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[Summer‧Harbour] Activities at 6 Harbourfront sites stretching from Hong Kong Island to Tseun Wan

In celebration of the 25th anniversary (“25A”) of the establishment of the HKSAR, a "Summer‧Harbour" campaign featuring 25A-inspired art installations created by local designers and artists will be launched at 6 harbourfront sites.The six harbourfront sites in the city got a summer makeover by Messy Desk, Chocolate Rain, Din Dong, Café de Bollo and more local illustrators and designers! Hosted by the Harbourfront Commission and Harbour Office, "Summer‧Harbour” dresses six harbourfronts across Hong Kong Island to Tsuen Wan in holiday hues so everyone can get a slice of fun over the sizzling months! Summer Fireworks Carnival at East Coast Park Precinct This summer, ARTA Architects have picked up their magic wands to bring fireworks you can touch and feel right to the East Coast Park Precinct. The installations double as dandelion by day and illuminating fireworks by night. Catch them while they’re there this summer!Location: East Coast Park Precinct is situated west of Watson Road, Quarry BayPublic Transportation: 7-minute walk from Exit A, MTR Fortress Hill Station Tropical Forest at the Belcher Bay Promenade Local artist Messy Desk has turned the Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town into a tropical forest featuring a 6m-tall playground and animals carts! See if you can spot Pinana on her jeep as she embarks on yet another adventure. The multi-functional space and even the railing are awash with summer colours. Traverse the tropical forest whilst drinking in the sunset!Location: The Belcher Bay Promenade, Shing Sai Road, Kennedy TownPublic Transportation: 6-minute walk from Exit C, MTR Kennedy Town Station   Din Dong Water Carnival at Tsuen Wan Promenade Local cartoon superstar Din Dong unveils the “Water Carnival by the Harbour” at Tsuen Wan Promenade. He takes on countless looks on his adventures across the yacht, lighthouse, bumper car and more! Don’t forget to snap a shot with him this summer!Location: Tsuen Wan Promenade is situated near Hoi On RoadPublic Transportation: 5-minute walk from Exit A2, MTR Exhibition Centre Station    Hot Air Balloon Extravaganza at HarbourChill     Adjacent to the Wan Chai Pier, HarbourChill brings an aerodynamic adventure with a 9m-tall hot air balloon and a supersized chess board. Spot deer, zebra, hippos and more animal friends made from upcycled oil drums; and don’t forget to snap a shot with the propeller plane, too!Location:HarbourChill is situated north of Hung Hing Road, Wan Chai and east of the covered walkway to the Wan Chai PierPublic Transportation:Wan Chai Exhibition Centre MTR Exit A2; 5-minute walk towards the promenade   Beach Party at The Connector The beach is the place to be during the sizzling months. This summer, The Connector – the pathway between Admiralty’s Tamar Park and Hong Kong Convention Centre in Wan Chai – is converted into an urban beach party! Make a sandcastle, enjoy the sea breeze and drink in the cool, summer vibes with Victoria and Harper!Location: The Connector is situated between Admiralty’s Tamar Park and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan ChaiPublic Transportation: 9-minute walk from Exit A2, MTR Admiralty Station Wild, Wild West at the Water Sports & Recreation Precinct Messy Desk has reimagined the pet-friendly Water Sports & Recreation Precinct into an old western town home to log shacks, cacti and farm animals – all splashed in a warm, sunset orange. See if you can spot Chocolate Rain’s Fatina on her expedition!Location: The Water Sports & Recreation Precinct stretches from Hung Hing Road in Wan Chai North to the flyoverPublic Transportation: 9-minute walk from Exit C, MTR Causeway Bay Station (The video is in Cantonese) (The video is provided by Development Bureau) For more details, please visit the website of the Development Bureau, or the website of the Secretariat of the Harbourfront Commission.

The first harbour steps at Victoria Harbour is opened

The first harbour steps at Victoria Harbour, together with the adjacent new promenade of some 280 metres, is opened at the Wan Chai harbourfront. It extends the continuous waterfront promenade length in Hong Kong Island North by 40 per cent to 7.4 kilometres, allowing visitors to walk along the harbourfront area from Shek Tong Tsui all the way to Fortress Hill.Fence-free stepped-down water edge designThis set of harbour steps will be the first fence-free stepped-down water edge design alongside Victoria Harbour. The step-like feature will let visitors get closer to the waterbody. It could also serve as a spectator stand for the public to watch competitions or performances from a short distance against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour when there are water sports activities or stage performances in the waterbody. The Water Sports and Recreation Precinct (Phase 2)The Water Sports and Recreation Precinct (Phase 2) is open to the public round the clock. In addition to lawns, outdoor tables and chairs, sunshades and children's play facilities, it also provides a multi-functional venue for activities as well as an access ramp for launching and retrieving boats in preparation for future water sports competitions. The design has taken into account views from water sports organisations, including those collected from users during dragon boat races, the Around the Island Race sailing event, the Optimist junior sailing race and other activities held at the Precinct in the past two years. Paddling in Victoria Harbour In addition to the above facilities, the public can also enjoy paddling in Victoria Harbour. Twenty pedal-driven boats are available for rent through a website, with three of them being first-of-their-kind special editions produced under the theme of Chocolate Rain by local artist Prudence Mak. The paddling campaign will be piloted for six months, and further arrangements will be made subject to the response.  The Precinct is a pet-friendly venue where visitors are welcome to bring along their leashed pets. Safety precautionTo ensure the safety of visitors on the harbour steps, buoys and ladders have been installed at the harbour steps. In addition to the general security of the Precinct, there will be specific guards dedicated to patrolling around the harbour steps on a 24-hour basis, as well as lifeguard and life-saving speedboat services during the operation hours of water sports activities. Safety notices have also been posted at different locations along the steps, with lifebuoys provided. Furthermore, the site will be temporarily closed under inclement weather conditions. Meanwhile, consultants from the Civil Engineering and Development Department have completed a one-year water quality sample collection project and the preliminary findings indicate that the water quality of the harbour in the area is suitable for secondary contact recreational activities.  How to goThe Water Sports and Recreation Precinct (Phase 2) is located between the Wan Chai North Temporary Public Transport Interchange and the Hung Hing Road Flyover. It can be accessed from Wan Chai Ferry Pier or the Wan Chai North Temporary Public Transport Interchange by walking for about 5 minutes. It can also be accessed from Exit A5 of MTR Wan Chai Station by walking for about 15 minutes via the footbridge, or from Exit C of MTR Causeway Bay Station by walking for about 9 minutes via the Canal Road West Flyover. Please click here for the route map.