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I&T Master Class and Career Planning App (POC) Design Competition

The sponsorship project is funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) for fostering an IT learning atmosphere and stimulating students' interest in IT in secondary schools.The coronavirus pandemic has upended schooling in Hong Kong where schools turn to online learning, revealing the struggle with insufficient digital and IT skills among students.  Knowing student’s yearning to develop IT skills, not-for-profit NGO Ampower Talent Institute invites students in all secondary schools and their affiliated primary schools in Hong Kong to participate in an upcoming mentorship programme and a series of master classes, which are mainly in the form of recorded/live online classes or webinars, to equip themselves with the essential IT knowledge and skills.  Participating students of the tuition-free programme will be eligible for an IT Talent Competition, with the chance of winning great prizes and certificates, while outstanding students will be offered internship opportunities in large organizations to develop their potential and broaden their horizons.

Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme

Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) is funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and supported by the Education Bureau. FICTAS aims to encourage secondary schools to implement the IT Innovation Laboratory Project, which will arrange twelve free online workshops for students and teachers to enhance secondary school students’ interest in IT and improve their computational thinking and innovation skills. In addition, this programme will be able to encourage secondary school students to choose technology-related education and careers.In addition, the programme will enable students to practice through a competition. Rewards:Trophies, IT equipment vouchers with total value over HKD$100,000, certificate of participation. School Groups– Gold (500 participants attend webinars/ workshops)– Silver (300 participants attend webinars/ workshops)– Bronze (100 participants attend webinars/ workshops)Individual– Gold (Attend at least 80% of courses and participate in competition)– Silver (Attend at least 80% of courses and complete a simple quiz)– Bronze (Attend at least 50% of courses and complete a simple quiz) Target Beneficiaries:All secondary schools in Hong Kong in particular outreach to schools that did not participate in EITP-related activities previously.

Have you registered for "iAM Smart" yet?

Members of the public will be able to access more than 30 online services of the Government and the public utilities such as, COVID-19 electronic vaccination and testing records, eTAX, online application for renewal of vehicle licence, eRVD Bill, change of address, MyGovHK, eHealth and online services of the two electricity and gas companies once they register for "iAM Smart". Development of the "iAM Smart" platform is led by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). The platform provides four major functions, namely: (1) AuthenticationUsers will have a single digital identity that enables simple and secure login to various government and commercial online services. It brings convenience to daily life without having to manage different user names and passwords. (2) Form-Filling with "e-ME"Users can use the "e-ME" function to store their personalised data (such as name, gender, HKID Card number, date of birth, residential address, and contact phone number), and enjoy the convenience brought by auto form-filling and avoid filling in the same data for different applications. (3) Personalised NotificationsUsers can choose to receive personalised notifications from various government online services to keep up with service updates, expiry alerts and latest information. (4) Digital SigningUsers can use "iAM Smart+" to sign digitally in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Chapter 553 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to process legal documents and procedures online. Download the "iAM Smart" mobile app and register for "iAM Smart"Registration for "iAM Smart" is simple and easy. Members of the public can download the "iAM Smart" mobile app and perform remote registration using a personal mobile phone with biometric authentication. If digital signing for services like vehicle licence renewal is required, members of the public should go to registration service counters located at any of the 121 post offices (except mobile post offices), Self-Registration Koisk and Mobile Registration Teams to upgrade to "iAM Smart+". The "iAM Smart" mobile app supports iOS and Android operating systems and mobile phones with biometric authentication. Please visit the "iAM Smart" website for more information. “iAM Smart” is a one-stop personalised digital services platform for the public to login and use online services with a single digital identity. Curious about what its functions are? Let’s check out the video!   How to register for “iAM Smart” and what are the requirements? Let’s hear it from “iAM Smart” and register now.   As you may have noticed, “iAM Smart  Safe and Swift” is the slogan for “iAM Smart”.How could “iAM Smart” provide a new experience in our daily life ?Check out the video to know more.

Analyst/Programmer II

“First and foremost is to show your passion and aspiration, and let the interviewer know how well you know about this job. Have your own thoughts on the overall IT planning and development in the Government and in Hong Kong as a whole." Vyona, Analyst/Programmer of Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. “We hope to enhance efficiency of Government operations with the aid of technologies and promote IT development in different sectors, thus providing more convenient and quality public services to the community, developing Hong Kong into a world-class smart city that embraces innovative technologies." Gordon, Analyst/Programmer of Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Analyst/Programmer II of Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and its career prospect.