procedures of the Scheme? Here's a quick guide for you. Eligibility Criteria Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrivals who are aged 18 or above on or before 18 June 2021 and residing in Hong Kong are eligible. Please click here for details Registration Procedure Each eligible person may only register for the Scheme once and designate a SVF that suits his/her needs to receive and use the consumption vouchers. Also, each SVF account can only be registered once. The registration period is from 4 July to 14 August 2021. Electronic Registration (Save your time for getting the vouchers!) Eligible persons may register electronically through the Scheme website (click here to enter the registration portal). Registrants may use iAM Smart or upload a copy of their Hong Kong identity cards for authentication. Registrants who had successfully registered for the Cash Payout Scheme (CPS) and received payment/collected cheque before 18 June 2021 may choose to answer two questions relating to CPS registration for authentication. Please click here for details Paper Registration Forms Apart from electronic registration, eligible persons may choose to submit paper registration forms. They may put the paper registration form along with a copy of their Hong Kong identity cards (stapled together and folded in half) in the designated drop box placed at any post offices or designated bank branches (click here for the list of drop box locations) during office hours. There is no need for them to queue up to submit paper forms. Please click here for details Stored Value Facilities Eligible persons may choose to receive consumption vouchers through AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK, and provide the related number of their designated stored value facility (SVF) account for registration under the Consumption Voucher Scheme. Consumption vouchers to be received through AlipayHK, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK will be disbursed by two instalments (two months apart). The first $2,000 consumption voucher is valid for five months, and the second $3,000 consumption voucher is valid for three months. In other words, the two consumption vouchers can be used at the same time and will expire on the same date. Consumption vouchers to be received through Octopus cards will be disbursed by three instalments. The amount to be disbursed in both the first and the second consumption vouchers (two months apart) is $2,000, and registrants will receive the third $1,000 consumption voucher if their cumulative total "eligible spending" has reached $4,000 (click here to learn more about eligible spending) within a specified period from the disbursement of the first consumption voucher. For further details of the Consumption Voucher Scheme, please refer to the Scheme website.