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Technical Officer and Survey Officer (Quantity)

Drawn by the Technical Officer, the working drawing is an essential part of a construction project. Comprising the design concepts of the Architect and the Landscape Architect, etc., the drawing provides the building contractor with the blueprint for carrying out the project. To be a Technical Officer, one should have a keen interest in architectural design and basic knowledge of computer graphics. Meticulous attention to detail and accurate calculation skills are also conducive to more efficient handling of tasks related to the working drawing. Upon receipt of the working drawing, the Survey Officer (Quantity) will begin to produce the bills of quantities, estimating the materials and human resources required in order to prepare the tender documents. To be a Survey Officer (Quantity), one should have a quick mind, sensitivity to numbers and the ability to read architectural drawings. Organisation chart

Technical Officer (Cartographic)

Lee Ming-yeung, Technical Officer (Cartographic), said, “Many people think that a Technical Officer (Cartographic) needs to work before a computer in the office every day and is a very boring job. It is actually not the case.” Lee Ka-wai, Technical Officer (Cartographic), said, “I hope more people who have a liking or talent for cartography will join the industry so that the cartographic skills and knowledge will be passed on.” Please watch the video for more information about the work and promotion prospects of the post of Technical Officer (Cartographic). Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Technical Officer

The CEDD aims to contribute to society in the development of its infrastructure and in other efforts to keep the environment green and sustainable. It also aims to establish Hong Kong as a city of infrastructural safety. Mannix and Amanda, two technical officers in the CEDD, shared their feelings about the job. Thanks to the experimental work they do on a daily basis, they have become prudent and organized. Let us take a look at this challenging profession which is closely related to our everyday life. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Technical Officer (Structural)

"I chose to become a Technical Officer in the Buildings Department as I wanted to get a stable job which can provide me with learning opportunities. Looking back after so many years, I am happy that I made this decision, and I now take this job as my lifelong career." KK, Technical Officer (Structural) of Buildings Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Technical Officer (Structural) of Buildings Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Fisheries Technical Officer

Does a science student always end up with a job in the lab? Lawrence Leung, a Fisheries Technical Officer II, tells us that, with his science background, he was assigned on the first day of his job to take diving lessons and come into direct contact with the undersea world. From one who did not know much about fish, to one who has fallen in love with the ocean, he can now distinguish between different kinds of sea creatures. Through this job, he has come to embrace marine life and enter the diverse world of fisheries. As a result, he has also developed a greater fondness for the earth. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page