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Hongkong Post to issue "Intangible Cultural Heritage - Dragon and Lion Dance" special stamps

To promote public awareness of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), thus enabling the preservation of these cultural gems, Hongkong Post has selected five local ICH items, namely the lion dance, pixiu dance, unicorn dance, dragon dance and Tai Hang fire dragon dance, for the launch of a special stamp issue and associated philatelic products with the theme "Intangible Cultural Heritage - Dragon and Lion Dance" on February 23 (Tuesday). The set of four stamps to be issued features the lion dance, pixiu dance, unicorn dance and dragon dance. With vivid and delicate brushstrokes, the meticulous details and lively postures of these characters are illustrated on the stamps. The bold appearance and agile movement of each character, set off with the festive background colours of gold or red commonly used for joyous occasions in Chinese culture, signify an auspiciousness that adds an extra note of festivity. The two stamp sheetlets present scenes of the Mid-Autumn Festival - the Tai Hang fire dragon dance, showcasing its extraordinary charm through different perspectives. The $10 stamp sheetlet portrays the grandiosity of the fire dragon parading through streets and alleys in the hands of performers, drawing a flock of bystanders that enjoy the hubbub of the festive event. The $20 stamp sheetlet depicts in detail the fire dragon and "dragon pearl" covered in incense sticks. Printed with a gold foil stamping effect, the $20 stamp sheetlet re-creates a setting of a blazing flame wreathed in curling smoke, as if enveloping viewers in the spectacular fire dragon dance. Starting from February 23, this set of special stamps and associated philatelic products, including a first day cover, mint stamps, stamp sheetlets, a mini-pane, a presentation pack and a serviced first day cover, will be placed on sale at post offices.

Singing Nanyin as We Go @ Tai O

Singing Nanyin as We Go @ Tai O A song art sung in the Cantonese vernacular, nanyin was a kind of popular entertainment for the people of Hong Kong. Nanyin was mostly sung by blind artistes, accompanied by zheng and yehu, and to the rhythm given by clappers. The lyrics often reflected the living hardships of the lowest stratum of society. Today, it has become part of our intangible cultural heritage and was inscribed onto the first Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong. it was once a popular form of entertainment in Hong Kong during the early 20th century. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Office invited the troupe group "The Gong Strikes One" to tour Hong Kong's 18 districts and use nanyin to recount the history of local communities and to bring in-depth cultural insights. Below is the performance of the tour in Lautau Island, Tai O. To watch more about "Singing Nanyin", please visit the website of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office.