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Inter-School Online Intellectual Property Quiz Contest 2020

To further enhance the knowledge and understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights among primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong, the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) organises a territory-wide inter-school online IP quiz contest from 28 September to 15 November 2020, targeting senior primary (Primary 4 to 6) and secondary (Secondary 1 to 5) students. Supplementary information including videos and comics about IP are available on the contest website to enhance students’ understanding of the relevant IP issues. Participants are required to select an appropriate competition category to enter the contest and fill in their personal particulars. The contest contains 15 multiple-choice questions. Participants should answer the questions within the shortest period of time and achieve the highest score. Extra marks can be obtained in the "Join the ‘I Pledge’ Campaign" and "Share Contest" sections. Competition Category:Senior Primary (Primary 4 - 6), Junior Secondary (Secondary 1 - 3), and Senior Secondary (Secondary 4 - 5)