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Tips for Studying at Home

In view of the severe epidemic situation, face-to-face classes and on-campus activities are suspended and students are required to study at home. Still want to keep learning amid the change of your study mode? Let’s see the below some online resources related to studying at home: E-Learning Resources EdCity has organised a series of award schemes and offered some eResources for students, covering Chinese Language, English Language, Science, General Studies, creative writing and reading. Some other e-learning resources for students provided by other organisations are also listed below too. Chinese Language Chinese Master encourages students to enhance their Chinese proficiency by completing interesting exercises and games. eWorks Award Scheme encourages students to demonstrate their creativity and create their own stories, essays and illustration writing. English Language TVNews Award Scheme boosts students’ English proficiency through news and other thematic videos with online challenges. English Campus is a gamified English self-learning platform with weekly-updated games and videos. STEM Education RTHK’s E-Learning Webpage covers interesting learning contents in various subject areas such as language study, culture, arts, science, philosophy and healthy lifestyle. (Chinese version only) Educational Multimedia provides multimedia educational resources, including theme-based short videos, multi-ending micro movies, animations, nursery rhymes, picture books, photos, sound tracks, and videos which are divided into chapters and short clips of a few minutes. Students are also welcomed to visit their Science Education and Technology Education pages. Edutainment Channel aimed at introducing basic knowledge on culture, arts, science, sports, horticulture and animals for deepening the public's understanding and interests in various fields. Featuring curiosity, creativity, playfulness and collaboration, The Hong Kong Science Museum Science Promotion Unit has organised online and offline programmes to share interesting science-related topics, and encourage everyone to explore the incredible world of science in our daily lives. Reading Platform Reading Contract and Reading Challenge aim to cultivate students’ interest in reading and develop reading skills by taking playful quizzes. HK Reading City provides information of more than 10,000 books with more than 70% offering trial reading and over 900 free eBooks available for reading enjoyment. It also provides Themed Booklists, Award-winning Books, and Celebrity Picks to help students find high-quality books. Online Question Bank Online Question Bank (OQB) is an online learning platform designed to facilitate ‘Assessment for Learning’. OQB has been partnering with Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) since 2009 as well as content providers to enrich its question base continuously. Students are welcomed to subscribe to the service according to their needs, in order to prepare for the examinations. Tips for Healthy Usage of Computers Students are required to use computers for long period to study at home. You may refer to the information about healthy usage of computers in the Healthy Use of Internet and Electronic Screen Products page by Student Health Service, Department of Health. You may also see the Computer use and eye care page, to know more about eye care and correct postures when using computers and thus study safely and healthily at home.