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[Study] Instructions to Repeaters & Private Candidates

If you are one of the students considering retaking the HKDSE, be reminded not only it is important to find the ways to boost your academic results, but also to evaluate your decision strategically. Candidates should also pay attention to crucial information such as entry qualifications and application timeline in order to plan ahead for your repeating year. 01 | Three Variables With reference to Hok Yau Club’s article, "3 Major Considerations for Retaking DSE" (Chinese version only), three key variables are extracted below which would help the repeaters to make informed decisions. For details, please refer to the relevant website: -    Evaluate your past experience of preparing for the DSE-    Align your interests and/or aspirations with your decision of repeating DSE-    Choose a suitable method to retake (e.g. repeating DSE at the same or at another school, or being a private candidate) 02 | Entry Qualifications for Private Candidates A person may enter for the 2022 DSE as a private candidate provided he/she has satisfied the requirements set out at (a) or (b) or (c) below: (a)    The person has sat the previous HKDSE or an equivalent examination, or(b)    The person has reached the age of 19 by 1 January of the year of the Examination, or(c)    The person has completed or is currently pursuing a non-HKDSE curriculum equivalent to Secondary 6 as determined by the HKEAA in the year preceding the Examination. The Authority may consider applications from persons possessing other qualifications or pleading special circumstances.  Persons who have sat other public examinations are expected to demonstrate a suitable level of competence in the same subject(s) entered for the Examination and may be required to provide supporting documents from their schools (if applicable).  Persons who are currently pursuing an HKDSE curriculum will not normally be considered for special entry to the Examination. Exceptional cases may be considered on a case-by-case basis (please refer to the website for any updates).  03 | Instructions to Applicants Students can submit their applications through the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) Online Services. For the registration details, please refer to Registration for Category C (Other Languages) Subjects Instructions to Applicants (Private Candidates). 04 | Repeat Secondary 6 If you would like to repeat Secondary 6 at other schools, you may refer to Hok Yau Club’s website for the list of “Schools admitting HKDSE Secondary 6 repeaters from other schools” (Chinese only). Also,repeaters and private candidates attending designated evening secondary courses are eligible to apply for a variety of subsidy schemes provided by the Government, such as “Extended Non-Means-Tested Loan Scheme” and “Financial Assistance Scheme for Designated Evening Adult Education Courses”. Please refer to another story of the DSE Hub, “Subsidy Schemes for Local Studies” for details. Sources: Hok Yau Club (Chinese version only) Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority

Study Rooms

Study Rooms There are various types of study rooms for youth in different districts. And the Study Room Scheme organised by EDB is aimed to provide a quiet place for students to study, especially for those residing in crowded and noisy homes.The study rooms self-financed / subvented by SWD, LCSD, HAD and non-government organizations (List of study rooms), can be found in each districts, which are very convenient to the youngsters.