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First aid and lifesaving certificates needed when applying for lifeguard

Apart from public swimming pools, gazetted beaches and water sports centres administered by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), quite many places like clubhouses in private properties, hotels and clubs also hire lifeguards at their swimming pools and water sports centres. Therefore the demands for lifeguards are always there. First Aid and LifesavingNormally, a Lifeguard Award and a First Aid Certificate are required when applying for a job as a lifeguard. Take the recruitment advertisement of Lifeguard on the website of LCSD as an example, the entry requirements are:Entry Requirements(a) completed Primary 6 education, or equivalent;(b) visual acuity of 6/60;(c) a valid Beach Lifeguard Award and Pool Lifeguard Award from The Hong Kong Life Saving Society;(d) a valid First Aid Certificate of the St John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, or the Auxiliary Medical Service;(e) attained a level of proficiency in Chinese and English languages equivalent to Primary 6 standard; and(f) passed a trade test.This means, if you want to be one of the lifeguards in town, you will probably need to attain a Lifeguard Award and a First Aid Certificate. >>>For more information about the Beach Lifeguard Award and the Pool Lifeguard Award issued by The Hong Kong Life Saving Society, please visit the websites of The Hong Kong Life Saving Society.>>>For more information about the First Aid Certificate of the St John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, or the Auxiliary Medical Service, please visit the story "First aid certificate courses recognised by the Government".

First aid certificate courses recognised by the Government

First aid knowledge not only means the difference between life and death but also helps one determine the sequence and the priority of first-aid treatments during an emergency. First aid knowledge and skills promote safety awareness at home, at work, at play, on streets and highways. Having learnt first aid, a person is prepared to assist others wisely and is able to distinguish between what to do and what not to do.  Holders of a valid certificate in first aid issued from organisations like Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross or the Auxiliary Medical Service may enjoy an advantage in job hunting. Below are some first aid certificate courses recognised by the HKSAR Government. (Click here to know more about first aid) Hong Kong St. John Ambulance - "Certificate in First Aid" Course (Face-to-face mode) (FA)Course Content 1. Principles & Practice of First Aid; 2. Action at an Emergency; 3. The Structure and the Functions of the Body; 4. Dressings & Bandages; 5. Asphyxia; 6. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for adult/and infant; 7. Management of Airway Obstruction in adult/and infant; 8. Wounds, Bleeding & Circulatory Failure; 9. Shock & Fainting; 10. Injuries to Bones; 11. Injuries to Muscles, Ligaments & Joints; 12. The Nervous System & Unconsciousness; 13. Burns & Scalds; 14. Poisoning; 15. Procedure at Road Accidents; 16. Handling & Transportation of Injured Person. Course Duration 30 hours (usually 3 hours/session/week for 10 sessions or 4/5 full days etc.) Medium of Instruction Cantonese / English (Chinese courses are held every two months and English courses are organised basing on the number of applicants.) Certificate Candidates attending less than 80% of the lectures will not be eligible for examination. Each candidate must be examined in the following subjects: Theory of First Aid/Bandaging Technique/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Candidates who passed the examination will be awarded the "Certificate in First Aid" which is recognised by the HKSAR Government and is valid for three years. For re-certification, candidates should take a refresher course/re-examination before the expiry of the certificate.For details and to apply please visit the website of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance. Hong Kong Red Cross - Standard First Aid Certificate Course (SFA) Course Content 1. Introduction of Red Cross Movement; 2. Principle of First Aid; 3. Patient Assessment; 4. Suffocation & Choking; 5. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation; 6. Burns & Scalds; 7. Unconsciousness; 8. Shock & Bleeding; 9. Wounds & Bandaging; 10. Trauma of Various Parts of Body; 11. Medical Emergencies; 12. Bone, Joint & Muscle Trauma; 13. Environmental Related Health Problems; 14. Introduction of Automated External Defibrillator; 15. Transporting Victim; 16. First Aid Equipments & Relevant Regulations. Course Duration 30 hours (extra 3 hours for examination) Medium of Instruction Cantonese, Putonghua or English Certificate Students should fulfil the following criteria in order to get the Standard First Aid Certificate which is recognised by the HKSAR Government with 3 years validity.- At least 80% attendance (counted by session)- Pass in both written and practical examinations Before the expiry date of the certificate or within 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate, participants can attend a Standard First Aid Certificate Refresher Course (SFAR) and pass the examinations to renew their certificates with 3 years validity.For details and to apply please visit the website of Hong Kong Red Cross. Occupational Safety and Health Council  - Certificate Of Competence Courses (AMS)Certificate of Competence in First Aid Course Content 1. Principles of First Aid and handling of accidents; 2. Asphyxia and resuscitation techniques; 3. Wounds and bleeding and their handling techniques; 4. Handling of casualties of dizziness, syncope and unconsciousness; 5. Injuries of the skeletal system; 6. Burns and scalds; 7. Handling techniques for other injuries; 8. Methods of transporting casualties. Course Duration 36 hours plus end-of-course examination Medium of Instruction Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes Certificate Award of Certificate: At least 85% attendance and a pass in the end-of-course examination. Trainees will be provided a first aid certificate jointly issued by the Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC). This certificate is valid for three years.For details and to apply please visit the website of Occupational Safety and Health Council. The Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) (The AMS first aid training courses are organised for civil servants and such courses are designed to meet their operational needs. When training places are available, members of the public are also welcome to enrol on the courses for which a fee will be charged. However, due to the current long waiting list and waiting time for the training places, enrolment by members of the public shall be suspended until further notice. For details, please visit the website of AMS.)