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LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Basketball

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of basketball, including: - How to play (rules of games)- Lines and Dimensions of Basketball Court- Basic Skills- Major Local Games - Famous Local Players

LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Tennis

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of Tennis, including: - What is Grand Slam?- Size and Lines of Tennis Court- How to play (Competition events, Scoring and Terms)- Equipment- Warm up Exercises- Basic Skills

Webinar: “Sharing on Starting Business in the Greater Bay Area”

The rapid development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) in recent years attracted more and more Hong Kong people to start their businesses in the region. In this seminar, the entrepreneurs from Hong Kong will share their experiences and challenges in starting and expanding their businesses in the GBA, and views on GBA’s prospects, with a view to assisting people who are interested in starting their businesses in the GBA to understand the entrepreneurial and business environment there. Language: Cantonese Speaker: Ms Gisella Tong, CEO of Round the Clock StudioMr Eric Kuo, Co-founder of R-Guardian Limited

StartmeupHK Festival 2021

The StartmeupHK Festival 2021 is back on the 24-28 May! As one of the world’s largest tech conferences, the StartmeupHK Festival is a powerful platform for international startups, investors, industry leaders, academia and governments to exchange ideas, make connections and define the future. We will inspire you, connect you, and introduce you to investors and business partners from Hong Kong and around the region. Mark your calendars for this not-to-be-missed StartmeupHK Festival 2021 now! Keynote speeches/fireside chats/panel discussions/startup pitches/workshops/curated networking opportunities/business matchingand more…

Hongkong Post to issue "Intangible Cultural Heritage - Dragon and Lion Dance" special stamps

To promote public awareness of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), thus enabling the preservation of these cultural gems, Hongkong Post has selected five local ICH items, namely the lion dance, pixiu dance, unicorn dance, dragon dance and Tai Hang fire dragon dance, for the launch of a special stamp issue and associated philatelic products with the theme "Intangible Cultural Heritage - Dragon and Lion Dance" on February 23 (Tuesday). The set of four stamps to be issued features the lion dance, pixiu dance, unicorn dance and dragon dance. With vivid and delicate brushstrokes, the meticulous details and lively postures of these characters are illustrated on the stamps. The bold appearance and agile movement of each character, set off with the festive background colours of gold or red commonly used for joyous occasions in Chinese culture, signify an auspiciousness that adds an extra note of festivity. The two stamp sheetlets present scenes of the Mid-Autumn Festival - the Tai Hang fire dragon dance, showcasing its extraordinary charm through different perspectives. The $10 stamp sheetlet portrays the grandiosity of the fire dragon parading through streets and alleys in the hands of performers, drawing a flock of bystanders that enjoy the hubbub of the festive event. The $20 stamp sheetlet depicts in detail the fire dragon and "dragon pearl" covered in incense sticks. Printed with a gold foil stamping effect, the $20 stamp sheetlet re-creates a setting of a blazing flame wreathed in curling smoke, as if enveloping viewers in the spectacular fire dragon dance. Starting from February 23, this set of special stamps and associated philatelic products, including a first day cover, mint stamps, stamp sheetlets, a mini-pane, a presentation pack and a serviced first day cover, will be placed on sale at post offices.

International Sourcing Show 2021

ONLINE + PHYSICAL FORMATSIntegrating seven HKTDC trade fairs originally scheduled for spring 2021, the HKTDC International Sourcing Show will run from March to July 2021 in both online and physical formats, offering a flexible arrangement for businesses to explore and identify opportunities across various industries. 17/3 – 29/7/2021 ONLINE26/7 – 29/7/2021 HKCEC (PHYSICAL FAIR) MARCH ONThe HKTDC International Sourcing Show | ONLINE is a showcase of products, ideas and information that can readily be transformed into ‘Your Source of Inspirations’ - the central theme of the show. Through the integrated online experience, buyers and suppliers can explore, share and connect in effective ways to ensure sustainable business growth.  

HKTDC Research Webinar “New strategies for tapping into Mainland China’s e-commerce market” (Webinar)

How will mainland China’s commitment to expanding and upgrading its domestic consumer market impact on Hong Kong companies? Following the central government’s announcement of its “dual circulation” strategy – a policy that will see the country focus on internal production, distribution and consumption, while not abandoning export opportunities – this webinar will explore the implications of the move. It will also consider the opportunities likely to emerge, while providing practical advice on cross-border e-commerce and trademark / patent protection within the mainland. Moderator:Ms. Alice TsangAssistant Principal Economist (Greater China), HKTDC Research Speaker: Mr. Poon Cheuk HongEconomist, Greater China Research Team, HKTDC Research Mr. Francis ChowBusiness Development Manager, Tmall Global Dr Alex LauPartner, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Advisory Service Limited Event Conducted Language:Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service provided)

HKIP x SIP Webinar Series #1 "Planning for a Healthy City"

The promotion of healthy city is a common concern of planners beyond boundaries. We are pleased to host the first joint webinar of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and the Singapore Institute of Planners in the City Gallery via Zoom themed on "Planning for a Healthy City".

Telecommunications Opportunities Programme - Briefing

Telecommunications Opportunities Programme (TOP) is the job-creation scheme dedicated to the telecommunications industry, commissioned by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) and administered by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), under the HKSAR Government’s Anti-epidemic Fund, with the aim of creating 12-month full-time jobs in the telecommunications sector for young people. TOP equips young people to be more competitive, as well as enhancing their employability and nuturing youth talents for the industry. How to Apply Applicants who joining TOP should: be a HKSAR resident of the age of 18 or above holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card;be a holder of accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees obtained in programmes of post-secondary and tertiary institutes, or have relevant work experience in telecommunications industry;be a fresh graduate in 2020 or 2021 with no work experience, or has no more than five years’ work experience. Briefing session: 27 Feb 2021(Sat) - 15:00-16:305 Mar 2021(Fri) - 18:30-20:00

Hi! Flora, Fauna

Primitive sounds of wildlife linger in an urban oasis. Nicknamed as 'Bing Tau Fa Yuen' by locals ('Bing Tau' means the head of soldiers and 'Fa Yuen' means garden) and located close to the central business district of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is the oldest public garden in the territory. Apart from housing century-old historic monuments, old and valuable trees and other exotic flora, the Gardens is also the home to a number of endangered species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Since its founding in 1871, the refine scenery of the Gardens has appeared in different works of literature, movies and television production, and wonderfully captured by tourists and photography-lovers through camera. The provision of interactive experience with flora and fauna also marks the significance of the Gardens, where urbanites can enjoy a moment of peace and a mindful appreciation of nature. In exploration of stories about the Gardens and the relationship between human and nature, the Art Promotion Office will launch the 'Hi! Flora, Fauna' art project featuring 17 artists/ artist groups, including Nadim Abbas, Chan Hay-ching, Enoch Cheung, Eunice Cheung, Deep Food, Impromptu Projects, Human Ip, Sharon Lee, Leong Ka-tai, Leung Mee-ping, Ng Hoi-chi, Gretchen So, Tung Wing-hong, Dio Wong, Morgan Wong, Wong Wo-bik, and &dear, together with our Curatorial Partner (Image Art) Lumenvisum and Music Collaborator Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Drawing inspiration from the history, collective memories, cultural imagination as well as natural attractions of the Gardens, the artists will present their creativity via a variety of art mediums and organise a series of site-specific activities, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Throughout the artistic journey, you are invited to explore meanings and treasures of the Gardens — let's share new memories and continue to grow with this place we all love.

Course on "Hong Kong Statistics for Business"

This course is offered by the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in collaboration with the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD). It is designed to put managers, administrators and planners in closer touch with the statistical data available in Hong Kong, and to show how such data may be used to assist in business and forecasting. The course is an integrated series of lectures by professionals from C&SD. The course covers the following topics:-Introduction to official statistics and sample surveys-Population statistics and projections : Research and marketing-Labour, price and wage statistics: Personnel management and manpower planning-Manufacturing, construction, distributive trades and services industries statistics: Comparing profitability and performance, evaluating local market size, and assessing extent and nature of competition-Trade statistics: Market research, trade promotion, and analysis and forecasting of merchandise trade-National income statistics: Gross Domestic Product and its components-Monetary and financial statistics: Analysis and applications

Local, Overseas & Mainland Arts Administration Scholarships

Local Arts Administration Scholarships 2021 Intended Courses and InstitutionsIntended to support local arts administrators who possess related work experiences, to advance their professional practice by undertaking arts administration related master courses/professional programmes* or business administration related professional programmes* at local universities or tertiary institutions. The intended study programme to be undertaken must commence within the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. Applicant should submit their applications to HKADC and the higher education institution respectively for application of scholarships and programme admission. The selected applicant will need to fulfill all admission procedures of his/her chosen institution and be offered place subsequently. Scholarship ValueEach Scholarship will cover the tuition fees of the chosen programme with a maximum amount of HK$90,000 and estimated five local scholarships will be awarded. *The intended professional study programme must be one-year or longer in duration Overseas & Mainland Arts Administration Scholarships 2021 Intended Courses and InstitutionsIntended to support local arts administrators who wish to pursue taught master courses in relation to arts administration at accredited institutions in the Mainland or overseas. The intended study programmes have to be commenced within the period of 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022.  

HKFYG Run for Wellness 2021

Facing the rapidly changing living environment in recent years, everyone has accumulated loads of emotions. This year, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) changes the format of “HKFYG Run For Wellness 2021” to virtual run, allowing all participants to join our meaningful event without the limit of space and time. All of you are welcome to release your stress and emotions through the Run. Let’s get stress-free together!   “Wellness Journey” is our theme this year. We are collaborating with a well-known local illustrator, MaLut (麻甩), to bring out the theme and the message of wellness through the laid-back and joyful color expression.  The event contains three categories, 2KM "Downshifting Journey", 5KM "Adventure Journey" and 10KM "Self Healing Journey". Souvenirs to bring home include event backpack, event T-shirt, sports towel, etc. All event finishers will receive the "Finisher Gift Pack", which contains more amazing souvenirs! ​  Sign up now, create your own wellness journey and run together for wellness!

Positive People Engagement in the Virtual Space with Appreciative Inquiry

In this highly participatory online workshop, you will go through the process of engaging your people virtually to create the positive future together. After understanding the basic rationale of a Positive Change approach, you will be able to identify your team members’ unique strengths, as well as aligning priorities to explore measures to achieve more together. You will also gain insights on the applications in real work scenarios through case studies and interactive exercises. -A rational and pragmatical way to engage people and make positive change possible – a brief introduction the four pillars of Positive Change-Transforming problems into opportunities – start working on the positive and productive side at the beginning of any engagement-Positive questioning techniques that stimulate promising and co-creative dialogues to bring out the best in people-Essential steps to reinforce productive behaviors, stay focused on top priorities, and generate measurable results Trainer:Ms Dorothy TSUIPrincipal, Corporation for Positive Change – Asia Ms Dorothy Tsui is a dedicated people and organization development consultant who partners with her clients in formulating solutions that build their organizational and leadership capacity to make positive strategic changes. Language:Cantonese Target audience:Corporate Staff of all levels

Y.E.S. New Member Referral Program 2020/21

In order to promote the facilities and services of Youth Employment Start (“Y.E.S.”) to more young people, existing Y.E.S. members (“Referrer”), who successfully refer one or more young person(s) (“Referee”) to visit Y.E.S. in person, complete registration as Y.E.S. new member(s) and use three kinds of Y.E.S. facilities or services within the promotion period of this program, will be entitled to fabulous gift(s). All Referrers participating in the program must visit Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) in person during office hours (Monday to Saturday: 10am to 7pm, except public holidays) within the promotion period to submit a Referral Form A, complete an activity questionnaire and “Like” the Y.E.S. Facebook page. Upon a Referrer’s submission of Referral Form A, the concerned Referee must submit Referral Form B in person to Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) and register as Y.E.S. member during office hours within the promotion period. A “Y.E.S. Stamp Card” will be given to the Referee upon completion of member’s registration to record his/her usage of Y.E.S. facilitates or services. The Referral will not be considered as valid unless a Referee, after registering as Y.E.S. member, completes using THREE kinds of Y.E.S. facilities or services as specified on the “Y.E.S. Stamp Card” within the promotion period and returns this card to Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) in person.

Business Advisory Workshop “Planning and Launching Sales in the Greater Bay Area” (Webinar)

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao authorities have all taken active measures to implement the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, resulting in new collaborative development of the three economies. Hong Kong businesses can capitalise on these measures in tapping opportunities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and other parts of the mainland. Notably, many Hong Kong companies are keen about selling to mainland China. They are particularly interested in learning how to launch sales and handle related business matters, as well as find out about the availability of preferential policies. In this workshop, Wing Chu, head of the HKTDC Business Advisory Unit, will share the latest development in the GBA as well as practical tips for Hong Kong companies interested in sales to the GBA/mainland market. He will be joined by the China Business Advisor from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (currently seconded to the HKTDC) during the Q&A session to take questions from participants on conducting business in the GBA and other mainland cities. Speaker:Mr. Wing ChuBusiness Advisory Manager, Research Department, HKTDC Mr. Sun JianChina Business Advisor, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (currently seconded to the HKTDC) (Putonghua), Q&A Session Event Conducted Language:Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service provided)

Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo 2021

Looking for Your Dream Job in Innovation and Technology? Save the date for Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo (the city's largest in the I&T ecosystem), which will take place from 18-24 March 2021. Get ready to explore the opportunities to work for top-notch global tech companies and innovate your future! What you can't miss from the Expo? Meet and interact with 150+ Tech Companies~1,000 Hottest Job opportunitiesFree 1-on-1 CV ConsultationsGet inspired by / chances for dialogues with Tech Pioneers Language: English

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Vis-à-vis +01: Interactive Storytelling with Author

Authors of Children’s Picture Books will read aloud their books and share the reading journeys in the interactive storytelling sessions. Limited quota, don’t miss out!1st SessionDate:19.2.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Shana CHEUNG (Local Picture Book Author)Language:CantoneseBook to be shared:《你會咚咚嗎》2nd SessionDate:27.2.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Jarvis, Peter (British Picture Book Author)Language:EnglishBook to be shared:“Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth” and “Mrs Mole, I’m Home”3rd SessionDate:6.3.2021Time:16:00-17:00Author:LIN Bo Ting (Taiwanese Picture Book Author)Language:PuTongHuaBook to be shared:《一個像海的地方》及《一起去動物園》4th SessionDate:12.3.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Wendy WAN (Local Illustrator and Picture Book Author)Language:CantoneseBook to be shared:《悟空移山》及《我爸爸是一棵樹》

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Distance Run

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of distance run, including: - What is Distance Run?- Six Major Marathons in the World- Warm up Exercises- How to carry out Distance Run Training?- How to prepare a Strategic Plan?

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] TheatreScope

[#TheatreScope​ | Drama in everywhere]“The play’s the thing”, a quote from Hamlet indicates the association with life and play. So what is “play” literally? TheatreScope steps out of the theatre and goes online for giving us Drama 101 with a brand new horizon!In the first episode, let’s start with the origins of western drama, Greece, followed by a brief history of drama from rituals to plays.

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Chinese Music a Click Away

[#ChineseMusicaClickAway​ | Walks you through the origins of Chinese Music]How much do you know about Chinese musical instruments? Nowadays we would group them into FOUR types - woodwinds,  plucked strings, bowed strings and percussion, which according to the way they are played and giving off the sound.In the first episode, Kwok Kin-ming, a young and talented conductor, who introduces you to the origins and the trivia of Chinese music. And he will walk through the signature wind, plucked-string, bowed-string and percussion instruments in the following five episodes.