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Study sponsorships open to nurture young arborists and tree workers

Amongst different jobs in the arboriculture and horticulture industry, arborists and frontline tree workers, who are respectively responsible for tree inspection and various tree work, are the two most important and needed ones. The quality of our tree management work hinges on the service performance of these professionals. To encourage more people, especially youngsters, to join the industry as arborists and tree workers, the Study Sponsorship Scheme provides financial incentives, i.e. sponsorship and scholarship, to encourage eligible students and practitioners to undertake arboriculture, tree management and tree work programmes offered by local vocational, tertiary and training institutions. Under the scheme, study sponsorships will be offered to applicants who undertake and complete recognised arboriculture, tree management and tree works programmes at Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 2 to 5 offered by local vocational, tertiary and training institutions. The sponsorship amount is 50% of the tuition fee or $20,000, for arboriculture and tree management programmes, while for tree works programmes it is 70% of the tuition fee or $6,000. Scholarships will be offered to students who have attained at least 20 total grade points in the five best subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination and will undertake and complete recognised full-time arboriculture and tree management programmes at QF Level 5. The scholarship amount is the total tuition fee or $50,000, for each academic year of the programmes. Accepting applications throughout the year. Please visit the official website for application and notes.