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[#BackToSchool] Online Resources for Home Learning

Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, you may have adopted the mode of online learning at home. You are recommended to utilize the following online learning resources during and after the home learning period. 1 – HKEdCity "Online Learning 360°" Designated Webpage E-Learning resources such as multimedia, reading and assessment materials, game-based learning platforms and educational television programmes for various subjects are made available under the categories of different key stages and learning areas. 2 – Educational Multimedia Educational Multimedia provides multimedia educational resources, including theme-based short videos, multi-ending micro movies, animations, nursery rhymes, picture books, photos, sound tracks, and videos which are divided into chapters and short clips of a few minutes. You can also view the educational videos via the “Educational Multimedia” mobile application (Google Play) (Apple Store). 3 – RTHK’s E-Learning Webpage * Radio Television Hong Kong's E-Learning Webpage covers interesting learning contents in various subjects such as language study, culture, arts, science, philosophy and healthy lifestyle. A Second Edition of Tutor Online 2020 is also made available on RTHK * Chinese version only 4 – Learning Resources about COVID-19 # “Curriculum Resources about the COVID-19” are available on The Education Bureau (EDB)’s website, you can learn more about the tips on epidemic prevention and relevant knowledge under related key stages and topics. # Related learning resources will be updated on a regular basis.   For more e-Learning resources provided by the public bodies, please refer to “E-Learning Resources of Public Bodies”. For Teachers: Learning and Teaching Resources - "Learning and Teaching Resource Lists" provides various online resources including "Curriculum Resources about the COVID-19", "Information and related measures taken by the Government in fighting COVID-19" and other online resources. - "Dedicated webpage on Using e-Learning Modes to Support Students’ Home Learning" provides video clips teaching skills in adopting e-learning platforms, flipped classroom strategy and real-time online teaching with a step-by-step approach. For more details, please visit the EDB website.


RTHK programme – One minute reading The famous columnist Lee Yee once said in the Radio Television Hong Kong programme, One minute reading[Chinese version only], “You don’t need to understand every word in a book to gain a rewarding experience.” (editor’s translation). Listen to the recorded programme online and you will know the reasons. Reading resources Indeed, reading is more than about acquiring knowledge. It is also one of the most pleasurable ways to enrich yourself. The public libraries provide huge reading resources for those who have a passion for reading. Hong Kong Book Prize There are many new books launched every week on the market. Want to find out which are the good ones? "Hong Kong Book Prize" [Chinese version only],invites academics and representatives from different industries to select outstanding Chinese books of each year. Hong Kong Public Libraries’ information The most convenient way to get information of library matters is through the library website. Matters such as checking library locations and opening hours, applying for a library card or replacing a lost library card can be found through the Internet. Book borrowers can apply for using Smart ID Card for library services instead of a library card. Reporting the loss of your Smart ID Card But in case you lose your Smart ID Card, please report the loss to the Registration of Persons Offices of the Immigration Department and to the library to prevent any misuse. Hong Kong Public Libraries’ activities Apart from looking for information and the joy of reading in the public libraries, you may find fun in joining the variety of library activities. Library extension activities on different subjects for young people will be fruitful for your cultural and informational enrichment, instill your reading interests and meet your lifelong love for learning.

Hobby & Interest

Fishing Hobbies and interests usually reflect the characters of individuals. Sports lovers are usually seen on the move. Fashion lovers cannot wait to get their hands on the latest trends. And fans of fishing are usually more patient than most. So if you are one of these patient folks, you do not have to wait long for a great catch. In Hong Kong, fishing is fantastic out at sea. Likewise, fishing in reservoirs is just as much fun as fishing in the sea, plus you will not get seasick. Just remember that fishing in reservoirs is only allowed during the non-spawning season and also requires a licence. Philately Another hobby for patient types is philately. In fact, in Hong Kong, stamp collecting has over a hundred years of history. Modern stamp designs are a dynamic reflection of Hong Kong today. There are a variety of designs with different stamp themes. Buying philatelic products can be done online – taking the hassles out of queuing up at the post office. E-learning resources from RTHK Often, a hobby is more enjoyable after a bit of study. It can even lead to a career opportunity. E-learning resources from RTHK [Chinese version only] provide many different online courses. The most popular course is related to food, that is yummy dishes DIY [Chinese version only] course, which suit Hong Kong people’s palate best.

E-learning Resources of Public Bodies

Apart from online chatting, discussion forums, document downloads and information searching, the Internet is also a very convenient learning platform. Below are some recommended e-learning websites. Hong Kong Education City The Students’ Channel of the Hong Kong Education City is a large learning platform. It includes creative corner, library, counselling, studies & careers and forum. The website also provides features and update news, making it a comprehensive and interesting e-learning centre. E-Learning of RTHK E-learning [Chinese version only] of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) contains an abundance of content. There are many interesting subjects such as language, culture, arts, science, philosophy and healthy living. Chinese culture channel [Chinese version only], another RTHK website, also makes use of the multimedia characteristics of the Internet to bring traditional Chinese culture to viewers through audio, video, images and text. Topics range from ancient literature to music and fables. Electronic resources of Hong Kong Public Libraries The Hong Kong Public Libraries provides web-based self-learning guidance and resources to the community including its Multimedia Information System and various electronic resources such as ebooks and electronic databases.