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LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Basketball

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of basketball, including: - How to play (rules of games)- Lines and Dimensions of Basketball Court- Basic Skills- Major Local Games - Famous Local Players

LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Tennis

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of Tennis, including: - What is Grand Slam?- Size and Lines of Tennis Court- How to play (Competition events, Scoring and Terms)- Equipment- Warm up Exercises- Basic Skills

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Vis-à-vis +01: Interactive Storytelling with Author

Authors of Children’s Picture Books will read aloud their books and share the reading journeys in the interactive storytelling sessions. Limited quota, don’t miss out!1st SessionDate:19.2.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Shana CHEUNG (Local Picture Book Author)Language:CantoneseBook to be shared:《你會咚咚嗎》2nd SessionDate:27.2.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Jarvis, Peter (British Picture Book Author)Language:EnglishBook to be shared:“Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth” and “Mrs Mole, I’m Home”3rd SessionDate:6.3.2021Time:16:00-17:00Author:LIN Bo Ting (Taiwanese Picture Book Author)Language:PuTongHuaBook to be shared:《一個像海的地方》及《一起去動物園》4th SessionDate:12.3.2021Time:17:00-18:00Author:Wendy WAN (Local Illustrator and Picture Book Author)Language:CantoneseBook to be shared:《悟空移山》及《我爸爸是一棵樹》

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Distance Run

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of distance run, including: - What is Distance Run?- Six Major Marathons in the World- Warm up Exercises- How to carry out Distance Run Training?- How to prepare a Strategic Plan?

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] TheatreScope

[#TheatreScope​ | Drama in everywhere]“The play’s the thing”, a quote from Hamlet indicates the association with life and play. So what is “play” literally? TheatreScope steps out of the theatre and goes online for giving us Drama 101 with a brand new horizon!In the first episode, let’s start with the origins of western drama, Greece, followed by a brief history of drama from rituals to plays.

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Chinese Music a Click Away

[#ChineseMusicaClickAway​ | Walks you through the origins of Chinese Music]How much do you know about Chinese musical instruments? Nowadays we would group them into FOUR types - woodwinds,  plucked strings, bowed strings and percussion, which according to the way they are played and giving off the sound.In the first episode, Kwok Kin-ming, a young and talented conductor, who introduces you to the origins and the trivia of Chinese music. And he will walk through the signature wind, plucked-string, bowed-string and percussion instruments in the following five episodes.

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Appreciation of Flowers

【Appreciation of Flowers 101】Bauhinia x blakeana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXnj-sjXp3U 【Appreciation of Flowers 101】Liquidambar formosana , Taxodium distichum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLdco_9zak

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Learn About Animals

【Learn About Animals 101】 De Brazza's Monkey https://youtu.be/Mfjqw5elqAs 【Learn About Animals 101】 Black and White Ruffed Lemur https://youtu.be/gc6LDcCM-7U 【Learn About Animals 101】 White-faced Saki https://youtu.be/Gi-MJFPZvx4

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Horticulture Classroom:

【Horticulture 101】Plant Care Tips Demonstration of Basal Fertilisation and Fertilisation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7nMZpZ8rV8 【Horticulture 101】 Horticulture Classroom#2: Mountains, Water and Building a Blissful Garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUG5MtdJl6Q

[LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy] Squash

This episode on "Learning Sports 101" introduces the basic knowledge of squash, including:- Size and Lines of Squash Court- How to play (Serve, Scoring and Terms)- Equipment- Warm up Exercises- Basic Skills

LCSD's Edutainment Channel and 101 Academy

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has launched the Edutainment Channel, a new one-stop online platform which covers informative and learning materials on aspects of culture and leisure as well as keeps people abreast of the latest developments in arts, culture, recreation and sports. Six categoriesThe channel, with its vast resources grouped into six categories (museums, reading, performing arts, sports, horticulture and greening as well as major parks with animal collections), provides numerous videos on online exhibitions, performances and sports demonstrations. Also included is information on the promotion of online reading and flora and fauna of the LCSD's major parks. 101 AcademyThe new channel also features a 101 Academy, aimed at introducing basic knowledge on culture, arts, science, sports, horticulture and animals for deepening the public's understanding and interests in various fields. By way of online academy videos, members of the public can access arts, cultural, recreational and sports resources and explore new scopes of knowledge from the comfort of their homes.The LCSD's Edutainment Channel, combining education with entertainment, is best captured by its slogan "One click to treasures – Culture & Leisure". As captured by its tagline "New Angles@101", the new 101 Academy introduces basic knowledge in different areas of the cultural and recreational fields. Latest topics include:* Art Appreciation 101 – Renaissance;* Storytelling 101 – Parent-child Voice and Read;* Learn About Animals 101 – De Brazza's Monkey and Black and White Ruffed Lemur;* Horticulture 101 – Plant Care Tips: Demonstration of Basal Fertilisation and Fertilisation and Mountains, Water and Building a Blissful Garden; and* Appreciation of Flowers 101 – Koelreuteria bipinnata."vis-a-vis +01" seriesA "vis-a-vis +01" series, which utilises Internet technology to create an interactive experience, has aleady added to the Academy. Series details, including museum virtual-guided tours, online interactive sports training programmes and virtual guided tours of parks, are availble on the web.