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Fun in Countryside

Country parks If you are a nature lover, Hong Kong has lots to offer. In recent years, the Government has enhanced Hong Kong’s nature nursing and education, and has established many facilities for educating the public and protecting natural habitats. In addition to parks, zoos, gardens and country parks, the Hong Kong Wetland Park was established to demonstrate the diversity of our wetland ecosystem. The park has also become the home of Pui Pui – the alligator that has attained celebrity status in Hong Kong. Marine parks Along our seacoast, five marine parks and one marine reserve have been designated. Thanks to these marine parks, precious true mangroves have been preserved. Of the eight true mangroves recorded in Hong Kong, six are located in the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. Hiking trails If you like to walk, there are some walking routes that take you to different locations in the city. The ecotours[Chinese version only], hiking trails and family walks offer different hiking routes around Hong Kong. Bear Heritage Journey HKNature net If you look carefully, you may find many species of animals and plants on any of these routes. Make sure you check the information on the internet before you start your hike because you would not want to miss seeing any rare species of animals and plants. Local weather information It is also wise to check the weather forecast ahead of time and the latest weather in different parts of Hong Kong. Camping sites and mountain bike trails Other than these facilities and parks, there are camping sites and mountain bike trails across Hong Kong. Hiking safety When visiting the countryside, please remember to bring along your mobile phone. There is never 100% mobile network coverage in country parks, so it is a good idea to bring along countryside maps and find out more about staying in touch in country parks.