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[Civil Servant Story] Principal Fireman/Firewoman (Control) (PFn(C)/PFwn(C))

This story is only available in Chinese.  For more information on the subject, please visit the Facebook page of Civil Service Bureau.

A Brief Introduction of the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy

Time changes and firefighting and rescue operations are facing ever-greater challenges.  To keep pace with the changes, the Fire Services Department (FSD) is determined to sharpen its professional edge with vigour.  Under the FSD, the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, or the FASA, is responsible for providing professional and diversified training to new recruits and serving members of the three streams of FSD’s service – fire, ambulance and mobilising & communications.  The training is oriented towards broadening trainees’ skill-sets and intensifying their responsiveness to contingencies, the purpose of which is to empower them to deliver quality and professional services to the public to the best of their ability. For more details of the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, please click here to visit the website of Fire Services Department.

[Serve the society regardless of race] Fireman Minhas Mohammad Osama

It is Minhas Mohammad Osama’s dream to be a fireman! This day he finally completed his training! Everyone, regardless of race, can unleash their potentials at work and make contribution to Hong Kong! (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

A thrilling moment but a timely rescue: the Fire Service Department

At 2 pm, Mar 28, Po Lam Fire Station received a special service call. It was suspected that somebody was trapped at height. Like a knight from heaven, a senior fireman courageously carried out the duty, held the subject for 6 minutes and pulled him out of harm’s way. What is the drive behind their perseverance? The reporter at news.gov.hk leads you into the fire station and talks with the firemen… (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Ambulance Officer

Ambulance Officer Man Ka Kei, “We need to stay calm at all times. Whenever we attend to an incident, it is possible that many casualties are involved. For this reason, it is important to deal with the situation flexibly, assign the jobs calmly, as well as treat the patients and send them to hospital appropriately.” Ambulance Officer Wu Kit, “An Ambulance Officer is required to perform various duties at an Ambulance Depot, such as staff management, training and matters relating to the welfare, disciplinary and efficiency of ambulance staff.” Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Ambulance Officer. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Ambulanceman/ Ambulancewoman

Ambulancewoman Chan Ka Yee, “Although we often have to deal with sickness and death in our work, I cherish the feeling of flow of love and care among people.” Ambulanceman Yip Chun Luen, “There are often many hidden dangers on an emergency site, and I may be short of experience and knowledge to notice them all.  That’s why I have to strictly follow my supervisor’s orders, since even a single mistake may worsen a patient’s situation.” Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Ambulanceman/Ambulancewoman. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Station Officer

Station Officer Ng Wai Lok, Rocky, “Many friends of mine think wrongly that Station Officers do not have to enter fire scenes.  Actually, Station Officers are also required to command the rescue operation on site, as well as lead their team into the fire scene to save people!” Station Officer Cheung Tin Yu, “Applicants for the posts of Station Officer and Fireman are required to pass a fitness test, so don’t leave the training till the last week before the test and interview. You can find a training guidebook on the Fire Services Department website. It provides applicants with the guidelines on how to enhance their fitness for best preparation.” Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Station Officer. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page


Fireman Hui Ka Chun, “I believe that it is the dream of many young people to become a fireman.” “A fire broke out in my neighborhood when I was small.  I was deeply impressed by the swift action, courage and professionalism demonstrated by the firefighters.  That inspired me to apply for the post of Fireman when I grew up.” Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Fireman/Firewoman. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Senior Fireman/Firewoman (Control)

Senior Fireman (Control) Ng Ka Hei, “We also stand at the forefront as we are the one who first receive an emergency call, and our prompt delivery of information to frontline rescue staff and provision of logistic support are crucial to the whole rescue operation.” Senior Firewoman (Control) Tsang Wing Yee, “As part of our daily work, we are required to record all sorts of information into computers by typing, and we must type quickly and accurately. Therefore, don’t forget to practise typing in English, as you won’t get a chance for interview if your typing skills are not up to standard.”  Please watch the video for more information about the work, interview tips and promotion prospects of the post of Senior Fireman/Firewoman (Control). Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Learn from serving ambulancemen on preparing for interview and fitness test

01 | Pre-interview Practice Self-confidence is essential to every success; so what can you do to boost your confidence? Ambulancewoman Chan Ka Yee advised, “Before attending the interview, I would set up some mock-up questions that the interviewer may ask to make sure I could provide answers fluently.” She also reminded interviewees to keep calm when answering the questions. Smiles and gestures can impress the interviewers. One can practice at home in front of a mirror.02 | Keep Training The physical fitness test is generally regarded as the most difficult part of the selection process.  Ambulanceman Yip Chun Luen recalled that he used to visit the gym thrice a week to train himself up for specific physical fitness test requirements. 03 | Collection of Information Ambulancewoman Chan Ka Yee said, “You need to have a certain understanding of the responsibilities of an Ambulanceman to show your passion and dedication for the job.  That would help you to have a better chance of getting an offer.” She would visit bookstores, libraries and website of the Fire Service Department for relevant information before the written test. Interviewees should also pay attention to local and international news during their preparation. For people who want to be an Ambulanceman, their experiences must be of great value! Watch our video for more information! Contributing Editor: Sophie