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Apply for entrepreneurial courses now with your HK$10,000 Cash Payout!

Have you registered the Cash Payout Scheme and collected your HK$10,000? The Cash Payout Scheme is open for registration starting from June 21. Each Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above is eligible to receive HK$10,000.  For electronic registrations submitted through banks, payment will be deposited into bank accounts starting from around July 8. People who register by paper form will receive payment or notification for cheque collection simultaneously from around July 20. How do you plan to spend your money? Try to find your favourite entrepreneurial courses from our course search engine at the Career & Study sector, or check out some selected courses below and gear up for your own business!   Foundation Foundation Certificate in Small Business Start-up I (Fundamental Operation) (Part-time) Content: Business opportunities ; Business Plans ; Techniques in choosing shop location ; Practical business skills ; Stock supply ; Payment methods ; Resources management ; Introduction of relevant law regulations School: - City University of Hong Kong - School of Continuing and Professional Education ;               - Yan Oi Tong Training & Employment Services ;               - Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)   Foundation Certificate in Small Business Start-up II (Financial Management) (Part-time) Content: Basic financial items ; Introduction to budget ; Calculation in loan interest ; Introduction to property lease for small business ; Introduction to MPF and profit tax School: Yan Oi Tong Training & Employment Services ;              - Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)   Foundation Certificate in Brand Building Concepts (Part-time) Content: Basic knowledge in brand building ; Relationship between start-up and brand ; Brand building and positioning ; Procedures of brand building ; Brand equity ; Assessment in brand building ; Brand development and operation point School: Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)   Online Business Foundation Certificate in Internet Business Start-up (Operation & Marketing) (Part-time) Content: Basic knowledge in online entrepreneurship and business ; Strategies in online business ; Overview of website structure and management strategy School: City University of Hong Kong - School of Continuing and Professional Education ;             - Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT);             - St. James' Settlement   Course on Online Store Operation Content: Trends in online marketing and social media ; How to perform the “7Ps” marketing strategies ; Guidelines and tricks in building an online store platform ; Strategies on e-commerce personalisation School:  Yan Oi Tong Training & Employment Services   Foundation Certificate in Internet Business Start-up (Digital Marketing in China) (Part-time) Content: Digital marketing environment in China ; Difference of digital marketing between China and Hong Kong ; Basic application of various marketing strategies in China ; Basic functions and marketing modules of “Weixin” School: Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)   Professional Training Hong Kong Statistics for Business Content: Introduction to official statistics and sample surveys ; Population statistics and projections: Research and marketing ; Labour, price and wage statistics: Personnel management and manpower planning School: HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)   Certificate on Street Food Entrepreneurship Content: Introduction to the industry ; Skills of preparing basic sauces and seasoning ; Types of sales ; Practical production School: Yan Oi Tong Training & Employment Services   Certificate on Coffee Shop Entrepreneurship Content: Case study in common operation modules of coffee shops ; Start-up planning ; Introduction to restaurant license ; employee training ; Items to note on shop location, furnishing and marketing ; Placement practice School: Yan Oi Tong Training & Employment Services

Business Tips

Business is a massive challenge for anyone and there are many hurdles to cross before it can become a very successful and established one. There are many technical things that one needs to be aware of while running a business. Business Support There are some educational institutions which aim at providing entrepreneurship training courses for young business enthusiasts. More information about these courses can generally be found on the internet. Some recommended sites include 'EntrepreneurHK' Business Information Services *, "Meet-the-Advisors" Business Advisory Service and the startup e-books on the Hong Kong Public Libraries' e-Book platform. All these training courses can be essential in a young ambitious person’s development into a brilliant entrepreneur. Marketing Promotions Marketing is one of the major deciding factors of how a business would fare in its market. Therefore, it is essential to have effective and attractive promotions. In addition to the obvious importance of promotions, it is very important to adhere to some laws and rules such as Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, Consumer Protection Law, and Trade Descriptions etc. Once the business has developed well locally, overseas promotion and market development * can also be given a thought too for expanding the business. Social Responsibilities Social responsibilities and business ethics are two of the most important elements in the business world. It is necessary to aim for making profits but it shouldn’t be at the expense of breaking ethics or forgetting about the well-being of the society. SIE Fund aims at promoting this concept and it could be a good place to get started if you would like to know more about this topic. Wish you all the best for running your business and hope that it has a pleasant and comforting journey ahead in its development of becoming a top company! (P.S. Do look out for business traps * and don’t get fooled too easily! Take risks sensibly!) *Chinese version only