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Management Services Officer II (2)

About Management services officers...- They are general grade staffs and will be posted to work in different policy bureaux and departments after being recruited.- They act as internal management consultants for the government and will provide opinions for other departments’ operation mechanism. Hence, this post will involve a relatively wide range of knowledge from different areas and fields.- They hold a bachelor’s degree from a Hong Kong University, or equivalent, but no specific major is required.- They are generally flexible and innovative Want to know more? Please click to Yan’s video for the detailed introduction. Organisation chart

Management Services Officer II (1)

Yvonne Yip, Angie Lauw and Dennis Wong work as Management Services Officer II.In their capacity as internal consultants for the Government, they offer management consultancy services to various bureaux and departments. They are here to share with you different aspects of their work, career paths and tips for the job interview. Apart from creative thinking, a keen sense of curiosity, an observing and analytical mind are also prerequisites for their work in promoting better public services. Being able to serve the public is their greatest source of job satisfaction. Organisation chart

Management Services Officer II (3)

Toni, Management Services Officer II, “MSO may not sound familiar to many of you, however, we serve as the internal management consultant of the government, providing advisory services on operations to different bureaux and departments so as to facilitate reform in public service" Matthew, Management Services Officer II, “As the innovator in the government, we are not bound by dedicated specifications in our work, more often we are required to think out of the box!” Please watch the video for more information on job duties, career path...etc. of the Management Services Officer. Organisation chart