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Green Summer Outing - Fun & Educational Places to Go 2021

Apart from the splendid citylandscape, there are so many hidden gems in the rural areas of Hong Kong. To enjoy the sunny weather in this early summer time, read the following outing suggestions and get closer to the nature! Hoi Ha Visitor Centre - Innovative Technologies help "Dive" into the Sea The first thematic marine park visitor centre in Hong Kong, the Hoi Ha Visitor Centre opened in June 2021. It is located in Sai Kung West Country Park, adjacent to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. The centre is a hub disseminating information of other attractions in the surroundings of Hoi Ha and introducing the progress of ecological studies conducted by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in various marine parks and marine reserve, with the aim of raising public understanding of the functions and management of marine parks and public awareness on marine conservation. Visitors can take part in an interactive display "Into the Sea", where virtual reality (VR) technology is applied for visitors to explore the underwater world of marine parks.  Another display "Hoi Ha Coastal Safari" in augmented reality (AR) features the rich marine biodiversity in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. The Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is attracting lots of divers and swimmers with its good water qualities, diverse marine lives and famous coral communities.  Visitors must pay special attention to avoid damaging the natural habitats when engaging different activities in the water of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, such as not standing on fragile corals when diving or swimming. Lifeguard service is not provided in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. Swim at your own risk and always pay attention to your own safety. Before visiting Marine Parks and engaging water activities, remember to read the "Marine Parks Visitors Code" and "Code for SCUBA divers and skin divers (snorkellers) to visit the coral sites"! >>Click here fore more about Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre -  A Historical, Humanities and Environmental Trip Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre was jointly established by the Environmental Protection Department and the University of Hong Kong in April 2008, located near the Lung Fu Shan Country Park. Through promoting the exploration of nature, the centre seeks to build a community inclusive of nature, as well as encourage the public to practice a sustainable lifestyle. The centre’s garden and exhibition hall are free for public admission. In collaboration with the university, government and community, the centre holds themed exhibitions such as "Ecology in the Making" and "The Pulse of Nature", alongside an assortment of activities such as ecological guided tours, green workshops and BioBlitzes. These activities allow the public to learn about Lung Fu Shan and the historical, humanities, environment and ecology of Hong Kong’s nature. Grab an Exploring Lung Fu Shan map and start your trip up to Lung Fu Shan!  Visitors could hike all the way to The Peak and High West and enjoy the charming view of the Western District and the Victoria Harbour. Though the Lung Fu Shan Country Park is the smallest country park in Hong Kong, it is the habitat of over a hundred bird and butterfly species and home for historical relics such as the Pinewood Battery and handmade reliefs by morning walkers before the establishment of the country park. >>Click here for FREE hiking information guide made by the centre T · PARK Environmental Education Centre - A "Waste-to-energy"  Experience A Sludge Treatment Facility might not sound the most enticing of venues, but there's more to T · PARK than scientific jargon.  T · PARK is a self-sufficient facility which combines a variety of advanced technologies into a single complex, bringing together sludge incinerators with a daily treatment capacity of up to 2 000 tonnes, with power generation, desalination, wastewater treatment, and various recreational, educational and ecological facilities. To enhance public awareness of sustainable waste management solutions and resources circulation, the Environmental Education Centre of T · PARK provides guided tours. It also features educational and recreational facilities for the public, which require prior reservations.  Although some popular facilities such as T · SPA and the outdoor footbath in T · GARDEN are suspended due to the pandemic situation, the educational and recreational facilities are still worth visiting. Some examples include T · GARDEN, the outdoor landscape area, and T · CAFE, the eco-friendly self-service cafe.  Book your visit online and experience in person the benefits of the waste-to-energy approach in waste management.   >>Click here for the thematic website of T · PARK   Please refer to websites or other announcements of the exhibitions or facilities for latest visiting arrangements

Day Trip Ideas for Museum Lovers - Fun & Educational Places to Go 2021

As the epidemic situation stabilises, do you have any plans for holidays? Apart from dining at fancy restaurants or shopping at new malls, there are plenty of educational and fun alternatives for you to visit! This series provides various ideas and surely you could find something suitable for yourself.  Let’s start with some latest exhibition information for the museum lovers! The museums and exhibitions introduced below are all located in Tsim Sha Tsui, which are very accessible to immerse yourself in museum experience for the whole day! Hong Kong Museum of Art - "NOT a fashion store!" Exhibition After more than 3 years of major expansion and renovation, the new Hong Kong Museum of Art has been reopened in end of 2019. With the 10,000 sq m expanded exhibition area, the museum continues organising diverse art exhibitions. A unique art exhibition entitled "NOT a fashion store!" has recently been opened to public. The exhibition showcases more than 70 sets of artworks related to fashionable and traditional clothing, shoes and accessories from various eras curated from the four core collections of the museum, namely Chinese Antiquities, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Trade Art, and Modern and Hong Kong Art. The exhibition is to inspire visitors' thoughts on personal image and fashion and culture when appreciating the works of art. Among all the fun installations, an interactive "fitting room" is set up at the gallery. Visitors can select and "purchase" unique clothing tailor-made for them through an interactive screen. Hong Kong Science Museum - Earth Science Gallery To mark the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong Science Museum, the museum’s new Earth Science Gallery has been recently open to the public. Comprised of four areas and featuring over 28 sets of amazing interactive exhibits, models, and installation, visitors of this new permanent gallery not only can go underneath the Earth's crust to learn the secrets hidden down there, how drastic natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons are formed, they can even experience the mighty power of a typhoon through our typhoon simulator. In addition to learning, the exhibition also aims to inspire the public to reflect on the human impact exerted on the planet's system. To enrich the experience of the visitors, invaluable and colourful minerals and touchable local rock specimens from different geological ages are also showcased in the gallery. Hong Kong Museum of History -  "Recreating a Classic: The Best Features of The Hong Kong Story" Exhibition "The Hong Kong Story" permanent exhibition was opened in 2001 and is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation for the permanent exhibition. Before the new permanent exhibition is launched, the Hong Kong Museum of History organises "Recreating a Classic: The Best Features of The Hong Kong Story" exhibition to showcase the essence of "The Hong Kong Story". Featuring about 460 sets of selected exhibits and 210 photos, the exhibition is composed of five sections including prehistoric Hong Kong and historical development, folk culture in Hong Kong, cession of Hong Kong and early growth of the city, Japanese occupation, modern metropolis and concludes with the return to the motherland in 1997. New multimedia programmes and photo-taking zones are featured for greater interaction and enjoyment, enabling visitors to revisit memories of old Hong Kong. Before visiting the exhibition, prepare yourself by checking out the new snapshots video!   For information of more museums, please refer to the story:Heritage & MuseumsPlease refer to websites or other announcements of the exhibitions or facilities for latest visiting arrangements