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Treasury Accountant / Accounting Officer II

Synopsis The Treasury is responsible for the compilation and supervision of the accounts of and the provision of accounting and financial management services in the Government.  The Treasury recruits two grades of staff, namely, Treasury Accountants (TAs) and Accounting Officers (AOs).  In addition to the Treasury, their parent department, Treasury Grade staff may also work in bureaux/departments through regular postings arranged by the Treasury.  The duties of TAs and AOs are wide-ranging and interesting, covering areas in budgeting, financial accounting, cost and management accounting, system development, internal audit, investigatory accounting, fund/loan management, financial monitoring and management of subvention/funding schemes, etc.For more information on job duties, career path, etc. of the Treasury Accountant / Accounting Officer II, please watch the video. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page Entry Requirements Treasury Accountant Candidates should be Certified Public Accountants of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or equivalent; have at least one year's relevant post-qualification experience; have a pass result in the Aptitude Test in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE); have met the language proficiency requirements of ‘Level 2’ in the Use of English paper and ‘Level 1’ in the Use of Chinese paper in the CRE, or equivalent; and be able to speak fluent Cantonese and English; and have a pass result in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST).   Accounting Officer II Candidates should either have a Hong Kong degree in Accountancy, or equivalent, or be a registered student of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Qualification Programme (QP) and have completed the Associate Level of QP, or equivalent; have a pass result in the Aptitude Test in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE); have met the language proficiency requirements of ‘Level 2’ in the Use of English paper and ‘Level 1’ in the Use of Chinese paper in the CRE, or equivalent; and be able to speak fluent Cantonese and English; and have a pass result in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST).

Radar Specialist Mechanic

A Radar Specialist Mechanic is mainly deployed on development, installation and maintenance of electronic equipment including radars, computer-based equipment and telemetry systems.Entry Requirements1) Have either a Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering from a Hong Kong Polytechnic/polytechnic university/technical institute, or equivalent; or an appropriate certificate on maintenance of telecommunication & radar equipment from a recognized institution; and2) Have 8 years' practical experience in the development, installation and maintenance of radar, electronic or microprocessor equipment and systems; and3) Be fluent in Cantonese and spoken English; and4) Have met the language proficiency requirements of Level 2 or above in Chinese Language and English Language in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination or Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, or equivalent. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Structural Engineer

In case of highly imaginative architectural designs, the Structural Architect will, through precise mechanics calculations, ensure compliance with safety standards and retain aesthetic value. For example, owing to the large-span curved roof and column-free design of the Ma On Shan indoor sports centre, coupled with other environmental constraints, it finally took a series of design adjustments to fix the problems. To be a Structural Architect, one should not only be well versed in physics and mathematics, but also have meticulous logical thinking ability. What’s most important is the determination to solve problems. Organisation chart

Quantity Surveyor

Once a building design is finalised, the Quantity Surveyor will get to working out a budget and the financial arrangements for the building project right away. Then the tender documents will be drafted for the building contractor to bid for the project. Once construction is under way, the Quantity Surveyor will check if the building contractor’s accounts are in order and make recommendations where appropriate until the end of the building project. On completion of the project, the Quantity Surveyor will check and settle the accounts, and make sure that the project has been carried out according to contract. He or she will also have to mediate in any contractual disputes. Since a Quantity Survey’s job involves a huge amount of data and contractual terms, he or she must be meticulous, thorough and well-organised in his or her work. In handling contractual disputes, he or she must be patient, has good communication skills, and demonstrate fair judgement and integrity. Organisation chart

Maintenance Surveyor

Buildings in Hong Kong generally last for 30 to 40 years. They owe their lasting looks to Maintenance Surveyors who have done a good job in keeping up proper maintenance and repair. Whenever the need arises, a Maintenance Surveyor is ready to perform a “body check” on a building to find out what’s wrong and, with the right solution to every problem, carry out the maintenance and repair work. Under special circumstances, such as when it’s necessary to revitalise an old building by changing its use, the Maintenance Surveyor will perform a major overhaul on the building by installing modern and safety facilities to comply with the legal and new-use requirements. The job of a Maintenance Surveyor is more suitable for those interested in buildings. In view of the possibility of all sorts of construction problems, practitioners should be determined to come up with solutions to the problems. Organisation chart

Landscape Architect

While Hong Kong is often referred to as a concrete jungle, environmental greening is the way to go. In view of this, the job of the Landscape Architect is becoming increasingly important. A Landscape Architect’s job is to plan and design an outdoor space in harmony with nature as well as a green, beautiful and sustainable environment for a building project. Take Wetland Park for example. The Landscape Architect has incorporated elements of eco-conservation into its design to create an outdoor public space as well as a perfect place for bird watching. To become a Landscape Architect of The Architectural Services Department, one should have creativity, aesthetic and spatial sense, keen awareness of and curiosity about the surrounding environment, as well as basic knowledge of ecological and heritage conservation. One also has to be equipped with good communication skills to work with the project team in order to build a high-quality green environment. Organisation chart

Building Services Engineer

The design and maintenance of the necessities of life in a modernised building, such as daily provision of water and electricity, elevator and air-conditioning services, as well as emergency fire and security systems, are the responsibilities of the Building Services Engineer. To meet today’s requirements, it is also necessary for the Building Services Engineer to address the need for environmental protection. While saving money on water and electricity bills, however, he or she must also try to minimise inconveniences to the users. Building Services Engineers have also begun using energy-saving light bulbs, solar and wind power generating facilities, etc., to fulfil the needs of both modern living and environmental protection. Since it is a Building Services Engineer’s job to design the right equipment for a building, he or she should have strong organisational skills, a logical mind, and profound knowledge in science to properly evaluate various requirements, for example, the electrical system requirements. He or she should also have the drive for innovation to satisfy the needs of modern living. Organisation chart


In addition to the exterior, space and functions of a building, harmony with the surrounding environment and compliance with relevant building regulations are also part and parcel of the equation. Hence various fields of expertise, including aesthetics, engineering, management and law, are brought to bear by the Architect throughout the entire process. The use of innovative softwares, e.g., 3D interior design programmes, has greatly facilitated the work of an Architect. To be an Architect, one should be gifted at drawing and able to draw one’s architectural designs. Moreover, one should have a deep understanding of the surrounding environment and cultural matters, sensitivity to space and colours, and creativity in order to design buildings for better living. Organisation chart

Shift Charge Engineer

A Shift Charge Engineer is mainly deployed on assisting a Chief Engineer/Senior Engineer in supervising the operation and maintenance of engineering plants in hospital, workshops, sewage treatment facilities or other engineering plants in the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department or in other departments. Organisation chart


"As a cartographer, I want to produce map products accurately with aesthetic and practical features, as well as fulfilling the requirement of the user." Ayden, Cartographer of Lands Department. "Moreover, we will keep an eye on the growing trend of cartography so as to cater for the public needs and new techniques. We will also continue the development of various map products and apps. Serving the society through map services is our mission," Yvonne, Cartographer of Lands Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Cartographer of Lands Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Landscape Architect

Have you ever wondered about the various landscape designs that are concealed in the streets and buildings we walk past every day? As enthusiasts of nature and design, Irene and Jason chose to become landscape architects at the Development Bureau for one goal: to promote health and environment protection and develop a green city. In addition to taking care of plants and flowers, landscape architects also need to know how to balance citizens’ livelihoods with urban planning while also taking account of the mode of operation of various departments. Furthermore, they must consider the impact that the passage of time has on the environment. The work of a landscape architect is rather challenging because each and every plant or tree should be carefully considered. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Building Surveyor(2)

Timely building repairs and maintenance can weed out problems at an early stage and ensure public safety. The building surveyors of the Buildings Department (BD) are like “building doctors”, “taking the pulse” of aging buildings to prevent their safety conditions from deteriorating. Ms SHUM Ying, a building surveyor, who will tell us about her daily work and remind us of the importance of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) and the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS). (The video is provided by Development Bureau) Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Building Surveyor(1)

“I have been interested in buildings since I was small and thus aspired to join a building-related career." German, Building Surveyor of Buildings Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Building Surveyor of Buildings Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Scientific Officer

Miss Eunice Lee, a Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Observatory, introduces the work of a Scientific Officer.A Scientific Officer is mainly deployed on performing weather forecasting duties, supervising and training staff and carrying out research in connection with the provision of services in areas including weather, climate, seismology, radioactivity, hydrometeorology, physical oceanography, aviation meteorology, marine meteorology and applied meteorology.A Scientific Officer may be required to attend training courses locally. He/She may also be sent on an overseas course in meteorology and/or other relevant subjects. He/She may be required to work outdoors, shifts, outside normal office hours, or in adverse weather condition. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page


“I once held scalpels in my hands. However, scalpels are not a must for doctors. Like the doctors at the Department of Health, we are responsible for gate-keeping to prevent and control diseases." Dr. Wu, Doctor of Department of Health.“Even though I had worked in other organisations, opened a private practice, worked overseas. In the end, I returned to Hong Kong and joined the Department of Health." Dr. Tsui, Doctor of Department of Health.Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Doctor of Department of Health and its misson.Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Surveyor of Ships

Surveyor of Ships of Marine Department, Tak, “There are two major reasons why I have decided to join the Marine Department and work as a Ship Surveyor. For one thing, I am interested in engineering. Then, I love travelling abroad to explore the world. Also, I have been encouraged by my university seniors who worked as deck crew. As a result, I have decided to take up a seafaring career. “ Surveyor of Ships of Marine Department, Tai, “Similar to Tak, I have decided to pursue a seafaring career right after graduating from university. Once I have accumulated 6 years’ experience on ocean-going vessels and 2 years’ experience in vessel management, I have decided to apply for Surveyor of Ships of Marine Department for its attractive remuneration, well-designed on-the-job training and bright prospects with a clear career path. “ Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path… etc. of Surveyor of Ships of Marine Department. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Marine Officer

Marine Officer of Marine Department, Man, “Life is moving way too fast, all teenagers should seize the moments to explore the world and broaden the horizons. I have decided to take up a seafaring career in which female mariners are rarely found, yet I believe it can let me learn to be independent. And now, I have even worked as Marine Officer of Marine Department. “ Marine Officer of Marine Department, Him, “Working on ocean going vessels provide us with the opportunities to visit different countries and experience the local culture. For example, I have been to Gothenburg in Sweden and Bremen in Germany to experience their magnificent architecture and heritage. If you enjoy experiencing different cultures through travelling, I would strongly recommended you to pursue a seafaring career, and then join the Marine Department as a Marine Officer to put into practice what has been learned. “ Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path… etc. of Marine Officers of Marine Department. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Land Surveyor

"We will utilise the pilotless aircraft to take photos for handling the work regarding the land management and the study of topographical changes, "Elsie, Land Surveyor of Lands Department. "We will regularly utilise the fixed-wing aircraft provided by the Government Flying Service to overfly Hong Kong in order to take aerial photographs for the production of topographic map and orthophoto map, "Ben, Land Surveyor of Lands Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Land Surveyor of Lands Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Legal Aid Counsel

Both working as Legal Aid Counsel in the Legal Aid Department, Ivan and Michelle shoulder the important mission of safeguarding the rule of law. Their main duties include approving applications for legal aid, supervising the work of assigned lawyers, providing legal advice for aid recipients, and handling litigation, etc. Both Ivan and Michelle regard their profession as meaningful. Their work gives them the chance to come into contact with people from all walks of life. In the process, they also get to learn to be patient listeners and empathise with others, while keeping their cool and ability to analyse problems in order to provide the most appropriate legal advice in the best interests of the aid recipients. The opportunity to help those in need also gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Geotechnical Engineer

Owing to its mountainous terrain, Hong Kong is predisposed to flooding and landslides. Protecting our citizens from these natural hazards is the job of not only the disciplinary forces, but also the geotechnical engineers, who are responsible for monitoring every landslide black spot to make high-precision assessment of landslides. Striving to protect the lives of local citizens, Jenny Yeung demonstrates how women can equal men in their fearless performance as geotechnical engineers in the face of the dangers of natural disasters. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Civil Engineer

To many, being an engineer simply requires an aptitude for making complex calculations and wholehearted commitment to construction site work. However, Sunny Sun, a civil engineer at the Civil Engineering and Development Department, will tell you that his job involves not only working on construction sites, but also reaching out to the public, so that in the planning process he can contribute to building our city with a human touch. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Structural Engineer

"If I work as a structural engineer in a private consultancy firm, my everyday routines would be full of numbers, building plans and site inspections. However, in the Buildings Department, I am responsible for the entire life cycle of a private building - from construction to completion." T K, Structural Engineer of Buildings Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Structural Engineer of Buildings Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page


Elaine has returned to Hong Kong after graduating from her veterinary studies in Australia. Not interested in private practice, she has joined the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and is determined to be a veterinary surgeon with a difference. She has been involved in enacting animal ordinances of great interest to Hong Kong, as well as quarantine work for the horses coming to Hong Kong for the Olympic equestrian events. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page