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"Amber: Baltic Gold" Exhibition

Amber is a beautiful and fascinating organic material which for centuries was believed to be a gemstone. Treated like a rare mineral, amber is simply a fossilized form of resin secreted by different plants. The most famous type comes from the Baltic regions, formed from the sap of extinct conifers 100 million years ago. As it dripped down the tree, the sap often trapped insects and vertebrates, which were then preserved in the amber, offering rare clues today about the evolution of species millions of years ago. The exhibition traces amber’s diffusion across Europe from the Baltic regions to ancient Rome, and then down the famous Silk Road to China. The earliest amber objects from the Baltic area date to the Neolithic period; thousands of years later, circa 1,000 BCE, treated amber appeared in China; by the 8th century in Italy, it was commonly included in Etruscan tombs. In China, amber continued to be prized over the succeeding centuries, fashioned into precious jewellery and personal accessories. In later medieval and early modern Europe, amber was considered a mysterious and rare material with unknown origins, used to make both private devotional objects and magnificent royal gifts. By the end of the 18th century, however, tastes had changed in both Asia and Europe, and amber’s popularity declined. However, in the Baltic countries amber remained a national treasure, still important for the decorative arts. Today amber is undergoing an aesthetic revival and is once again to attracting the attention of contemporary artists.

"The Pioneer Interstellar Mission and Beyond" Exhibition

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States launched Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft in 1972 and 1973 respectively, with the aim of travelling through the asteroid belt to obtain pictures of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as studying the solar wind, cosmic rays and heliosphere, etc. After safe passage through the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the two Pioneers carried out their missions of exploring Jupiter and Saturn. With respect to the technology at that time, the Pioneers were equipped with innovative scientific instruments, such as photopolarimeter for taking planetary images, and radioisotope thermoelectric generator for electrical power supply. The "exclusive" information obtained by the Pioneers was valuable, such as the earliest close-up images of Jupiter and Saturn, first-time confirmation of Jupiter's intense magnetic field and discovery of Saturn's new ring. Pioneers 10 and 11 lost contact with NASA in 2003 and 1995 respectively. Nevertheless, they are still carrying, beyond the Solar System, a "message in a bottle" that represents all humans on Earth. Today, 50 years later, let us review the technology, journey and discoveries of the Pioneers and their implications to future space exploration in this exhibition.

"By the People: Creative Chinese Characters" exhibition

Chinese characters have been used for over 3,000 years. With their unique structures and shapes, the characters have served as an important conduit and genre for the literati and calligraphers to create their works throughout history. A vast array of applications for Chinese characters have been developed in different places, and all kinds of creative adaptations can be found in the works of craftspeople, artists, the literati and calligraphers. They can also be found in the everyday lives of ordinary people, through their games, religions, festivals and ceremonies. The exhibition presents the value of Chinese characters in the cultural lifestyle and contemporary creation through research on Chinese characters in different areas, providing visitors with multiple perspectives to explore the relationship between Chinese characters, calligraphy and art creativity.

Hong Kong City Hall 60th Anniversary Commemorative Virtual Exhibition "Imagine beyond Imagination"

The physical exhibition "Imagine beyond Imagination", which was held at the Exhibition Hall of HKCH in May this year, is now moved online, allowing members of the public to visit at any time and anywhere. The exhibition comprises seven virtual zones, namely "Imagination Embarks", "Knowledge is No Longer Mysterious", "Art Within Reach", "Irresistible Performances Wow the Audience", "Into Living Culture", "Future a Click Away" and "Future Visualised". After entering the virtual space of the exhibition, visitors can first learn through a short video in the "Imagination Embarks" zone the idea of turning HKCH into public space to nurture the city's culture as well as its architectural aesthetics. Since HKCH's opening in March 1962, its High Block was the breeding ground of Hong Kong's public libraries and art museums. The "Knowledge is No Longer Mysterious" and "Art Within Reach" zones provide visitors with a wealth of short videos and photos to illustrate the development of the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) and the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) over the years, as well as how the former contributed to the promotion of reading culture and the latter to promoting the arts in the city.

Latest Instagram-worthy Spot: The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and First Initiative Foundation jointly present “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation” which is exclusively sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Before getting in there, shall we slightly catch a glimpse of this large-scale dinosaur exhibition? Unique landmark dinosaur exhibition  The Hong Kong Science Museum is presenting a unique landmark dinosaur exhibition, showcasing eight of the most iconic creatures from the 'Golden Age of Dinosaurs' together for the first time: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Hesperosaurus, Diplodocus, Hatzegopteryx and a baby sauropod. The exhibition boasts an unrivalled amount of original fossil material, some of the most complete fossil skeletons in the world, world-class artwork, cutting-edge 3D renderings and the first scientifically accurate reconstructions of the world's largest predatory dinosaur and the world's largest flying creature. The team behind the exhibits took a unique approach to this project, blending the world of scientific research, storytelling and unique scenography to create an exhibition that reveals entirely novel scientific insights and provides immersive experiences along with some dynamic skeletal mounts. Other activities  In addition, there are other activities, such as the Science Theatre: Dinosaur Apocalypse and the Maker Workshop: Dinosaur Spinning Lamp. Book the visit online for free admission Very attractive, isn’t it? Don’t sit and wait. Book your visit online for free admission now! The e-booking system will be updated at 10 am every Monday, and bookings can be made for the upcoming week (excluding the regular closing day on Thursday). Updates will be made on a weekly basis. Remember to visit Klook on time. Find out more about The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation from the official website and the exhibition pamphlet.   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum, 2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon Date: Until 16 Nov 2022 (Close on Thursdays, except public holidays) Fee: Free (online booking is required)

The Hong Kong Palace Museum is now open

The Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) opens to public on 2 July 2022. The HKPM presents over 900 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum. Many of them are on display in Hong Kong for the first time, while others have never been shown to the public before. The Museum regularly presents special exhibitions featuring Chinese art and culture, as well as art treasures from other parts of the world. Ticket Information Visitors with a general admission ticket can visit seven thematic exhibitions, while those holding a special exhibition ticket can tour all of the galleries (the seven thematic exhibitions, plus “The Making of Masterpieces: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Palace Museum” and “Grand Gallop: Art and Culture of the Horse”). An adult general admission ticket costs $50, while a concession ticket* is $25; a special exhibition ticket costs $120, while a concession ticket* is $60. Please note that on-site ticket sales will not be available for the first three months after the HKPM’s opening. Visitors have to purchase tickets in advance through the Hong Kong Palace Museum website, West Kowloon Cultural District website and West Kowloon Cultural District App. To celebrate HKPM's opening, the thematic exhibitions will be free of charge every Wednesday during its first year. Visitors are required to register online for free admission. *Concession tickets are available to full-time students, children aged seven to 11, citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities (with one companion), and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients. Admission for children aged six or below is free. Find out more about the HKPM at the official website.

Virtual Exhibition of Students’ Achievements – e-Gallery

This year, the Education Bureau (EDB) launched the e-Gallery, a one-stop online portal. The e-Gallery showcases Hong Kong students' multifarious learning outcomes in different domains, namely values education, languages, humanities, creativity and problem-solving, STEM education, arts and culture, and physical development, as well as celebrates students' outstanding performances in whole-person development. From time to time, the e-Gallery will announce the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong students in local, national and international competitions. It will also recommend competitions of various types for schools to nominate student participants. Moreover, it will feature Hong Kong outstanding students' learning experiences in different domains, aiming to inspire more students to take up challenges and stretch their potential. In addition, the e-Gallery will hold online exhibitions which, as compared to physical exhibitions, will allow more flexibility for displaying students' attainments in whole-person development and provide opportunities for students and teachers to appreciate and learn from one another. You are also welcomed to watch the below introduction video by the e-Gallery:  

Hong Kong's brand new museum of visual culture—Opening of M+

M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District (West Kowloon), opens to the public on 12 November 2021! All visitors will enjoy free admission to M+ exhibitions (except for special exhibitions, events and cinema screenings) in the first twelve months after the opening date. So dear all art lovers, make sure you don’t miss it! Exhibitions M+’s opening displays will include six thematic exhibitions drawn from different areas of strength in the M+ Collections, featuring in total around 1,500 visual artworks, moving image works, design objects, architectural projects, and archival items from M+ Collections, which the museum has been building since 2012. Let’s take a look at the virtual tour of M+ beforehand!   Online Reservations To ensure smooth admission of visitors, online reservations for timed admission to M+ will be available. Reservations for admission in the first two weeks, from 12 to 28 November 2021, can be made from 5 November 2021 at 10am on the West Kowloon website, M+ website, or through the ‘West Kowloon Cultural District’ mobile application. Registration for a series of public opening programmes can also be made on M+ website and ‘West Kowloon Cultural District’ mobile application. In anticipation of a large number of visitors during the initial period after the opening, it is strongly recommended that all visitors should make reservations ahead of their visits! For details on M+’s registration arrangements, opening hours and opening programmes, please visit the M+ website or call the hotline at 2200 0217

Education & Careers Expo 2021 - Information hub for study and job opportunities

Have you decided to further your study or start your career journey after graduation? Or if you would like to change your career path after a few years of working? The annual Education & Career Expo oranised by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) will certainly help!To understand latest market trends and plan ahead your path The 30th HKTDC Education & Careers Expo, gathering organisations from different countries and regions, representing educational institutions, professional associations, government departments, public organisations and private companies, is an information hub for education and employment opportunities. The Expo will invite popular guest speakers to share their career experience and tips, including Star tutor Mr. Jayden Lam, Popular DJ Ah Jeng from Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tong Shiu-sing and the founder cum principal of Dr. Phoenix Education Centre, Dr Jeffrey Hui.Numerous local and non-local opportunities This year's Education & Careers Expo features several thematic zones.  The Career Zone, with the Recruitment Square, will provide the latest job market updates relating to popular industries, while the Education Zone will feature the information on continuing education, creative and educational support services, tertiary academy as well as vocational and professional education provided by educational institutions. The Youth Square will offer information on internship programmes, working holiday schemes and career planning. Young people interested in studying or working abroad will also have the chance to interact directly with the representatives of participating consulates general and official education authorities at the International Exchange Village. Details of the Education & Careers Expo 2021 Dates: 15-18 July 2021 (Thursday to Sunday) (The event is closed) Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Fee: Free Opening Hours: 15-17 July: 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 18 July: 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Official Website: Click here