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Heritage Fiesta cum Roving Exhibition 2021

The Commissioner for Heritage’s Office of the Development Bureau presents "Heritage Fiesta cum Roving Exhibition 2021" from September to December 2021. The Heritage Fiesta will feature 11 revitalisation projects of government-owned historic buildings from 1 September to 31 October with free guided tours, while the roving exhibition will be held from 1 September to 31 December. Public are welcome to make visits to these historic buildings and exhibition venues during opening hours.

Heritage & Museums

Public Records Office As a Hong Kong resident, you surely know a lot of interesting things about Hong Kong. For instance, you know all the best shopping centres and the nicest beaches. But here are a few interesting things you might not know. When did the first humans settle in Hong Kong? What are the origins of the Cheung Chau Bun Festival? Where did young people hang out in the 1960s? If you are interested in exploring the history of Hong Kong, you may start from the Public Records Office where you will find valuable historical records, photos, posters and maps, etc. about the city. Leisure and Cultural Services Department's (LCSD) museums Hong Kong may be tiny geographically, but its heritage is surprisingly rich. Many precious collections that form a composite picture of our local culture, history, art and science are preserved in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's (LCSD) museums. Antiquities and monuments But some antiquities and monuments can still be found in their original locations from ancient times. Art Promotion Office The Visual Arts Centre managed by the Art Promotion Office of the LCSD provides studios and exhibition hall rental services and a wide range of activities to art lovers. Thematic exhibitions If you are the kind of person who thinks museums are boring, stuffy places that only grandparents enjoy, you are in for a surprise. Not all museums exhibit things from the past. Apart from permanent exhibitions, museums stage thematic exhibits that change periodically. For example, exhibitions about the genomic revolution, China's first manned space mission, decoding Chinese script, visual arts, and many more. Other non-government museums Some other non-government museums specialise in other subjects about Hong Kong, such as medical science development, maritime topics, the police force and horse racing etc. West Kowloon Cultural District When development of the West Kowloon Cultural District is completed, there will be even more arts and cultural facilities, exhibition venues and open space under the backdrop of the beautiful harbour. These might then become the hottest meeting spots for our young people in future.