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YETP of the Labour Department - Government Jobs Recruitment Day

YETP of the Labour Department will organise Government Jobs Recruitment Day, offering 11 on-the-job training vacancies without requirements on related academic qualification or work experience for YETP trainees and interested young people, including Administrative Assistant and Employment Services Ambassador (General)(RCCI / RCRI).YETP trainees and interested young people may submit applications and be interviewed on-the-spot. Successful applicants will undergo on-the-job training with pay for 6 months. For details, please visit: https://www.yes.labour.gov.hk/events/events/EventDetailsEDM?id=486&c=en

“FinTech Anti-epidemic Scheme for Talent Development” Now Open for Application

What is the FinTech Anti-epidemic Scheme for Talent Development (FAST)? FAST is one of the job creation schemes established under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government’s Anti-epidemic Fund to support local industries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. FAST is administered by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (HKCMCL), which is wholly owned by the HKSAR Government. The programme provides financial assistance to local companies engaged in the FinTech sector to create new jobs. The Scheme has a quota of 1,000 new roles with a total subsidy of up to HK$120 million. FAST aims to create new job opportunities in the FinTech sector and enrich Hong Kong’s FinTech talent pool in order to enhance the city’s competitive edge and reinforce its position as a leading international financial centre.   How does FAST support FinTech companies? Each successful FinTech applicant company will be provided a subsidy of HK$10,000 per month to create a job position related to the major business of the company. The subsidised period could be up to 12 months between 2 July 2020 and 2 July 2022. Successful applicant companies will be disbursed a payment equivalent to the subsidy for the first three months upon the approval of the application and the submission of the employment contract. Subsequent subsidy payments will be made in advance every three months thereafter.

Webinar: "Easy Guide to Debt Collection"

Have you ever encountered difficulties in collecting overdue payments and debts? What kind of strategies are effective in recovering the outstanding debts? In this webinar co-organised by SUCCESS and Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association, expert speaker will offer a comprehensive guide to payment and debt collection, illustrated with real-life examples, covering areas from useful communication tactics in debt collection negotiations to ways of identifying and handling uncooperative clients.”. Speaker:Mr. Bobby Rozario, Chairman of Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association Topic: Easy Guide to Debt Collection-Useful communication tactics in debt collection-Tips for debt collection negotiations-Ways of identifying and handling uncooperative clients Language: Cantonese

HKBU Associate Degree (Visual Arts) Exhibition 2020 - JYUN4

Nothing will ever start without an end. The Cantonese pinyin ‘jyun4’ indicates circle, fate, root, end and mystery. When fate that brings people together comes to an end, it opens a new beginning full of mysteries and uncertainties. Featuring variable artworks, this exhibition is inspired by our root and environment. The artworks express our current views and values in different perspectives. On the halfway of our lives, we await your witness under the hard times.

CUHK Programme Taster Fair

Find out about programme options at CUHK, attend lectures and workshops by our professors and teachers, and let our students share their experience on campus with you. Programme Activities70+ live sessions University LifeReal time sharing JUPAS CornerImportant Information

Webinar: "Must-Knows on Mitigating Risks for Exports"

Traders and exporters need to face and manage different type of risks along their supply chain, such as credit risks and working capital uncertainty. How can we get prepared ahead of these unforeseen circumstances? In this webinar, experts will share some tips on how to evaluate buyers and suppliers, mitigating risks in supply chain with business information, and better managing cash flow with trade finance solutions. A representative from the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) will also introduce their latest enhanced measures and the “100% Credit Limit Top-Up Scheme”. Speakers: Ms Mandy Ng, Sales Manager, CRIF Hong Kong LimitedMr Henry Mok, Co-Founder and Executive Director, FundPark LimitedMr Kenneth Leung, Assistant General Manager, Marketing Division, Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Language: Cantonese

School Care Subsidy Scheme

The "School Care Subsidy Scheme", with the support of the Sino Group, aims at encouraging school music groups to serve the community through music performance. Participants may combine music with other art forms in the performance so as to enrich the programme in a creative way, and benefit themselves in the building of team spirit and organizing skills from the production process. Since its launch in 2009, a total of 350 "Care and Concern Concerts" have been held and reached out to well over 30,000 disabled, elderly, new immigrants, ethnic minorities and rehabilitated people. The scheme is now accepting applications until 30 September 2020. Kindergartens, primary, secondary, special and tertiary school in Hong Kong are eligible to apply. Every successful applicant school will be sponsored a maximum of HK$2,000 to cover the production cost of its visiting concert.

StartmeupHK Festival 2020: Startup Impact Summit

Coined as the most international conference of the StartmeupHK Festival in 2019, Startup Impact Summit (SIS) ensures tangible impact and outcomes for all participants. The summit focuses on economic and social impact, created by regional and international startups, driven by successful cases of co-innovation projects between startups and corporates and by leveraging the strength of connecting ecosystems. In 2020, the proven successful tracks are all back along with additional tracks, such as Venture Stage, the Grand Finale of the Global Startup Competition, the Greater Bay Area Stage as well as SDG & Innovation workshops. SIS brings also speakers from all over the world, inspiring with their expertise, experience and use cases in leading industries.

Moot Court Summer School 2020

Rule of Law has always been a hotly debated and controversial topic. Yet, it is commonly agreed that "Access to Justice" is one of the key requirements for robust and healthy Rule of Law in any society. "Access to justice is a basic principle of the rule of law. In the absence of access to justice, people are unable to have their voice heard, exercise their rights, challenge discrimination or hold decision-makers accountable."- United Nations and the Rule of Law In this summer school, we will be working with tertiary institutions, professional bodies, law firms and legal practitioners to deliver weeks full of exciting and stimulating programmes to show how "Access to Justice" can ensure that justice does prevail for those who are at the fringe of the society.

HKFYG SIC Summer Course – Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

This 6-day (10-14,17/8) course aims to equip Form 1 to Form 4 students with the 21st Century Skills, with the focus of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Through this course, youngsters can understand the social problems in Hong Kong and try to draft a business plan to improve the world a better place. Key Skills that will be Covered in the Course– Creativity and entrepreneurial mindset– Problem solving skills– Communication skills– Collaboration skills– Empathy and caring– Knowledge of practical online tools to expedite the process of social innovation TargetF.1 – F.4 students in the 2020/2021 academic years LanguageCantonese supplemented with English Certificate of CompletionUpon fulfilment of 80% attendance or more, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Global Matching 2020

Global Matching 2020 is the major one-on-one business and investment matching event for 2020, hosted by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) under Global Accelerator Academy (GAA) and HKSTP Investment Platform. It offers as the fastest track for global tech ventures to match with Industry corporates from 8 focus industry verticals and investors with market-proven solutions and valuable portfolios. With an aim to facilitate seamless technology adoption, investment opportunities and business expansion around the globe, the programmes, including plenary sharing, pitching, and matching sessions, will go “Live Everywhere” on a hybrid platform with both online and offline activities.

Learn to LEAD online learning platform

To support students learning at home and to keep our minds sharp, the HKFYG Leadership Institute presents "Learn to LEAD", a free online learning platform. Cross-sector alumni and partners of the Institute will review academic subjects, share their expertise and cheer up the city with intriguing programmes. Videos have been uploading to the Institute social media, please feel free to visit for the amazing sharing contents.

"Moments in Literature" Thematic Exhibition

Under the theme of "Moments in Literature", the thematic exhibition of the 13th Hong Kong Literature Festival aims to explore time, space and memories in literary works. It leads us to follow the writers' steps to travel through genres like novels, prose, poems and fairy tales to recall our memories of the community in different eras. The thematic exhibition consists of four sub-zones, namely "Eye on Nature" which identifies natural landscape for leisure walking on the skirt of the city; "Wandering the Streets" which dives into writers' deepest memories and tenderest sentiments and witnesses social changes; "Taste of Memories" which brings us back in time through food-related memories; "Portrait of Humanity" which looks into the daily lives of different social classes and their struggles against social changes. The tie-in activity, namely "Literary Works in Virtual Reality"# will be provided. Participants will experience a new mode to appreciate literature through the application of virtual reality and augmented reality. Life is short, but it is fortunate that literature allows us to go beyond boundaries. A literary journey refreshes our memories which lead us to a new dimension and remind us of the essence of our lives.

Symposium: Moments in Literature

The symposium focuses on how the crisscrossing of time, space and memories inspires literary writing. From the perspectives of urban writing, food memories and displacement in literature, speakers will share their views and research in this series. "Symposium: Moments in Literature" will be conducted on-site and online. The live video broadcast for the talk is available. 

“World Heritage in China Series No.9: Qinghai Hoh Xil” Special Stamps

Located in the northeast of the  Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai Hoh Xil was inscribed on the World Heritage  List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as  a natural heritage in 2017.  Its  distinctive geographical and climatic settings have nurtured a unique ecology  and rich biodiversity.  Qinghai Hoh Xil  is the subject for the stamp sheetlet of the World Heritage in China Series No.  9 issued by Hongkong Post to showcase the splendours of our nature.  The stamp sheetlet is affixed with a  first-ever "widescreen" stamp to underscore the natural grandeur of Hoh Xil adorned  with the wild species of Class I state protection, such as Tibetan antelope,  wild yak, Tibetan wild ass and golden eagle, recorded there.

HKIE Hong Kong Electronics Symposium 2020

The HKIE Electronics Symposium is to inspire our members and enhance the professionalism and collaboration with the market players and the academia to appreciate the emerging technologies in the region and worldwide.

Labour Department “Ethnic Minority Ambassador Programme”

“Youth Employment and Training Programme” is organising the project “Ethnic Minority Ambassador Programme” for Labour Department.  Labour Department will offer vacancies for the post of “Employment Services Ambassador for Ethnic Minorities” with an aim to provide YETP trainees and interested young people with training and working opportunities.

T-box New Marketing Trends Workshop on “Developing WeChat Mini-program & Tencent Cloud”

Speaker: Mr. Martin Chow Senior Manager, Technical Service Section, Tencent International Business Group Language: Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service provided)

T-box Entrepreneurship Workshop on “Enhancement Measures for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)”

Speaker: Mr. LEE Chi Pong, Colin, Senior Manager (Innovation and Technology Fund), Innovation and Technology Commission Language: Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service provided)

Cyberport Digital Tech Internship Programme

Cyberport Digital Tech Internship Programme serve as a bridge between earnest youngsters and IT companies. It will provide a cross-disciplined job opportunities with our talented young people. In order to provide diversified and fruitful experience for grooming tech students in 2020 summer, Cyberport and our startup community members offered different tracks of internship – FinTech, E-sports/Digital Entertainment, Smart-living and its application. Job nature covers Business/marketing associate, UI/UX designer, system/software engineer, programmer, data analytics and so on. The interns will engage in a field experience with an opportunity to learn with an entrepreneurial spirit from our startup businesses. Participating interns who have 80% attendance or above will receive a Certificate of Completion. Empowered by Cyberport Academy, a series of enrichment activities on soft-skill training and development will be offered to participants throughout the programme.

Education & Careers Expo 2020

Major Exhibit Categories: - Education Colleges & PolytechnicsUniversitiesSchool for Continue EducationVocational TrainingLanguage SchoolsOutside Hong Kong Educational Institutions - Creative Education - CareersPrivate EnterprisesGovernment DepartmentsSemi-government Organisations - Professional Associations and Bodies - Books and Education SuppliesBook Publishers / Book StoresLearning AidsEducational Equipment

Entrepreneur Day

Key Events: *Start-up Runway: A two-day start-up forum comprising a plenary session, thematic talks, sharing sessions and pitching*PITCHATHON: A series of pitching events happens in the anchor entrepreneurial event. With the presence of high-quality start-ups and top investors, this would definitely be the event you do not want to miss!*Start-up Clinic: Customised consultation services exclusive to start-ups and entrepreneurs*Fund & Mentor Business Matching Session: One-on-one matching for start-ups to meet with potential investors and mentors to gain entrepreneurial advice and funding Thematic Zones: *Start-up ArenaInnovation technology start-ups (e.g. healthtech, biotech, fintech, greentech, AR/VR, IoT, AI and robotics etc.) and start-ups from non-tech industries *The Boosters-Private Equity, Angel Fund-Funding schemes-Support service providers such as Marketing, Accounting, Legal & Logistics-Insurance-Entrepreneurship Training, Start-up Consultancy & Business Management-Web Designing & Hosting and IT Support-Co-working Spaces & Business Centres-NGO, Trade Associations and Governmental Departments *Business Opportunities Zone-Franchisors-Franchising and Brand Agents-Business Brokerage-Online Business