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[Newly Established] Customs Youth Leader Corps Recruits Members

The new youth uniformed group “Customs Youth Leader Corps” (the Corps) established under the Customs and Excise Department’s youth programme “Customs YES” is now recruiting members. It aims to help members boost their self-confidence and develop team-oriented leadership skills through disciplinary training, regular assemblies and a variety of education-oriented activities, thereby grooming them to become distinguished youth leaders in the community. Diverse training and activities cover knowledge of various areas The Corps offers monthly assemblies covering a wide variety of training and activities about foot drills, life skills, personal growth, community services, civic education and Customs work.   Annual “Summer Training Camp” will be organised during which participants will undergo training in discipline, body fitness, parade and leadership and attend talks and join visits to learn about the work areas of Customs and the legislation enforced by the department. Sharing sessions and workshops of various themes will also be held to help participants know themselves better and establish a direction for their personal development. Enjoy the video of event highlights of the first “Customs Youth Leader Corps Summer Training Camp” The first “Customs Youth Leader Corps Summer Training Camp” was held at the Hong Kong Customs College from 26 to 31 July 2021.  A total of 57 Customs YES members completed the training and became the first batch of the Corps members.  Take a look at the video and know more: (The video is in Chinese only) Join the Customs Youth Leader Corps now Applications are accepted all year round. Interested young individuals may submit applications if they are: Customs YES members aged between 12 and 24 (Members under the age of 18 on the day of enrollment must obtain the written consent of the parent/guardian) Please visit the website of Customs YES for application methods and other information.

[Customs YES] Youth Programme of Customs and Excise Department

Have no idea of your future career? Want to know more about the work of the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED)? Interested in joining  related grades of the department? The youth programme "Customs YES" introduced by C&ED will certainly help! Diversified activities conducive to youth development Activities of "Customs YES" offer a unique and diversified learning experience for its youth members. Activities such as summer training camps, visits, workshops, exchange programmes, job orientation experience camps and internship programmes that feature a wide spectrum of Customs areas including intellectual property rights protection, revenue protection, narcotics interdiction, anti-smuggling, protection of consumer interests etc., are conducive to the development of members and can broaden their horizons. (Video with Chinese captions only)   Be a member of Customs YES Become a Customs YES member to enjoy the amazing activities! The details of individual membership application are as follows: Target group: Young individuals aged between 12 and 24Fee: Free of chargeApplication methods: Submit an application online or by post. Click here for more details Please visit the programme website for more details and information.  

[Best Buddies on Patrol] Customs Dog Handler Edwin and his partner Vassos

(The photo is provided by Hong Kong International Airport) In the crowded Baggage Reclaim Hall at Hong Kong International Airport, Customs Dog Handler Edwin and his partner, drug detector dog Vassos, methodically patrol spaces around the baggage carousels. Dressed in uniform and striding with confidence, the pair stands out from the crowd. Edwin and Vassos are part of the Hong Kong International Airport Customs Drug Detector Dog unit tasked with sniffing out drug-related activities at the airport...(The video is in Cantonese) For more details, please visit the website of Hong Kong International Airport.

The Customs and Excise Department: Road to Training Professionalism

The Customs and Excise Department obtained an accreditation approval from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in December 2018 to include its induction programmes for Inspectors and Customs Officers in the Qualifications Register, marking a new era for the department's manpower training. For more details about training in Customs and Excise Department, please visit the Department's website. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Customs and Excise Department: We hear you, we stand by you

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, many customs officers, with the support of their families, volunteer to take part in conducting preventive measures. The volunteers, who are assigned to work in a three-shift roster in 24 hours, are responsible for registration, distributing resources and providing care to people under quarantine.As the volunteers say, while their experiences of serving tourists at the boarders can be applied at the quarantine centres, they can also be a listener of the quarantined. Every member of the team is proudly contributing to fighting against the virus. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Customs Inspector

Customs Inspector, Choy Wan Yu Asa, “A Customs Inspector should be all-rounded, and committed to serving the community.’ Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path, interview tips, and etc. of Customs Inspector. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Customs Officer

Customs Officer, Ng Hing Kiu,"As a Customs Officer, I am responsible for discharging the law enforcement duties relating to anti-smuggling, investigation and anti-narcotics, however, it might be lesser known that I am also required to have maritime knowledge and abilities.” Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path, interview tips, and etc. of Customs Officer. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page