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Zookeepers of Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, where many people spend their leisure time, is the oldest and the most popular park in Hong Kong.The Gardens is a place with beautiful scenery and a wide variety of mammals and birds. These lovable animal stars, like yellow-casqued hornbill, great white pelican, American flamingo, white-faced saki and Asian small-clawed otter, grow healthily under the care of the zookeepers. Watch the video and learn more about the work of zookeepers from the sharing of Wah and Vincent. (The video is in Cantonese)

Kai Tak Sky Garden is open to public

The Kai Tak Sky Garden is an elevated landscaped deck located atop Shing Fung Road, a carriageway running along the centre of the former runway. Not only does the landscaped deck act as a noise mitigation measure, but it is also a “green connector” that links up the landmarks in the vicinity. The Sky Garden will be connected to the future Metro Park to the north, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, the Kai Tak Runway Park and the future Tourism Node development to the south, as well as the planned developments on both sides of the garden and the promenade on both sides of the former runway. The architecturally innovative and aesthetically unique deck is the first sky garden in Hong Kong that is situated on noise barriers designed with a curved and wavy pattern. It also creates a top-quality public space and serves as a place-making icon, emblematic of the vision for Kai Tak to become “a distinguished, vibrant, attractive and people-oriented new development area by the Victoria Harbour”. The theme of aviation The Kai Tak Sky Garden is designed by the Civil Engineering and Development Department. Encapsulating the theme of aviation, the Sky Garden brings visitors the nostalgia of the former Kai Tak Airport. Let’s take a look together! “Time-limited” AR and “check-in spots” A “time-limited” 3D augmented reality mobile application game and suggested “check-in spots” are available in the Sky Garden, providing visitors with opportunities for unleashing photographic inspiration and enhanced recreational experience. For more information on the Kai Tak Sky Garden and how to get there, please click here to visit the website.