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"Infinite Creativity in Art" Exhibition

To promote the artistic development of persons with disabilities and foster their artistic attainments, the Social Welfare Department set up the Arts Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (the Arts Fund) in March 2019 to provide funding to eligible organisations to organise various types of arts projects for persons with disabilities, and provide professional arts tutors, related materials and technical support services so that continuous training can be offered to those with potential. Up till now, the Arts Fund has approved a total grant of over $57 million, funding 95 projects in 64 service units. As the first exhibition under the Arts Fund which showcases the artworks created by persons with disabilities to the public, the exhibition aims to promote public understanding and recognition of the artistic potential of persons with disabilities and foster disability inclusion using art as a catalyst. The exhibition showcases about 200 art pieces created by persons with disabilities, including about 140 paintings and about 60 handicrafts. The forms of the artworks are diverse, which cover not only paintings, such as ink painting, watercolour, pastel and oil painting, but also handicrafts, such as ceramics, tie-dyeing, mosaic and fabric products. Some of the art pieces are created by groups to show team spirit.

"Excursion with Water Save Dave" Visiting Programme (For Individuals and Groups)

"Excursion with Water Save Dave" Visiting Programme, to be conducted by way of guided tours, comprises visits to various waterworks facilities under three themes.  It aims to introduce the historical background and significance of various waterworks facilities, enhancing public’s knowledge of water resources and raising their awareness of water conservation. The following guided tours to waterworks facilities are now opened to individuals and organisations for visit by prior application: Theme 1: Our Water Resources and NatureOur Water Resources and Nature High Island Reservoir and Plover Cove Reservoir are respectively the Hong Kong’s largest reservoir and the world's first freshwater coastal reservoir.  Participants can visit these two reservoirs to understand their history while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Theme 2: Waterworks Heritage TrailsParticipants can witness various historic waterworks structures along the heritage trails and learn the water supply history of Hong Kong. Theme 3: Fresh Water Treatment and Quality ControlParticipants can learn the water treatment process and daily operation of a water treatment works as well as the water supply system in Hong Kong. (Please refer to the related webpage for details)

SmartPLAY to be Officially Launched on 9 November

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)'s new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system, SmartPLAY, will be officially launched at 7am on November 9 to replace the current Leisure Link Computerised Booking System which will stop operation from November 6 onward. Let's check out the following and get ready to use SmartPLAY! Registration and Identity Authentication All citizens, including existing Leisure Link users, must register with the new system and complete an identity authentication process before using the new system to enrol in programmes and book leisure facilities. The LCSD has set up 375 new Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues (including District Leisure Services Offices in various districts) for members of the public to submit their registration, and complete identity authentication and account activation procedures. "SmartPLAY" Smart Way Workshops To assist members of the public to complete the registration of SmartPLAY user account and to familiarise themselves with facilities booking and programmes enrolment with the new system, a series of "SmartPLAY" Smart Way Workshops  organised by the LCSD are now open for application. Members of the public are welcome to join the workshops for free.   Enhanced Functions Apart from its core functions of facilities booking, the new system will provide more enhanced functions including increasing the capacity of the new system to accommodate 10 000 concurrent users, against around 1 000 at present, so as to enable a quick and more efficient login to the system. Moreover, users may enjoy a series of personalised services, like receiving e-notifications according to their own preferences, information on cancelled and released sessions available for booking, as well as checking balloting results and refund status, etc. Users may also receive notifications in case of urgent closure of leisure venues or cancellation of programmes due to inclement weather. The system also provides different means of e-payment. New Arrangement on Facility Bookng New Arrangement on Community Recreation and Sports Programmes Enrolment   From Leisure Link to SmartPLAY From 6 to 8 November, data transfer between the old system and the new one, report checking and online data verification, as well as re-inspections of all new system equipment including network security devices, will take place to ensure smooth operation of the new system. During these three days, the registration for SmartPLAY will also be suspended. To ensure a smooth transition, the LCSD will implement transitional arrangements from late-October to mid-November, please refer to the Annexes of this press release for details. Arrangements of balloting applications for hard-surface ball courts will be announced later.Meanwhile, starting from 1 November, the arrangements of reallocating the leisure facilities for individual users if such are not available for use will be cancelled. If the booked facilities are not available for use, users can apply for a refund through the existing mechanism or SmartPLAY system.   For more information on SmartPLAY, please visit the SmartPLAY website, or call the SmartPLAY hotline at 3954 5150.

Kayaking/Canoeing training courses provided by LCSD

Kayaking / Canoeing is a sport for all ages. It requires no complicated equipment. All you need is a paddle and a lifejacket / buoyancy aid and you will soon enjoy paddling with simple instructions. The water sports centres under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) are equipped with a variety of kayaks / canoes, including single and double kayaks, rescue kayaks, sea kayaks, multi-purpose kayaks and racing kayaks (K-1). Added to these are a wide range of structured programmes and our experienced instructors. No matter being a beginner or a professional paddler, there are always programmes suitable for you. These are some examples of the training courses: For beginners  Kayak 1 Star Award Training (1-day course)A course specially designed for beginners. It is intended to get you started on sheltered waters and introduce the basic paddling strokes, whistle signals, personal gear, the relevance of lifejacket / buoyancy aid, raft-up as well as capsize training. After successful completion of the course, you may proceed to the 2-Star Award Training.  For intermediates  Kayak Proficiency Gold Award Training (Techniques & Sea Trip) (2-day course)This is the highest level of training for Proficiency Award. It introduces the skills and knowledge including sculling draw, sculling for support, low brace turn, map reading and use of compass, etc. In this course, you will undergo a 15-kilometre sea trip training. Participant completed the 2-day Kayak Proficiency Gold Award Training is eligible to apply for the Attendance Certificate from Hong Kong Canoe Union (HKCU). The Attendance Certificate Holder is eligible to apply for one day examination on both written and practical assessment organised by HKCU or its affiliated clubs. If participant successfully passes the assessments, Kayak Proficiency Certificate will be awarded by HKCU.  For professionals  Advanced Canoe Lifeguard Training (Techniques) (3-day course)This is a comprehensive canoe lifeguard course designed to prepare student with advanced knowledge, skills and ability to handle unexpected events on the water. The contents of the course include searching technique, accident case study, full rolling skill, swimming in canoe, single blade stroke, various towing techniques and first aid skills, etc. The course aims at helping participants to prepare for the Advanced Canoe Lifeguard Certificate Examination.For more details about the training course of Kayak/Canoe, please visit the website of LCSD. And please read the Entry Requirement before enrolment. >>Click here for LCSD's training courses of Kayak/Canoe Sea expeditions or adventuresThe Water Sports Centres of LCSD offer various thematic water sports activities in marine ecology and coastal geological features for nature lovers to admire the coastal scenery. Apart from physical training, the activities also help participants to improve self-confidence, give full play to their potential and foster team spirit while planning their sea expeditions. By taking part in thematic sea trips, participants can maneuver their own canoes to enjoy at close range the fascinating scenery at sea and appreciate the wonders of nature in remote and uninhabited islands. The programmes will not only help to foster a sense of environmental protection among participants but also enable them to enjoy life at leisure.After getting the specific certificate of Kayak/Canoe or LCSD Kayak 3 Star*, you can join the sea expeditions or adventures organised by the Water Sports Centres of LCSD, the programes are Marine Ecological Tours, Coastal Geological Tours, Coastal Scenery Tours, or other Coastal Tours etc. For the details of the sea expeditions or adventures, please visit the website of LCSD.*For novices in canoeing, the Water Sports Centres of LCSD will provide one-stop service including provision of elementary training courses in canoeing (i.e. Kayak 1-star to 3-star Award) and design of appropriate sea expeditions or adventures to participants who are interested in canoeing and able to swim 50 metres with clothes. Please contact the Water Sports Centres for details.

LCSD appeals to public to participate in Sport For All Day 2023

In order to continuously build a “Sport for All” culture in the community, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will organise the Sport For All Day 2023 on August 6 (Sunday). Most leisure facilities under the purview of LCSD will be open for free use and recreation and sports programmes will be held in designated sports centres across districts. Participants can also view the live webcast of sports demonstration. Members of the public are welcome to participate in the event.The focal sport of Sport For All Day this year is “Fitness Exercise for Wellness”. The LCSD will organise a series of physical fitness demonstrations and play-in sessions for public participation to encourage the public to pursue a healthy body-mind lifestyle through regular physical exercise. Free recreation and sports programmes and activity coupons distributionThe LCSD will hold diversified and free recreation and sports programmes from 2pm to 6pm on August 6 at designated sports centres in 18 districts. Health talks, fitness corners, sports activities for parents, children and adolescents, as well as sports demonstrations and fun games for the elderly and persons with disabilities, will be arranged. Activity coupons will be distributed from 8.30am on July 24 (Monday) at LCSD District Leisure Services Offices and designated venues in the 18 districts.Sports demonstrations will be featured in a live webcast via the event dedicated website and the "LCSD Plusss" Facebook page on the event day from 2pm. Members of the public can experience the vigour of sports demonstrations at home through online platforms. Free use of leisure facilities and booking arrangementsAt the same time, various LCSD leisure facilities will also be open for free use by the public on Sport For All Day 2023 to develop a habit of regular exercise. Booking for the free use of facilities on August 6 can be made at Leisure Link booking counters in various districts (except self-service kiosks) and via Internet booking start from 7am on July 31 (Monday) onwards, on a first-come, first-served basis (the Leisure Link booking counter services at Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre will start from 7.45am and water sports centres; holiday camps and District Leisure Services Offices will start from 8.30am). Each person can only book one free session irrespective of the type of leisure facility. Due to the anticipated high use of online booking services by the public, it may take a longer time for users to log into the system for booking during peak hours in the morning. For details, please visit the event dedicated website.

User registration for SmartPLAY opens

The new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), SmartPLAY, is open for user registration starting from today (July 3). All people, including existing Leisure Link patrons, must register and complete an identity authentication process beforehand in order to use the new system. A dedicated website and a mobile app (My SmartPLAY App) have been provided for user registration. If users complete their registration through "iAM Smart'', they can complete identity authentication and instant activation of their SmartPLAY account in one go. Besides, they can utilise 375 new Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues (including the District Leisure Service Offices ((DLSOs)) in various districts) under the management of the LCSD. Other than performing registration, users can also complete identity authentication and account activation at the Smart Self-service Stations simultaneously. If users have yet to register with "iAM Smart'', they can fill in basic account information through the My SmartPLAY App or SmartPLAY website, and then upload a copy of their Hong Kong identity card (HKID). After verification, users are requested to perform identity authentication with the original copy of their HKID through Smart Self-service Stations at DLSOs/ leisure venues or self-check-in devices at the leisure venues in various districts, whereupon their SmartPLAY account can be activated. >>Click here for the tutorial videos on user registration and other subjects.For more information on SmartPLAY, please visit the SmartPLAY website, or call SmartPLAY hotline at 3954 5150.For details, please check out the Facebook Page "LCSDPlusss" and press release.

LCSD to launch new sports and recreation services booking and information system

SmartPLAY, a new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system will be launched for user registration starting from July 3.  Available in both website and mobile app format, SmartPLAY enables users to register personal accounts, and search and book/enrol for sports and recreation facilities or programmes anytime and anywhere.  All people (including the existing Leisure Link Patrons) must register as a user of SmartPLAY and complete the authentication process before using the new system. The new system will be launched by phases.  Members of the public can utilise the new system on or before October.  They can then utilise the new Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) during opening hours easily and conveniently, including the District Leisure Service Offices in various districts, sports centres, swimming pools, sports grounds, holiday camps and water sports centres, etc.  The eye-catching design and user-friendly services will bring a new look and experience to our citizens. For details, please check out the Facebook of LCSDPlusss and press release.

Urban Sports

To strengthen the promotion of urban sports that have been introduced in the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, as well as to encourage public participation in sports activities, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will organise more urban sports programmes including 3-on-3 basketball, sport climbing, breaking, skateboarding and futsal across Hong Kong this year. Interested members of the public are welcome to join.With a view to bolstering the participation of the youth, the LCSD will launch a series of free promotional fun days with specific theme of urban sports which are suitable for the youths, such as Skateboarding Fun Day for Youth, Breaking Fun Day for Youth and 3-on-3 Basketball Fun Day for Youth. Relevant National Sports Associations will send qualified instructors to demonstrate the sports and teach participants basic skills on site. Participants can also join the play-in session to experience the fun of urban sports and explore their sports potentials. For the details of urban sports programmes and the enrolment method, members of the public can visit LCSD dedicated website (www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/USP/index.html), or make enquiries at any District Leisure Services Offices of the LCSD or recreation and sports venues with Leisure Link Services.

LCSD's Urban Sports Programmes

To further strengthen the promotion of urban sports that have been introduced in the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, as well as to encourage greater public participation in sports activities, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will organise a series of urban sports programmes including 3-on-3 basketball, breaking, futsal, skateboarding and sport climbing.  Some of the events are conducted to cater for youths, with a view to spurring more participation by them and exploring their potential in sports. Wish to join the urban sports programmes? Scroll down and learn more! Schedule of Urban Sports Programmes 3-on-3 Basketball Breaking Futsal Skateboarding Sport Climbing   Enrolment Method and ProcedureThe enrolment method and procedure for various programmes may vary. Please refer to the codes for enrolment method and procedure annotated at the programme schedule, as well the the notes on enrolment. Notes on Enrolment   Facilities and Venues SearchApart from the mentioned programmes, LCSD facilities are also available for conducting urban sports. At present, there are 14 indoor and outdoor sport climbing facilities, 8 skateboard grounds, 5 skateparks, over 120 5-a-side soccer pitches, some 500 basketball courts and over 190 dance rooms/activity rooms available for conducting urban sports. Search for facilities available for conducting urban sports   LCSD Edutainment Channel Learning Sports3-on-3 Basketball Roller Sports Sport Climbing Free Promotional Fun Days Suitable for YouthsWith a view to bolstering the participation of youth, LCSD will launch a series of free promotional fun days with specific urban sports themes which are suitable for youths, such as Skateboarding Fun Day for Youth, Breaking Fun Day for Youth and 3-on-3 Basketball Fun Day for Youth. Relevant national sports associations will send qualified instructors to demonstrate the sports and teach participants basic skills on-site. Participants can also join a play-in session to experience the fun of urban sports and explore their sport potential. Stay tuned! Click here to visit LCSD's Urban Sports dedicated website.    

[Limited Time] Free bicycle rental at Central to Wan Chai Waterfront

Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) launches Shared Path at a section of promenade from Central to Wan Chai for a period of 1 year. Bicycles free of rental charge are available for the public at bicycle stations.Shared Path ProjectFrom August 2022, CEDD launched a 12-month Shared Path Implementation Project at the Promenade from Central Pier No. 10 to the west of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. And bicycles free of rental charge are available for the public at bicycle stations. Citizens can make reservation for biycycle rental through the "HK Shared Path" app (iOS /Andriod). Consultants will review the feedback and data collected from the public and use them as reference for the future incremental implementation of Shared Path on promenades along the NHK. Public can learn more and give comments on the Shared Path website.What is Shared Path?Different with traditional cycle track with separation of footpath, shared path would adopt share space of pedestrian and cyclists concept, both parties could enjoy the pathway. Thus, the open space area and harbourfront could be efficiently utilized. It could also facilitate the integration of cycling route and the surrounding environment, optimize the connection between open space areas within the district and enhance the coherence of the overall design.  How many bicycles can I rent each time?Each account can only rent one adult bicycle and one child bicycle at a time.ChargesBicycle rental services for all bicycles are free of charge. However, registration and deposit are required before use. The bicycle usage time is 60 minutes, and the deposit will be returned upon return of bicycle to the bicycle station. Deposit methods: Cash / Octopus / Credit Card (including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay) / AlipayHK / WeChat PayBicycle TypesAdult Bicycles, Children Bicycles, Children Bicycles with Assistant Wheels, Children Balance Bicycles and Children TricyclesOpening date and timeMonday to Sunday and public holidays: 09:00 - 21:00 (Last rental time is 20:00)EnquiryTel: 5801 1256 (for reservation & rental enquiry) / 2972 1000 (for general enquiry)E-mail: hksharedpath@atkinsglobal.com (The video is in Chinese)

【Did you know - CEDD Series】When is the best time to enjoy cherry blossoms?

Q: When is the best time to enjoy cherry blossoms?A: The secret is to see the cherry blossoms earlier, the cherry blossom season in Hong Kong is from the end of December to March every year. If the weather is cold enough and sunny before the flowering season, the chances of cherry blossoms blooming will be greater. How long will the cherry blossoms bloom? One or two weeks only. After that, it will gradually wither and grow new leaves at the same time, so it will not be the best state to take pictures. So if you want to capture the most beautiful moment of cherry blossoms, you have to do it early!In addition, spring warms up quickly and the flowering period ends quickly. (The video is in Chinese)  

Self-Guided tours on rivers and embankments

Looking for alternative adventures on holiday? The Drainage Services Department (DSD) takes you on an adventure to explore the city in a convenient way. DSD's facilities are located all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, you can easily discover the wonderful features of Hong Kong's flood control and sewage treatment just by taking a walk! Let’s go!Kai Tak River TrailGreening and ecological elements were included in the Kai Tak River Improvement Works to revitalise this water body into an urban green river corridor that links the river closely with the local neighbourhood. DSD set up a trail along Kai Tak River in Wong Tai Sin district. It starts at Shatin Pass Road and ends at Prince Edward Road East with 10 panels in different locations along the 1 kilometre riverbank of Kai Tak River. History of Kai Tak River and information of the drainage improvement works are introduced to the public. Highlights:Preserve Old Masonry WallRoadside PlanterArtificial Rock PlanterSubmerged PlantingFish Shelters and Flow DeflectorsPrince Edward Road East Box CulvertTransportationStarting Point: Lung Yat House - Bus 9, 10, 11, 82X, 85M                      Choi Hung Road (Wong Tai Sin Police Station) - Minibus 70, 70A, 805S, 79MEnding Point: Yuk Kwan Street (near Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School) - Bus 3B, 3X, 5, 5C, 9, 111, 116, 203E / Minibus 70, 70AMore information of “Kai Tak River Trail”, please visit the website of DSD. Nam Sang Wai River Education TrailThe Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail starts at Castle Peak Road in Yuen Long, goes around Nam Sang Wai via the Yuen Long Bypass Floodway, new channel of Kam Tin River and Shan Pui River. The Trail is about 5.5 kilometres long and takes 2 hours to complete. There are 10 Exhibition Panels along the trail to provide information on river training works and ecological aspects of the rivers. Highlights:Engineered WetlandOld Channel of Kam Tin RiverShan Pui River FishpondMangroves on RiverbanksRamsar Site Water BirdsShort-leaved Malacca GalingaleTransportationStarting Point: Pok Oi Hospital - Bus 768, 68F, 76K                      Castle Peak Road – Yuen Long (near Pok Oi Hosptial) - Minibus 36, 37, 38, 75, 76, 78, 603Ending Point: Nam Sang Wai Road near Lamp Post No. AD0554 - Walk along Nam Sang Wai Road for about 12 minutes to reach the Pier by cable ferry, then walking for about 16-22 minutes to reach the Long Ping Station / Yuen Long Station More information of  “Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail”, please visit the website of DSD. San Tin Flood Protection SchemeSan Tin Flood Protection Scheme constructs the embankment surrounding the villages to keep floodwater away from the village. A stormwater drainage system is also provided within the village area to collect and convey stormwater to a stormwater storage pond. Area of the storage pond is about 16,400 square metres. When the water level in the pond reaches pre-set levels, the pump in the stormwater pumping station will start automatically, water in the pond will be pumped to the adjacent channel outside the embankment. Highlights:San Tin Stormwater Pumping StationFloating Photovoltaic System and Ecological Floating IslandSan Tin Polder Viewing PointTransportationStarting Point: Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport Interchange - Bus 76K, 276B, 976 / Minibus 78Ending Point: Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport Interchange - Walk about 40 minutes to reach the Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport InterchangeMore information of “San Tin Flood Protection Scheme”, please visit the website of DSD.

Locate all the 15 “check-in spots” and get the “CT60+ Cycling Rewards”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as well as to promote the opened cycle track sections of the New Territories Cycle Track Network (NTCTN), the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) is holding the “CT60+ Cycling Rewards” from 17 September to 17 December 2022. Members of the public may participate in this event by cycling along the cycle track sections between Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan and at the Tsuen Wan waterfront of the NTCTN. They can enjoy the beautiful sceneries and cultural attractions while looking for the “check-in spots” along the cycle track sections and collecting “check-in” records. Those who have collected the required number of “check-in” records can redeem souvenirs. Where are the 15 “check-in spots”? A total of 15 “check-in spots” will be set up in two phases near the scenic spots located along the opened cycle track sections of the NTCTN during the event period. To participate, scan the QR codes displayed at these “check-in spots” with a mobile phone to enter the event website. Provide a mobile phone number to register for a game account.  Take AR photos with the mascots.  Those who have collected the required number of “check-in” records and completed the redemption process in the account within the event period can redeem souvenirs. For details, please visit the NT Cycle Track Network website. The mascots “Mr. B” , “Drainy”, “Big Waster”, “Anyone”, “Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak”, “Lazy Lion”, “Dr Tin”, “Water Save Dave”, and “Mr. Safegg” are ready at these “check-in spots” to explore the NTCTN with you!      The 10 “check-in spots” in Phase 1 Period: 17 Sep – 31 Oct 2022Area: The cycle track sections between Sheung Shui and Ma On Shan; and the Tsuen Wan waterfront section   1. Sha Tin Che Kung Temple(The mascot in AR filter: Lazy Lion) The ancient Sha Tin Che Kung Temple draws believers from all over Hong Kong. Every Chinese New Year, worshippers flock to the Temple. In recent years, it has even become a popular site of attraction among travellers visiting Hong Kong. Although it is impossible to know when it was built, the stele in the old temple structure says it was renovated and reconstructed in the 16th year of the reign of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1890).   2. Shatin Twin Bridge(The mascot in AR filter: Drainy)   3. Ma On Shan Hang Tai Road Resting Station(The mascot in AR filter: Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak)   4. Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station(The mascot in AR filter: Dr Tin) Tai Po Kau Tide Gauge Station is located at the end of Tai Po Railway Pier and it is an essential facility of the Hong Kong Observatory for monitoring tide levels in Tolo Harbour. The existing station was built in the 1960s and needs to be reconstructed to maintain its functions. A design competition to collect innovative ideas for the reconstruction of the station was held in November 2020. The competition was co-organised by the Hong Kong Observatory, CEDD, the Architectural Services Department and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. The winning entry “Revealing the Tip of Iceberg” will be adopted for the reconstruction.   5. Tai Mei Tuk(The mascot in AR filter: Water Save Dave) Tai Mei Tuk is a wonderful place for relaxing. A popular holiday destination for people seeking to escape from the pressures of urban life, it is where city dwellers come to fish, cycle, boat and barbecue. One will find families flying kites and cycling back and forth along the dam, with the water of Plover Cove lapping against one side of the dam and Tolo Harbour on the other.  6. Luen Wo Hui(The mascot in AR filter: Anyone) Luen Wo Hui, built in 1951, is one of the oldest markets in Hong Kong. Adopting an early-modernist design, it is classified as a Grade III historic building. The Fanling Environmental Resource Centre located inside the Luen Wo Hui Government Offices nearby has been open for more than 17 years and provides the public with an easy access to environmental information. There are exhibition zones featuring different themes such as air quality, waste reduction and global environmental issues. It is a good location where parents can bring their children to read books and have fun.  7. Sheung Yue River, Long Valley, Ho Sheung Heung(The mascot in AR filter: Mr. B) Sheung Yue River is a scenic spot, and cycling along the river is really relaxing. Besides large water pipes, which are full of cinematic feelings, visitors may see the wild Chinese silver grass, and enjoy sweet soybean milk and silky tofu pudding in a soy factory nearby. In short, one may have multiple pleasures from various sources, such as vision, taste and photo-shooting, in a single trip.  8. Tsuen Wan Riviera Park Resting Station(The mascot in AR filter: Big Waster)   9. Tsuen Wan Waterfront Cycling Entry / Exit Hub(The mascot in AR filter: Mr. Safegg)   10. Hoi On Road Resting Station(The mascot in AR filter: Lazy Lion)        The 5 “check-in spots” in Phase 2Period: 1 Nov – 17 Dec 2022Area: The full track between Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan; and the Tsuen Wan waterfront section   11. Butterfly Beach(The mascot in AR filter: Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak) Butterfly Beach, the second longest beach in Tuen Mun, attracts many beach-goers with its sound facilities. Next to the Beach is a barbecue site which has the largest number of barbecue pits in Hong Kong. It is close to Butterfly Village Market where you can easily buy barbecue supplies. Butterfly Bay in the west is a good place to enjoy the sunset.   12. Tin Hau Bridge(The mascot in AR filter: Big Waster) The Tuen Mun River Footbridge, also known as “Tin Hau Bridge” and about 86 m long, adopts a design of traditional Chinese elements to tie in with the architectural style of the adjacent Tin Hau Temple Plaza. In addition to facilitating the movements of local residents, the Bridge serves as the starting point of the Tuen Mun Heritage Trail, telling the story of Tuen Mun.   13. Tin Shui Wai Cycling Entry / Exit Hub(The mascot in AR filter: Anyone)   14. Yuen Long Castle Peak Road (Tam Mei) Resting Station(The mascot in AR filter: Dr Tin)   15. The Man Tin Cheung Park(The mascot in AR filter: Water Save Dave) Located between the Castle Park Road San Tin Section and the San Tin Highway, Man Tin Cheung Park was established to commemorate Man Tin Cheung, the patriotic general of Southern Song Dynasty. Visitors may learn more about the life of General Man through a visit, while appreciating his loyalty and righteousness - “Everyone must die. Let me but leave a loyal heart shining in the pages of history”.    

[Did you know - CEDD series] Why do some rocks laid on shorelines look so weird?

Apart from projects on land, the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) is also responsible for building , checking and maintaining seawalls and breakwaters. For safe and efficient port operations and to reduce damage to marine facilities brought by waves, the regular maintenance of port facilities is particularly important. Maintaining over 130 kilometres of seawalls and breakwaters is one of the tasks needed.A seawall is used as a division between land and ocean to protect a shoreline from erosion against waves and current actions. A breakwater is to reduce wave action in a water area like a harbour or typhoon shelter and thus avoids casualties or facility damage. (The video is in Chinese)

[Summer‧Harbour] Activities at 6 Harbourfront sites stretching from Hong Kong Island to Tseun Wan

In celebration of the 25th anniversary (“25A”) of the establishment of the HKSAR, a "Summer‧Harbour" campaign featuring 25A-inspired art installations created by local designers and artists will be launched at 6 harbourfront sites.The six harbourfront sites in the city got a summer makeover by Messy Desk, Chocolate Rain, Din Dong, Café de Bollo and more local illustrators and designers! Hosted by the Harbourfront Commission and Harbour Office, "Summer‧Harbour” dresses six harbourfronts across Hong Kong Island to Tsuen Wan in holiday hues so everyone can get a slice of fun over the sizzling months! Summer Fireworks Carnival at East Coast Park Precinct This summer, ARTA Architects have picked up their magic wands to bring fireworks you can touch and feel right to the East Coast Park Precinct. The installations double as dandelion by day and illuminating fireworks by night. Catch them while they’re there this summer!Location: East Coast Park Precinct is situated west of Watson Road, Quarry BayPublic Transportation: 7-minute walk from Exit A, MTR Fortress Hill Station Tropical Forest at the Belcher Bay Promenade Local artist Messy Desk has turned the Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town into a tropical forest featuring a 6m-tall playground and animals carts! See if you can spot Pinana on her jeep as she embarks on yet another adventure. The multi-functional space and even the railing are awash with summer colours. Traverse the tropical forest whilst drinking in the sunset!Location: The Belcher Bay Promenade, Shing Sai Road, Kennedy TownPublic Transportation: 6-minute walk from Exit C, MTR Kennedy Town Station   Din Dong Water Carnival at Tsuen Wan Promenade Local cartoon superstar Din Dong unveils the “Water Carnival by the Harbour” at Tsuen Wan Promenade. He takes on countless looks on his adventures across the yacht, lighthouse, bumper car and more! Don’t forget to snap a shot with him this summer!Location: Tsuen Wan Promenade is situated near Hoi On RoadPublic Transportation: 5-minute walk from Exit A2, MTR Exhibition Centre Station    Hot Air Balloon Extravaganza at HarbourChill     Adjacent to the Wan Chai Pier, HarbourChill brings an aerodynamic adventure with a 9m-tall hot air balloon and a supersized chess board. Spot deer, zebra, hippos and more animal friends made from upcycled oil drums; and don’t forget to snap a shot with the propeller plane, too!Location:HarbourChill is situated north of Hung Hing Road, Wan Chai and east of the covered walkway to the Wan Chai PierPublic Transportation:Wan Chai Exhibition Centre MTR Exit A2; 5-minute walk towards the promenade   Beach Party at The Connector The beach is the place to be during the sizzling months. This summer, The Connector – the pathway between Admiralty’s Tamar Park and Hong Kong Convention Centre in Wan Chai – is converted into an urban beach party! Make a sandcastle, enjoy the sea breeze and drink in the cool, summer vibes with Victoria and Harper!Location: The Connector is situated between Admiralty’s Tamar Park and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan ChaiPublic Transportation: 9-minute walk from Exit A2, MTR Admiralty Station Wild, Wild West at the Water Sports & Recreation Precinct Messy Desk has reimagined the pet-friendly Water Sports & Recreation Precinct into an old western town home to log shacks, cacti and farm animals – all splashed in a warm, sunset orange. See if you can spot Chocolate Rain’s Fatina on her expedition!Location: The Water Sports & Recreation Precinct stretches from Hung Hing Road in Wan Chai North to the flyoverPublic Transportation: 9-minute walk from Exit C, MTR Causeway Bay Station (The video is in Cantonese) (The video is provided by Development Bureau) For more details, please visit the website of the Development Bureau, or the website of the Secretariat of the Harbourfront Commission.

Why West Kowloon is perfect for pets

Hong Kong pet lovers are no strangers to the frustration of finding pet-friendly public parks. Fortunately, the past few years have seen more pet-friendly spaces crop up across the city, with West Kowloon becoming one of the most popular hangout spots for pet owners and their furry companions.Why West Kowloon is perfect for petsWest Kowloon offers parking and a spacious drop-off area that will allow your four-legged friends to get on and off vehicles with ease. Featuring sprawling open spaces, West Kowloon's pet-friendly Art Park, Nursery Park and Waterfront Promenade allow pet owners to exercise their pets and mingle with other pet parents in the comfort of an seaside urban oasis.Dog owners will find our Pet Zone especially appealing — this is the only area in West Kowloon that allows pets to roam freely without leashes. Waste bins and a water tap for pets are also available to make cleaning up after and caring for your pet a breeze.Stomach rumbling after a long game of fetch? Grab a bite at one of the Art Park restaurants, or head straight to the pet-friendly cafe Hooman which serves "hooman" food, and treats for your pup and offers a sweeping view of the Victoria Harbour that both of you can enjoy. (The photos and the text are provided by West Kowloon Cultural District)

Running with Hong Kong's nightscape as your backdrop

Running outdoors is getting "trendy". Many people have become more conscious of their health and developed an appetite for running, not in the gym on a treadmill, but outdoors, whatever the weather. Well, if running is your thing, there is no better place than in the Art Park with the harbour and lights of Hong Kong as a backdrop.Running outdoors in the summer months puts a heavy demand on your physical strength and endurance. That is great for burning off those calories, but you also need to watch out for the dangers of the strong sun, heatstroke and dehydration. So, we recommend running during the evening when it is not only cooler but also allows you to appreciate Hong Kong’s stunning nightscape. It’s also easier to establish a habit of regular running three or four times a week if you run in the evening. When people new to running think about running at night, they might be concerned about seeing the route ahead and being seen by traffic if they run near roads. But running round the West Kowloon Art Park means no traffic, well-lit paths and flat pavements (just watch those curbs!). If you set off early enough you’ll also be treated to one of the best sunset views in the city.If you are more of the more spontaneous kind and don’t come prepared, don’t worry, there are vending machines on the promenade with water and sports drinks. If you are the kind of person who thinks a good run deserves a good reward afterwards, there are plenty of places to eat too. And if the run tires you out too much you can get revitalised just by looking at the lights of Hong Kong and reminding yourself that you are looking at one of the greatest views in the world.  (The photos and the text are provided by West Kowloon Cultural District)

Ngong Ping Cherry Blossoms (Season Limited)

There is a recent trend to admire spring flowers and cherry trees in Hong Kong. The cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping thrived in the past four years and bloomed steadily after the adaptation period. It has become one of the cherry blossom viewing spots in Hong Kong. And a "blossom-seasons-tourism" has also been gradually developed on Lantau Island, allowing flower lovers and tourists to watch the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy a leisurely journey. Every year from about the end of December to the end of March, different types of cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping will start blooming one after another. The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) has planted around 400 cherry trees and native spring-flowering trees in the Ngong Ping area, including Bellflower Cherry, Bellflower Cherry (Double-flowered), Guangzhou Cherry, Xiaoqiao Cherry, Southern Early Cherry and Kawazu-zakura. Bellflower Cherry is the major cherry tree species planted in the area. It is a native cherry tree species in southern China and is the earliest blooming cherry blossom in Ngong Ping.In view of the impact of the fifth wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 on the public's outing, CEDD specially recorded the beauty of cherry blossoms and spring flowers, so that the public can watch the flowers without leaving home. It also reminds the public to reduce outings and social activities, maintain appropriate social distancing with others, maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and fight the epidemic together.To help the public and visitors better appreciate the planted trees, tree labels are provided with QR codes for the newly planted ones. Details about the trees are accessible via tablets or smartphones. For details about the Landscape Improvement Works in Ngong Ping and the Ngong Ping Spring Flower Trail, please visit the website of CEDD.