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[Study] Study in the Mainland and Overseas

In recent years, more and more Hong Kong students are interested in having their further studies in the Mainland or overseas. Here are some methods which students commonly used for studying abroad. 1. Study in the Mainland A handbook (Chinese version only) jointly published by the Education Bureau, the China Education Exchange (HK) Centre and Hok Yau Club provides comprehensive information on the Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions and pursuing studies in the Mainland. The information includes all participating institutions in the academic year 2021/22, the programmes offered, strategy on programme choices, entry requirements and experiences shared by graduates of the Mainland universities. It also includes the latest development of the higher education in the Mainland and questions frequently asked by Hong Kong students regarding pursuing studies in the Mainland to provide students with further guidance. There are three major channels to apply for the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes provided by the higher education institutions in the Mainland: 1. Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions2. National Education Exam Authority, People’s Republic of China Joint Entrance Exam For Universities in PRC (JEE, PRC) 3. Independent Enrolment of Colleges and Universities If you wish to receive more details about the regarded application methods, please refer to "Further Studies in Mainland China" of the Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau and Student.hk of Hok Yau Club (Chinese version only). 2. Study Abroad There is a large number of overseas institutions and programmes, yet it is important for students to make choices for their future studies and plans. In order to help students to make right decisions, here are five suggestions extracted from the article published by Hok Yau Club. 1 Check the academic and professional accreditation recognised by the local governments2 Refer to the official information on further studies3 Consider not alone the international ranking but also other factors4 Prepare for academic evaluation after returning to Hong Kong5 Evaluate the learning outcomes and articulation opportunities for further studies  For details, please refer to the article "5 suggestions from experts for choosing post-secondary courses wisely" (Chinese version only) on Student.hk. If you wish to receive more details about the application method, visa application, general information about places of study, recognition of non-local qualifications of applying for non-local studies etc., please refer to "Non-Local Further Studies" of the Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau.   Sources:Education Bureau - Life Planning Information Website Hok Yau Club (Chinese version only)

[Subsidy] Any Subsidy for Studying in the Mainland?

Definitely! There is a subsidy scheme for Hong Kong students who are pursuing studies in the Mainland. To ensure that no students will be deprived of post-secondary education for financial reasons, the Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme (MUSSS) is available for Hong Kong students. Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme The MUSSS is available for eligible Hong Kong students pursuing undergraduate studies in 189 designated Mainland institutions. Hong Kong students who receive and complete a senior secondary education in Hong Kong, including those studying the local or non-local curriculum as well as non-Chinese speaking students, may apply for the subsidy if other criteria are fulfilled. Starting from the 2021/22 academic year, Hong Kong students who have been admitted to Mainland institutions through the School Principal Nomination Scheme under the Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions are also eligible for a non-means-tested subsidy, thereby benefitting more students in need. Moreover, Education Bureau has newly developed an online platform to facilitate eligible Hong Kong students on the submission of their MUSSS applications. For the 2021/22 academic year, the full-rate subsidy and half-rate subsidy provided through the means-tested subsidy under the MUSSS are HK$16,800 and HK$8,400 respectively. A non-means-tested subsidy of HK$5,600 is also provided. Details of the Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme>> Application of the Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme>> Higher education institutions in the Mainland also offer their own scholarships, grants, fee remission, etc.  For details and requirements, please refer to the information from individual institutions.     Source:Education Bureau - Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme 

Non-local Further Studies

Information on Non-local further studies  Young people intending to further their studies in Mainland China/ outside Hong Kong, please refer to the general information on non-local further studies for information search prior to making informed choices. Information of popular countries The United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia are popular countries for non-local further studies. You can find these countries’ requirements for non-local students listed on useful information on specific countries. Frequently asked questions on non-local further studies It is also advisable that students understand the frequently asked questions on non-local further studies when considering studying outside Hong Kong. For further information about scholarship, please refer to Scholarships for details.