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[Career] On-the-job Training

Looking for your favourite job may not be an easy task. On-the-job training enhances the job skills of students through a wide range of practical job-specific skills training catering for the prevailing needs of the employment market. It can increase your chance in finding a suitable job. For more details of the progress of on-the-job training, you can visit the (YETP) Need jobs? Try On-the-job Training. Also, organisations shown below hold some related training courses. Students can enrol in their interested courses. 1. Vocational Training Council (VTC)'s Apprenticeship & Training Schemes2. Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) Besides, the Labour Department launches the e-Learning Support Scheme 2022 (“eLSS”), providing on-the-job training vacancies for young people who are interested in IT or education industries. Students who are interested can have a look of e-Learning Support Scheme 2022.   Source:Youth Employment and Training Programme of the Labour Department - On-the-job Training

[Career] Advice on Finding and Adapting to a Job

Feeling anxious about your first job hunt? Don’t worry! From CV writing to job searching, we have compiled a list of resources to solve your problems! 1. Job Hunting Briefcase       - Choose your career   - Job Application   - Application letter & CV template   - Interview   - Questions frequently asked during the interview   - Interview follow-up and evaluation   - Beware of employment traps 2. Youth.gov.hk – Job Seeking      - Methods of job seeking   - Points to note when applying for jobs   - Employment traps   - Job interview strategies Lastly, after being employed, you may feel puzzled about your new job. Don’t worry. Remember the following points and complete your job assignments step by step, then you will be able to adapt to the new environment quickly. 1. Be friendly and modest: be sincere, friendly and modest. 2. Create nice impression: be punctual; act and dress properly to create a good impression. 3. Concentrate on your work: Remember to finish your job in time. 4. Approach your boss or colleague for guidance: When you encounter any difficulties or have doubts about your job, try to work out the solution by yourself first. In case you have no idea how to solve them, seek for assistance from your boss or colleagues politely. 5. Maintain good relationship: Good communication is built up by more listening, less speaking. Visit A Guide to Job Hunting (Labour Department) for more details.   Sources:Labour Department - Interactive Employment Service Labour Department - Youth Employment Start  

[Career] Ways to Get Employed

Some of you may have thought about your career plans and considered getting employed. We have prepared some related career information for you. You can obtain information of vacancies through the following channels: 1. Employment Services of Government     - Talent.gov.hk    - Interactive Employment Service of the Labour Department 2. Newspaper/ Professional Magazine/ Recruitment Notice on Street/ Internet Advertisement 3. Recruitment Day/ Careers Exhibition (Applicants are required to register the events at the designated location and time, please remember to bring your identity cards, recent photos, qualification proof and employment proof.) 4. Referral by Relatives/ Friends 5. Unsolicited Applications (Common practice for the Banking, Advertising, Hotel, Catering and Education and some professional industries) 6. Private Employment Agency (There may be service charges occurred. According to the Employment Agencies Regulations, the maximum commission allowed to be charged by an employment agency for a successfully arranged job should be an amount not exceeding one-tenth of the job seeker’s first-month salary) Please visit “A Guide to Job Hunting” of Labour Department for more details. Opportunities in the Government Apart from the job vacancies in the private market, the government also offers numerous job opportunities that may suit you. Interested students can get more information from below links: - Applying for Government Jobs: Government jobs for both civil service posts and non-civil service positions.- DSE Way out: Government Jobs: The qualification requirements of government jobs- Youth.gov.hk - Gov Job: A list of government job vacancies   Sources:Labour Department - Youth Employment StartGovHK