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Technician Trainee

The Engineering Technician Training Scheme offered by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department covers various disciplines including the electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, building service, electronics and vehicle disciplines. After choosing your major discipline, you will be assigned to different places for practicum and will accumulate expertise under various masters. You can also attend weekly lessons to balance your learning of theory and practice. Furthermore, you may have a better chance of getting promoted, which will allow you to realize your ambition and talent here in our department. Now, let our Technician Trainee Ka Hin tell you more! Organisation chart

Aircraft Technician(2)

While there are more female pilots in the aviation industry in recent decades, those working in aviation mechanics and technical operations are traditionally male-dominated. But there is one young woman who embraced the challenge of becoming an aircraft technician years ago and went on to join the Government Flying Service as its first female aircraft technician.The height of 1.54 metres may be considered short to some, but it is not enough to restrain Cherry Ko, the first female aircraft technician in the Government Flying Service, from pursuing a career in repairing aircraft.Miss Ko is responsible for carrying out servicing, maintenance, repair and modification on all of the aircraft, components and systems.“I need some help sometimes when I am not tall enough to reach higher parts. But I can squeeze into narrow spaces to make repairs and checks. I have small, but nimble hands,” Miss Ko said, adding this is why being smaller is a bonus in this particular role.Miss Ko is not the only woman in the team now. Chan Wing-lam is the second female technician. After graduating from Texas A&M University, she joined the team last year.“I always want to fix a helicopter. I think it is challenging. I could only take care of civil aircraft in a commercial company. That is why I joined the Government Flying Service,” Miss Chan said. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Aircraft Technician(1)

Aircraft Technician of Government Flying Service, Ting-fung, "Our mission as aircraft technicians is to ensure aviation safety by maintaining good conditions of the aircraft, with which the crew members carry out missions and return safely." Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path etc. of Aircraft Technician of Government Flying Service.  Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page