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“Testing in Everyday Life” Laboratory Workshops

The Laboratory Workshops provide practical opportunities for participants to learn about the basic chemical testing concepts and knowledge relevant to daily life examples. Participants will be guided by scientific officers of the Department of Chemistry of the Hong Kong Baptist University to conduct an experiment of the chosen topic in small groups. 10 October - Air Pollutant Analysis: Determination of NO2 in Air17 October – Differentiation of Chinese Herb Danshen from Other Similar Herbs24 October - Analysis of Copper in Wastewater31 October - Determination of SO2 in Dried Food7 November - Is the Dairy Product Safe? Use Gold Nanoparticles to Detect Melamine14 November – Determination of Vitamin C in Commercial Sample and Fresh Fruit Juice Suitable for : Secondary 4 students or above studying any science subjects Quota : 35 people(each session) Language : Cantonese (supplemented by English)

AI Challenge - Identifying Surgical Instrument

Computer vision has advanced considerably but is still challenged in matching the precision of human intelligence. Could AI assist humans to perform surgical instrument counting go in and out of Hospital Operating Theatre - a task that takes place over a hundred thousand times per year! In this competition, you are challenged to build a machine learning model that identifies the categories of Ophthalmology surgical instrument in an image dataset on HKSTP’s latest service addition – Validation Platform where Optimal Performance Metrics can be formed. By automating the task, your participation will help spare enormous amount of health professional time for direct patient care and connection. Ready to compete and be the FIRST to experience the Platform? Registration Deadline: 30 Sep 2020Contestant Briefing: 5 Oct 2020Model Training: Sep to Nov 2020 Winner will be invited to present to Hospital Authority for collaboration opportunity.

STEM Internship Scheme launched

In the 2020-21 Budget, the Financial Secretary has set aside $40 million to subsidise undergraduates and postgraduates taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programmes in universities funded by the University Grants Committee to enrol in short-term internships. The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has set up under the Innovation and Technology Fund the STEM Internship Scheme to encourage STEM students to gain innovation and technology (I&T)-related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in I&T after graduation, so as to enlarge the local I&T talent pool.Eligibility of StudentsThe Scheme is open to undergraduates and postgraduates who are -1. local students in accordance with the classification by the Education Bureau for the purpose of admission to post-secondary programmes; and2. enrolling in one of the full-time STEM programmes offered by the eligible Universities. Internship PlacementsInternship places can be newly created or belong to existing in-house internship programmes of the companies/organisations. They have to meet the following requirements -1. local or non-local full-time placements with duration of at least four consecutive weeks; and2. offer meaningful I&T-related work, subject to the vetting of the universities. The Scheme has adopted a broad definition of I&T under which an internship place will be regarded as I&T-related as long as its actual work contains I&T elements (e.g. technology-related intellectual property work, digital marketing, data analysis for the manufacturing industry, etc.). Participating employers may pay a monthly honorarium during the internship period on top of the allowance under the Scheme. They have full discretion in determining the honorarium level with reference to their internal policies, industry benchmarks or market rates. Allowance and FundingThe student interns will receive the allowance subject to the arrangements of individual universities. The allowance for each student intern under the Scheme will be HK$10,500 per month, with a cap as prescribed by individual universities, but not more than three months in every academic year. ITC will disburse the funding to the universities on a reimbursement basis. Application Procedures and ArrangementsIndividual universities have prescribed their respective application procedures and arrangements. Interested students and employers are welcomed to approach the following universities -The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Career CenterTel: (852) 2358 6688Email: careercenter@ust.hkThe University of Hong Kong - The Centre of Development and Resources for StudentsTel: (852) 3917 2317Email: stem@cedars.hku.hkThe Chinese University of Hong Kong - Ms Zoe FongTel: (852) 3943 9639Email: zoefong@cuhk.edu.hk The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Mr KK Ng (Employer matters)Tel: (852) 2766 4651Email: kk.ng@polyu.edu.hkThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Miss Genette Cheung (Scheme details and application)Tel: (852) 3400 3121Email: genette.cheung@polyu.edu.hkCity University of Hong Kong - Miss Cherry ChongTel: (852) 3442 4481Email: cherry.chong@cityu.edu.hkHong Kong Baptist University - Miss Penny Lo (Career Centre)Tel: (852) 3411 5278Email: pennylo@hkbu.edu.hkThe Education University of Hong Kong - Career Development ServiceTel: (852) 2948 6246Email: careerservice@eduhk.hk Please visit ITC website for more details.