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Maker Workshop: Dinosaur Spinning Lamp (Lantern Festival Edition)

Dinosaurs are hidden within the shadows and the only way to see them is by illumination! By joining this workshop, you can make your own spinning lamp and learn about the underlying principle. The lamp can also serve as a great decorative piece for your home.

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HKAPA Open Day 2023

The physical Academy Open Day will be held on Sunday, March 5, after three years. On the day, both the Béthanie Landmark Heritage Campus and the Wanchai Main Campus will be open to public. There will be a wide array of free performing arts activities meticulously planned by six Schools, including a performance by Junior Symphony Orchestra, concerts of Chinese and Western music, excerpt performances of musical, drama and Chinese opera, dance open classes, and film and television graduation screenings. Guided tours will be arranged for visitors to experience performing arts and technology. Don't miss a chance to explore the backstage with sets, props, costumes and special stage effects on display! The open house event of the Academy Library - "Go Digital" Library Themed Exhibition is also another highlight of the day! Come and meet our alumni and get inspired by all sophisticated performing artists! More details of the event will be available on the Academy’s website and social media channels. Stay tuned!

Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) Recruitment Day

Joint corporate: Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited. Job openingsCompany Name: Shanghai Commercial Bank LimitedJob Title: ClerkDuties: Handle administrative duties, including documents filing and record keeping, handle enquiries from internal staffWorking Hour: 5.5days workWorking District: Designated Branch Salary: $15500 Company Name: Shanghai Commercial Bank LimitedJob Title: TellerDuties: Provide counter services for customers and answer customers' enquiries, cross-sell banking products in bank branches, etc.Working Hour: 5.5days workWorking District: Designated Branch Salary: $16000 Company Name: Shanghai Commercial Bank LimitedJob Title: Customer Service Representative, Call CentreDuties: -Provide professional and courteous telephone hotline services -Answer telephone enquiries on banking products and services -Provide administrative support, conduct warm calls to existing customers for follow-up and products introductionWorking Hour: 6days work; on shiftWorking District: Kwai Hing Salary: $16000

“Clay for Tomorrow” Ceramics Exhibition

St. James' Settlement (IG: @st_james_creation) provides a platform for people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder to create art. It offers opportunities for them to grow in their arts and develop art as their vocation. The project, overseen by renowned ceramist and Artistic Advisor Chris Lo, began in 2020 and saw 15 ceramists learning from 5 seasoned ceramists over a span of 3 years, as they developed their craft, learned about their materials, expressed their ideas and embarked on a journey of growth and artistic training. The project features a series of events and exhibitions to share the creative process with the public. Language pales as a means of communication for the ceramists in comparison with clay, their most adept medium of expression. The ceramists are budding artists whose works have appeared at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, around the Sai Kung Hoi, at the Kennedy Town Belcher Bay Promenade, in public libraries, at your home, on your dinner table even. Their works are scattered across the world, but their worlds have always existed among us.

Outreach Interest Class Programme

Launched in December 1996, the OIC Programme provides short-term fundamental music training for people of different ages. Group lessons in Western and Chinese musical instruments and various music topics are conducted every week at venues across the territory. The next phase of OIC Programme to be conducted from March to August 2023 is accepting applications now with details as follows: Recruitment for Outreach Music Interest Courses - Phase 52 Workshop Series-Online classes: A Feast of Violin Music [new], ABC of Musicianship [new], Kalimba, Ukulele-Ensemble Experiential Series: Western Strings, Chinese Strings-Instrumental Enrichment Series: Liuyeqin, Pipa, Yangqin, Zheng, Erhu, Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion (Glockenspiel and Practice Pad)-Others: iPad Music Making [new], Let’s eOrch, Music Theory, Aural, Keyboard, Classical Guitar, Folk Guitar, Ukulele, Little Harp Instrumental Foundation Classes-Chinese: Erhu, Pipa, Liuyeqin, Yangqin, Zheng-Western: Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion

(Please refer to chinese version)

(Please refer to chinese version)

Community Programme @ Sham Shui Po - School Workshop

During the two-hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to understand and integrate different ideas of individuals and others on the community, to promote community culture and to conceive innovative solutions together to build a better Sham Shui Po community.

Ocean Park Aquatic Host / Operator Training Project Recruitment Day

YETP of the Labour Department, the Ocean Park Corporation and the Salvation Army will jointly organize a recruitment day for “Aquatic Host / Operator Training Project”, offering a total of 15 vacancies for the posts of full-time and part-time Aquatic Host / Operator, with a monthly salary of $13,400-$14,400 and an hourly salary of $64-$90, and other allowances and benefits. YETP trainees and interested young people may attend interview on-the-spot. The project provides YETP trainees and interested young people with free pre-employment training and employment opportunity. Successful applicants are required to attend 5 full days FREE pre-employment training course conducted by the Salvation Army from 13 Feb to 17 Feb 2023. Upon completion of the training course, applicants with good performance will be employed and undergo on-the-job training under YETP for the first 6 months of employment. Interested young people are advised to visit the above-mentioned website for details of the pre-employment and on-the-job training, or call our hotline at 2382 1310 for enquiries and registration. Limited places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. (Vacancy Number: Aquatic Host / Operator - VAC0124766, Part-time Aquatic Host / Operator I/II/III - VAC0124767)(Need to pass the eyesight test and swimming test). Those who have previously worked in the above participating company under any forms of employment or services are not eligible for the posts offered in the above Recruitment Day. A gift will be offered on-site to YETP Trainees and job seekers eligible for YETP. Please visit YETP website for details of the vacancies.

Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2022/23

The Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme (the Scheme) is co-organised by the Tourism Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.  Since its inception in 2001, the Scheme has attracted more than 4,700 young people to actively engage in promoting hospitality and diversified tourism features to locals and visitors all ovcer the world, aiming to aid the sustainable development of Hong Kong's tourism industry. Looking ahead, the Scheme will continue this legacy in nurturing a group of young leaders, who are passionate about serving the community, to be hospitable ambassadors representing Hong Kong through special voluntary services. We believe that as a result, they will: - cultivate a sense of courtesy and helpfulness to visitors in a friendly manner  - develop a culture of hospitality and service excellence - form a deeper sense of belonging and understanding of the diverse culture of Hong Kong

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Walk with SEN Kids: How to Apply Sports Training Principles (Online Training) (02/2023)

Taking moderate exercises will be beneficial to people’s health. Young people who like sports and are interested in the development of sports in Hong Kong should pay attention to this course. We have invited a former Hong Kong cycling team athlete to share with us his journey in cycling, and how he transitioned into various roles over the years - including cycling coach, referee, cycling event planner, and secondary school physical education teacher. In recent years, he has been studying for a Master of Education (area of focus in Special Needs, Giftedness and Counselling) at the Education University of Hong Kong, where he specialises in teaching sports and fitness training for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), as well as designing physical education programmes for them. Want to learn more about the opportunities in sports and for local competition organisers? Want to gain a basic understanding of how sports training can be beneficial to special education learning? Sign up for this sharing session if you are interested in a career in sports and inclusive education for students with special education needs.

Education & Careers Expo

The HKTDC Education & Careers Expo provides a valuable platform for educational institutions, government departments and private enterprises to communicate directly with the public by disseminating up-to-date information on further studies and career opportunities.

New Territories West Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

The animal family are bringing loads of good luck to you all! Along with Enggie Pup and Artti Kitty, pandas and rabbits are also there to offer their warm greetings. Say hello to the Golden Lucky Cat by the seaside which embodies an endless flow of blessings and wealth. Get a taste of the Chinese custom of “bridge crossing” under colourful balloons. Lantern riddles are also prepared for you to make the most of the festive occasion. All visitors are required to put on their own masks (even when taking photographs). The contents of the works do not reflect the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

As the Strong Winds Blow — Zhao Taisheng & HKCO

Zhao Taisheng, Sanxian Principal of the HKCO, will take the auditorium literally by storm with his three-stringed lute! Steeped in Chinese folk music, armed with consummate skills and endowed with imaginative musicianship, Zhao will ring in the new year with the Orchestra in a programme that covers traditional folksy tunes as well as a brand new work by local composer, Ng Cheuk-yin.

Hong Kong Society of Illustrators: Illustration Exhibition

Illustration Exhibition where works of 47 local illustrators will be on display with decryption games for you to decipher. You can also join workshops where local illustrators will work together with you to create a unique Chinese New Year scroll to usher in the Year of the Rabbit.

(Please refer to chinese version)

(Please refer to chinese version)

New Territories East Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

Under the theme of “Spring is in the air”, the displays at North District Park feature lanterns in the shape of animals and insects in dazzling colours, bearing the message that spring signals rebirth and promises tremendous growth. Enggie Pup and Artti Kitty, this time in traditional Chinese attire, also greet everyone on this festive occasion for a prosperous, peaceful year ahead. All visitors are required to put on their own masks (even when taking photographs). The contents of the works do not reflect the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Fortune Around Hong Kong

Get lucky and prosperous in Hong Kong during the Year of the Rabbit! This Chinese New Year, join us for a celebration like no other as our city plays host to a ‘hoppy’ harbour tour! Leap into a year of abundance and vitality by following the lucky rabbits. There will be interactive lighting installations and festive decorations in Admiralty, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui promenades. Don’t miss the giant rabbit peeking out from the roof of the Central Pier! ‘Hop’ into a prosperous new year with lucky rabbits on both sides of the Victoria Harbour. This holiday season, various harbour rides will launch special offers with an array of festivities, so kick off the new year in style. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy new year from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival 2023

As one of the most distinct Chinese New Year festivities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors from all over the world to Lam Tsuen every year. You can take part in the traditional celebration by throwing placards onto the wishing tree and lighting wishing lanterns.

Hong Kong Ballet - Coco Chanel : the Life of a Fashion Icon

A brilliant designer and shrewd businesswoman, firebrand Coco Chanel redefined the world of fashion and outfitted a new generation of modern women who were intelligent, ambitious and rebellious. Her iconic little black dress and bouclé jackets and skirts are now classic style staples seen all over the world. Acclaimed Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s original ballet Coco Chanel: the Life of a Fashion Icon, created for Hong Kong Ballet, celebrates the complex life of the 20th century’s most intriguing designer with an original score by Peter Salem, elegant sets and costumes by the award-winning Jerome Kaplan and artistic collaboration by Nancy Meckler. This creative dream team is the force behind Dutch National Ballet’s Frida, based on the life of renowned artist Frida Kahlo. The world premiere of Coco Chanel promises to be an international sensation, chronicling an almost mythical rags to riches story. Not without her share of controversy, Chanel launched a powerful fashion empire, and more than a century later, her unforgettable legacy continues to inspire.

The Luck-Bringing Rabbit Lanterns to Celebrate the New Year

To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit and happy family reunions, the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office has invited Master Hui Ka-hung, who has over 30-year experience in paper-crafting to craft a variety of magnificent lanterns. Little rabbits dressed in cheongsam will offer you hot dim sum and New Year snacks, while spirited dancing lions with New Year flowers will celebrate the New Year with you, presenting you with a dazzling and joyful display of festive lanterns. While admiring the lanterns, the public will also be able to appreciate the traditional craftsmanship of the paper crafting. The paper crafting master used strips of bamboo, tissue paper and fabric to craft the lanterns in four traditional steps of paper crafting, including frame creation, paper mounting, painting decorative patterns and attaching accessories. First, the master will create the skeleton of the model out of strips of bamboo. After strips of tissue paper have been used to fasten together the bamboo strips at the joints, glue will be applied to keep them in place. Afterwards, fabric will be mounted on the skeleton. Painted patterns or calligraphic artwork will be added along with further decorations as a final touch for the lanterns.

Nature's Hidden Kingdom

Fungi are miraculous organisms which can be found almost everywhere on Earth. They have a wide range of species, of which most are inconspicuous due to tiny size of their structures. They can be found on us, in us, and all around us. They can heal us, nourish us, or poison us. Fungi are some of nature's greatest survivors, enduring through five mass extinctions on Earth. In the Dome Show "Nature's Hidden Kingdom", we will join acclaimed British biologist, Dr. Merlin Sheldrake, on a quest to find rare and strange fungi ever discovered in one of the most ancient temperate rainforests on Earth. We will also explore how fungi might help address some of our biggest environmental challenges in the present mega-cities. With millions more species to discover, our amazing journey into the secret kingdom of fungi has just begun.

Astronomy Film Show "Jupiter Odyssey"

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to travel beyond Mars to the outer planets of our solar system. During the 21-month, 620-million-mile journey to Jupiter, Pioneer penetrated the previously unexplored asteroid belt without mishap, eliminating the long held fear that high-speed particles or huge asteroids might destroy the spacecraft. This film tells of the findings recorded by the scientific instruments and cameras onboard.

Financial Management Workshop (Online Training) (02/2023)

How many 10 years are there in one’s life? Should retirement preparations wait until our retirement? Most people do not feel the need to prepare for retirement before they turn 30 years old. But as the average life expectancy becomes longer, your post-retirement life is likely to be longer too. If you want to achieve your desired retirement goals, and have a more secure and stable life after retirement, you will need a good retirement plan. If you are not sure how to plan for the future, this workshop will introduce common retirement planning products and look at the 3 things you should know before you start planning for your retirement. Remarks: For provisional members who have only registered online, please visit the Y.E.S. centre 3 days before the online training course commences to complete the official registration process. No course quota will be deducted.

Community Programme @ Sham Shui Po - Community Tour

Through the semi-self-guided community tour, participants can explore the Sham Shui Po and Cheung Sha Wan districts together, understand the needs of the community, and at the same time build a unique perspective for themselves in community observation as well as strengthen their attention to public issues.

Communication and Conflict Management in Workplace (2/2023)

Communicating and cooperating with different people is inevitable in the workplace. Since everyone has different personalities, working styles, and values, which may lead to disagreements and even conflicts. Therefore, having good communication and conflict management skills will not only reduce friction between co-workers, but it can also allow you to complete your tasks and goals more effectively. Through this course, members will learn different communication styles and skills, understand the causes of conflict in the workplace, as well as methods and techniques of conflict management. By enhancing your communication and conflict management skills, you will also improve your work efficiency.