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[Civil Servant Story] Post Officer: Serves with heart

This story is only available in Chinese.  For more information on the subject, please visit the Facebook page of Civil Service Bureau.

Hongkong Post expands "iPostal Station" network for self-collection of mails

Online shopping has become commonplace for more and more people and many choose to collect their purchases at the post office. To save the hassle of checking the opening hours of the post office or queuing at the counters, Hongkong Post has continued to expand its network of "iPostal Station" for self-collection of mails. Several "iPostal Stations" have newly arrived in Shatin, Kowloon Bay, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin, Fanling, Chai Wan, Tseung Kwan O and Kwun Tong. With a total of 126 spots in Hong Kong, the network covers major housing estates and shopping malls in the territory!Simply put the recipient’s mobile phone number and the iPostal Station code on the mail item, and then the recipient will receive an SMS when the item is ready for collection at the iPostal Station.Check out the nearest “iPostal Station”: (Click here)For details of the service, please check out: (Click here) For more updated information about HongKong Post, please follow their Facebook page and Instagram.

【Stronger Together HK - Postman Lee Wah】

Hey Mr Postman, how's your day? And how has work been lately?As soon as the epidemic broke out, overseas postal packages started flooding in. Many of them are top of our “most wanted” list — face masks and sanitation products.Our postmen may not be in the war trenches so to speak, but delivering these packages is nonetheless a matter of great urgency too. To ensure their timely delivery to the right hands, many postmen volunteer to stay behind after work to make this happen.Yes, whoever we are, everyone has a role to play and every role is equally important. Credit is not what we are looking for. We are looking for the smile behind every mask. As Postman Lee Wah said, "If everyone does his or her part, the pandemic will be over in no time.” Let’s thank all colleagues who stand by their posts and give their best to overcome this challenge, as well as all of you who help by maintaining social distance.  


To most people a postman’s job is just to deliver letters! But it’s not that simple! We also deliver parcels and registered letters, and redirect mail to different addresses, etc. In fact, delivering mail is not as easy as you think. Sometimes the address is written in poor hand writing, or may even be written wrong. Sometimes we encounter poor weather or are chased by vicious dogs. And when there is a lot of mail, we have to handle all the related work before we can have dinner. For this reason, postmen need to have powerful legs, sharp eyes and be able to withstand hunger. If you want to learn more about a postman’s work, pay attention to the two main characters in this episode! Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Three secret tricks of a Postman

If you think all a postman needs to do is simply to deliver the mails swiftly, then you may have underestimated their job. Read the following for three tricks of postmen that you may not notice.01.Speedy hands Yes, the main duty of a postman is to deliver mails; and no, other than that, there are many other kinds of duties. Postman Wong Wai Hung said, “We are responsible for delivering parcels and registered mails as well as redirected mails.” Each postman of the Sorting Section is also responsible for more than 700 mailboxes. The first thing postmen do every day when back to the office is letter sorting, immediately followed by picking up registered mails for delivery. Not necessarily urgent, but definitely quick.02.Sharp eyes“I had to spend a lot of time to learn my way around at the beginning.” Postmen rely on their eyes to deliver the mails. They have to keep their eyes open and get familiar with all the places to deliver the mails quickly and precisely. Otherwise, they might get lost or take a longer path and the delivery progress would be delayed. 03.Make friends with dogsPostmen have to deliver mails even under adverse conditions. Ip Kwan Ho, who works in the rural delivery bearing, shared, “Our job is far from easy. Other than poor weather conditions, we are also prone to attack by dogs.” As a postman, however, he does not take a fight or flight approach, but rather makes friends with the animals to get his job done efficiently. “There was a dog that walked like a company of mine along part of the route of my delivery!”[More about the amazing tricks of Postmen] Contributing Editor: Sophie