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Stay Strong to Fight the Virus

The COVID-19 pandemic brings us different changes, such as school closures, reduction of social activities, and special arrangements of examinations, as well as different levels of stress.  Excessive stress may cause different negative emotions, such as fear, confusion, worry, anger and anxiety.  As such, it is very important to maintain our physical and mental health.  Physical Health Tips One of the keys to maintaining physical and mental health is exercising.  Physical exercise can enhance metabolism, prevent fat accumulation, and strengthen the immune system.  Endorphin would also be released by the body during the process to make people feel relaxed and happy. Recently, we might have reduced the time spent on outdoor activities to reduce the risk of infection.  Yet we can still do some simple exercises, such as standing, rope-skipping, and dancing, during the stay-at-home time. Follow the athletes below to do exercises together if you are interested! (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese) For more videos of exercise at home demonstrated by other athletes, please click this link. In addition, please pay attention to personal hygiene and safety of home environment. Do not forget to do some warm-up exercises to reduce the risk of injury. Mental Health Tips As you spend more time to stay at home, you might reduce your contact with friends, feel bored, and have different emotions.  The following four tips can be applied to strengthen your mental health. Stay connected with otherA simple greeting message, a phone call, or a video call can allow us to stay with each other in times of difficulty. Upgrade yourselfLet yourself continue to learn and stay fresh towards life.  You can set a small goal for yourself during the pandemic, such as reading a book, practising a new song, or learning a new computer software.  The small goal can enrich your life and equip yourself with a new skill. Be aware of your emotionIf you notice that you are encountering different emotions, such as anxiety, nervousness, or anger, take a deep breath.  After that, you can attend to your feelings and take good care of your body.  Help people in needDuring the pandemic, we can not only protect ourselves and family, but also offer our helping hands to other people, for instance, share our extra resources to needy people around us. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese) Reference Student Health Service, Department of Health: Emotional Health Tips - Health Tips for Fighting the Virus (Students) (Chinese Only) Jockey Club “Loving Sports” Youth Development Programe - at Home Workouts (Chinese Only) New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association: Five Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy during the Pandemic (Chinese Only) Other Resources Student Health Service, Department of Health: Emotional Health Tips - Mental Health Resources Social Welfare Department: Clinical Psychological Service Branch - 2020 Psycho-education information Hub for Combatting the Novel Coronavirus New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association: 330 Wellbeing Tips