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Hong Kong’s Maritime Miracle: The Story of Our City since 1945

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum organises a special exhibition entitled Hong Kong’s Maritime Miracle: The Story of Our City since 1945. It defines Hong Kong’s miraculous rise from the ashes of World War II and the maritime foundation that was vital in remaking the city, in a selection of 25 representative exhibits. Hong Kong’s pre-war maritime connections facilitated her growth of an enormous global manufacturing powerhouse after the War. Containerisation in the 1970s was a key component to continue and build on this success and Hong Kong’s container trade volumes grew exponentially. When Mainland China opened up its economy in 1978, Hong Kong then outsourced much of its manufacturing into the Greater Bay Area whilst retaining her lead in finance and services. The maritime trade continues to support the growth of the Greater Bay Area, with Hong Kong at its heart.

The “Journey for Integrity” Experiential Exhibition cum “Integriteering”

The “Journey for Integrity” Experiential Exhibition cum “Integriteering” (portmanteau of “integrity” and “orienteering”) is the debut of ICAC’s first-ever Signature Event. Based on the concept of “Journey for Integrity”, it comprises a series of engaging activities and attractive exhibitions seasoned with new technologies and interactive elements. The event will provide an occasion for members of the community to reflect on the anti-corruption history of Hong Kong, and to understand the evils of corruption and the rule of law. “Journey for Integrity” has a two-fold meaning. On the one hand, it refers to the journey the public has been partnering with the ICAC in fighting corruption since its inception. On the other hand, it also represents each individual embracing the value of integrity in their life journeys and upholding a clean society together with the ICAC. Tai Kwun, the historic Central Police Station Compound where the Central Magistracy was located, is chosen as the venue of the event because it witnessed the first trial of Peter Godber’s case which led to the establishment of the ICAC, and the successful conviction of which had earned the trust of Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong City Hall 60th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Imagine beyond Imagination

With the application of projection art, the exhibition retraces the 60 years of development of the City Hall and local arts scene, peeps into the precious moment and revisits the fond memories of the Hong Kong people. Visitors are encouraged to experience the wonder of culture and the arts being blended with technology. During the sojourn of culture and arts development at the City Hall, their imagination about performing arts and the City Hall lingers on.  

Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence

This exhibition’s photos show Hong Kong during consecutive periods, as it was seen around the middle of the last century. The images span some thirty years of great change: from the postwar recovery in 1946 – 1947, through the resilience of the 1950s, to the resurgence of the 1960s – 1970s. The photos were taken by three photographers. In the order of their Hong Kong work they were: Hedda Morrison, Lee Fook Chee and Brian Brake. Each had markedly different life backgrounds and photographic objectives.

Exhibition of the First Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law

To tie in with the first anniversary of the promulgation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the Hong Kong National Security Law), the Security Bureau launched the Exhibition of the First Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law to enhance public understanding of the legislative background, importance and significance of the Hong Kong National Security Law, and to increase awareness of safeguarding national security. Being an online virtual exhibition, the public can conveniently view it anytime and anywhere. Comprising six zones, its rich content covers the importance of the Hong Kong National Security Law, its legal system and enforcement mechanisms, major provisions, the work of the disciplined forces in safeguarding national security, the effectiveness of the Hong Kong National Security Law, plus a wide range of reference materials. To bring more fun to visitors, the exhibition also covers relevant photos and short videos, various interactive elements, plus mini games for visitors to test their understanding of the Hong Kong National Security Law.  The online exhibition especially uses The Lab gallery on the 5/F of the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) as its virtual background, enabling visitors to navigate the exhibition as if they are physically at the gallery. The design and zoning of the exhibition also resonate well with the open view feature of the HKMoA gallery's three-sided glass facade, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic views of Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Harbour while touring the exhibition.

The "Identity Card – A Timeless Proof" exhibition

Going from a paper document to a laminated card, from computerisation to smart authentication, the evolution of Hong Kong identity card (ID card) has witnessed the changes of society and the advancement of technological development since its issuance in 1949.  The transformation of ID card throughout these 70 years is introduced in the Public Records Office's annual exhibition titled "Identity Card – A Timeless Proof" this year. The "Identity Card – A Timeless Proof" exhibition is open from August 23 onwards from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5.45pm (except for public holidays) at the Exhibition Hall on the second floor of the Hong Kong Public Records Building at 13 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong. Admission is free. The exhibition showcases over 70 holdings. Apart from displaying all generations of ID card and equipment for the production of ID card on loan from the Immigration Department, exhibits include photos related to registration of persons in Hong Kong, for example, precious historical photos showing members of the public taking the ID card photo and mobile registration team in action in the 1960s, as well as Government promotional posters on ID card registration, etc. Wish to enjoy a more laid-back tour? The Public Records Office has launched an online exhibition, and will share interesting information about the history of Hong Kong ID card through its Facebook page. Members of the public are welcomed to visit the Facebook page. In addition, the Public Records Office will also hold roving exhibitions. For details, please visit the Government Records Service website (www.grs.gov.hk), the Public Records Office Facebook page or call the Public Records Office at 2195 7700.

Virtual Exhibition of Students’ Achievements – e-Gallery

This year, the Education Bureau (EDB) launched the e-Gallery, a one-stop online portal. The e-Gallery showcases Hong Kong students' multifarious learning outcomes in different domains, namely values education, languages, humanities, creativity and problem-solving, STEM education, arts and culture, and physical development, as well as celebrates students' outstanding performances in whole-person development. From time to time, the e-Gallery will announce the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong students in local, national and international competitions. It will also recommend competitions of various types for schools to nominate student participants. Moreover, it will feature Hong Kong outstanding students' learning experiences in different domains, aiming to inspire more students to take up challenges and stretch their potential. In addition, the e-Gallery will hold online exhibitions which, as compared to physical exhibitions, will allow more flexibility for displaying students' attainments in whole-person development and provide opportunities for students and teachers to appreciate and learn from one another. You are also welcomed to watch the below introduction video by the e-Gallery:  

Hong Kong's brand new museum of visual culture—Opening of M+

M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District (West Kowloon), opens to the public on 12 November 2021! All visitors will enjoy free admission to M+ exhibitions (except for special exhibitions, events and cinema screenings) in the first twelve months after the opening date. So dear all art lovers, make sure you don’t miss it! Exhibitions M+’s opening displays will include six thematic exhibitions drawn from different areas of strength in the M+ Collections, featuring in total around 1,500 visual artworks, moving image works, design objects, architectural projects, and archival items from M+ Collections, which the museum has been building since 2012. Let’s take a look at the virtual tour of M+ beforehand!   Online Reservations To ensure smooth admission of visitors, online reservations for timed admission to M+ will be available. Reservations for admission in the first two weeks, from 12 to 28 November 2021, can be made from 5 November 2021 at 10am on the West Kowloon website, M+ website, or through the ‘West Kowloon Cultural District’ mobile application. Registration for a series of public opening programmes can also be made on M+ website and ‘West Kowloon Cultural District’ mobile application. In anticipation of a large number of visitors during the initial period after the opening, it is strongly recommended that all visitors should make reservations ahead of their visits! For details on M+’s registration arrangements, opening hours and opening programmes, please visit the M+ website or call the hotline at 2200 0217

Education & Careers Expo 2021 - Information hub for study and job opportunities

Have you decided to further your study or start your career journey after graduation? Or if you would like to change your career path after a few years of working? The annual Education & Career Expo oranised by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) will certainly help!To understand latest market trends and plan ahead your path The 30th HKTDC Education & Careers Expo, gathering organisations from different countries and regions, representing educational institutions, professional associations, government departments, public organisations and private companies, is an information hub for education and employment opportunities. The Expo will invite popular guest speakers to share their career experience and tips, including Star tutor Mr. Jayden Lam, Popular DJ Ah Jeng from Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tong Shiu-sing and the founder cum principal of Dr. Phoenix Education Centre, Dr Jeffrey Hui.Numerous local and non-local opportunities This year's Education & Careers Expo features several thematic zones.  The Career Zone, with the Recruitment Square, will provide the latest job market updates relating to popular industries, while the Education Zone will feature the information on continuing education, creative and educational support services, tertiary academy as well as vocational and professional education provided by educational institutions. The Youth Square will offer information on internship programmes, working holiday schemes and career planning. Young people interested in studying or working abroad will also have the chance to interact directly with the representatives of participating consulates general and official education authorities at the International Exchange Village. Details of the Education & Careers Expo 2021 Dates: 15-18 July 2021 (Thursday to Sunday) Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Fee: Free Opening Hours: 15-17 July: 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 18 July: 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Official Website: Click here