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Pilot of Government Flying Service, Dickson, "I believe most of the boys share the dream of becoming a pilot and flying in the sky.  The Government Flying Service gives me a good chance to make my dream come true." Pilot of Government Flying Service, Elaine, "I remember I had my first experience in flying when I was still a university student, and I was very interested in aviation after that.  Working in GFS not only fulfils my aspiration of flying, it also gives me a chance to serve the community and help those in need, giving me a lot of satisfaction." Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path etc. of Pilot of Government Flying Service. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Ten exams a year for a Pilot

Government Flying Service Pilot Dickson said, “I believe most boys share the same dream of becoming a pilot and soaring in the sky.”Hhowever, he needs to take 10 examinations a year to make his dream come true. Pilot is a job which requires high proficiency. To become a Pilot of the Government Flying Service, the requirements are strict. But how strict? Regular ExaminationPilots not only have to do regular training but also to sit for regular pilot license examinations and instrument rating examinations. Helicopter pilots are required to sit for examinations on performing search and rescue operations (day or night), firefighting or lifting operations, mountain landing, etc. Take a Pilot I as an example, he /she will need to sit for 10 regular examinations in a year. Regular internshipsPilots will visit overseas training schools regularly. In a flight simulator, they will be given chances to response to emergency situations which cannot be simulated using a real plane. There are also overseas placement programmes lasting more than half a year for pilots to experience flying under adverse weather or other circumstances, helping them to be well prepared for search and rescue operations in inclement weather. It takes quite some time and effort to bring this pilot dream come true. Let’s strive to take it to the sky! Contributing Editor: Sophie