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[#BackToSchool] Get ready for university life

Looking forward to university life is always both exciting and nerve-racking. The five tips below might help to get you well prepared. 1. Check emails regularly General information including daily class arrangements and application procedures from various departments of the university is often disseminated by emails. Checking emails on a regular basis can prevent missing important notices. 2. Take the initiative for yourself There are no constraints in your university life. The professors and lecturers would not monitor your study progress nor arrange everything for you. Whether it is choosing a major, arranging a schedule, looking for an internship, or choosing your job, you should make your own decisions. You are advised to do some research in advance on your desired subject or career. Besides, you can search for information about your favourite subject or career talk and take the sharing of relevant people (such as graduates or senior personnel in the industry) as a reference so that you can get to know your study and career direction better. 3. Make good use of your spare time to rest, exercise and enrich yourself Studying is not an easy task. Apart from working hard, you should also take enough time to rest and do simple physical exercises, such as jogging and rope jumping. Through exercises, you can relax and your body will release endorphins. Also, lectures usually don’t take up a whole day. If you have time after class, you can make good use of your spare time to add value to yourself, develop your interests, and even find a part-time job to make your life more fruitful and broaden your horizons. 4. Learn to deal with interpersonal relationships University is the warm-up before society. Interpersonal relationships at this stage will be more complicated than that in secondary school. Having a good balance of time spent between your university mates and secondary school friends is essential. More importantly, it is also crucial to have a good relationship with your professors, lecturers and teaching assistants! 5. Choose a computer you need, not one you want Classroom material is often available online only and most of the assignments need to be submitted on the e-platform. Thus, It is important to choose a suitable electronic device. To prevent waste of money, you should purchase your laptop according to your needs. If multimedia production is not included in the programme curriculum and paperwork is your daily routine, a laptop with basic internet surfing and word processing functions will be good enough. Yet, can tablets replace laptops? Sure thing. But it will be sacrificing functions for portability. A tablet is much lighter than a laptop but is relatively less capable of word processing and document handling. All in all, everyone has a different requirement for their computer, so spend your money where it is most needed!   Wish you the best of luck in your university life!

Search for related courses for your career

When planning for further study or career, young people may have some popular industries in mind and look for related courses, for example, finance; real estate and construction services industry; hotel and catering; information and communication technology; retail; recreation, sports, cultural and creative industries, etc. Want to know what courses or training programmes are available for a particular industry? Below are some websites that may help.. Industries and Jobs - Education Bureau'sLife Planning Information Website Careers Exploration - Talent.gov.hk   More details about the programmes are available from respective institutions. For a comprehensive list of institutions / organisations providing local post-secondary education and other education programmes, please refer to the website of the Education Bureau (EDB). For other related training and courses, please refer to the EDB's Life Planning Information Website.     Still not sure about your career path? Browse the websites listed below to find out more about different jobs and careers and to know more about yourself! VTC Occupation Dictionary JOB & VASK of CLAP@JC Discover@Jobtionaryof Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups I am… Youth Portalof St. James' Settlement  

2021 Internship Experience at the Efficiency Office

The 2021 Summer Internship Programme at the Efficiency Office (EffO) was concluded successfully. After the two-month intership, the interns had enriched their understanding of the internal operation of the Government as well as the development of Innovation and Technology (I&T) in Hong Kong. The interns participated in a wide variety of tasks, such as general office work and site visits to different government departments and I&T organisations. These experiences helped to broaden their horizons and expand their social networks. The 2021 Summer Internship Programme was yet another unforgettable experience for all interns. Let’s take a look at the video for their sharing and highlights of the programme!  

【#LifePlanning】Five Stories of Life Planning

The beginning of work life marks the beginning of another life stage. While there are a vast variety of occupations and industry prospects, it is natural to ponder the way to make informed and suitable decisions for our career plan in the future. A video titled “The Five Stories of Life Planning” which features five life stories about self-discovery and career exploration is produced by “La Violet Charity Foundation” (Chinese version only), a funded organisation of the “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities”. The interviewees come from different walks of life. They are Shala, a Singer and a Composer; Zowie, a Media Editor; Ranger, a Business Development Officer of a social enterprise; Wing, a Community Tour Guide; and Hannah, a Marketing Manager of a social enterprise. Let’s listen to their life stories and advice on life planning. “The Five Stories of Life Planning” (Source: The Youth Development Commission Facebook Page)  About “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities” The Youth Development Commission provides subsidies for non-governmental organisations to work in collaboration with secondary schools in organising a wide variety of life planning projects for the youth under the “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities” (the Scheme). By offering in-depth, appropriate and continuous individual counselling services, the Scheme aims at helping the youth to search for their life goals and to be well prepared for the next life stage. For more information, please visit the ydc.gov.hk website.

2020 Internship Experience at the Efficiency Office

The Efficiency Office (EffO) collaborates with post-secondary institutions to offer summer internships from June to August 2020 for students to work with various teams at EffO through the “Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme”, thereby helping the students better understand the operations of the Government and the public sector and gain experience for future development. Interns of the latest programme provided assistance and gained experience in various scopes of work such as, information collection and analysis for the “Be the Smart Regulator” Programme; fact-finding and information analysis for the “Streamlining of Government Services” Programme; support to the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) Task Force Secretariat, as well as the publicity and marketing work for the SIE Fund; content production work for the Youth.gov.hk and social media platforms; and preparation for the Education and Careers Expo etc. The Youth.gov.hk Editorial Team cordially invited the interns to share their experience and reflection about their beginning of work life. Let’s take a look at the animated video “Interns Dictionary” below and listen to the sharing from the interns regarding the learning outcomes of their internship journey! Interns Dictionary

[#BackToSchool] Subsidy & Scholarship Schemes for Local Studies

At the beginning of a new academic year, you may have started planning about your colourful tertiary school life. However, please don’t forget to pay proper attention to your financial plans so as to achieve your goals for your tertiary education. Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency provides various schemes ranging from financial assistance, scholarships to merit award schemes. You can also use the tool “What am I eligible for?” to sort out the assistance scheme(s) which you may apply for and to calculate the estimated amount/level of assistance. Student Finance Office provides you with a Scheme Finder to search for other Scholarships, Grants & Loans Schemes. Moreover, our website also lists out the useful links of Financial Assistance for Tertiary Students. To learn more about the application processes of the various schemes, relevant videos on the SFO YouTube Channel are handy shortcuts.    

Financial Assistance for Tertiary Students

Scholarships There are a number of scholarships available to tertiary students in Hong Kong. Most of the scholarships are offered by funds. As the nature of the scholarships varies, the requirements for the applicants differ. In general, applicants for scholarships should have outstanding performance in their studies. You may visit the relevant websites to understand more about the requirements of individual scholarships. Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund was set up through public donations in April 1987 in memory of the late Governor, Sir Edward Youde. The purpose of the Fund is to provide for and encourage the education or learning of or research by the people of Hong Kong locally or overseas. The Fund offers several scholarships including scholarships for undergraduates and diploma course students, fellowships for postgraduate students, and fellowships/scholarships for disabled students. Sir Robert Black Trust Fund Moreover, there are also scholarships offered by the Sir Robert Black Trust Fund, which provides awards to individuals in pursuit of postgraduate studies or other training programmes at both local and overseas institutions. Education Scholarships Fund Education Scholarships Fund is made annually to tertiary students on the recommendations of the relevant institutions. Scholarships in Agricultural and Fisheries Industries If you are employed in, or have family members employed in the agricultural and fisheries industries, or if you wish to enter the industries, you can apply for the scholarships under the Tertiary Education Awards of the Agricultural Products Scholarship Fund and Marine Fish Scholarship Fund. Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers  The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers provides awards to students who pursue relevant local bachelor degree programmes and/ or teacher training programmes which will qualify them to become English language teachers on graduation. Grantham Scholarships Fund The Grantham Scholarships Fund was raised by the people of Hong Kong to commemorate the governorship of Sir Alexander Grantham, and offers scholarships for students in Open University of Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council, and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme The Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme aims to support local students to pursue studies in world renowned universities outside Hong Kong, with a view to grooming a top cadre of talents with global vision, international network and world-class education, thereby contributing to enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness as Asia’s World City in a globalised knowledge economy. The scheme also seeks to support those students who have excellent academic achievement but lack the financial means to study in top-notch universities outside Hong Kong. More scholarships Local tertiary institutions and some organisations also offer scholarships for tertiary students. You may visit the relevant links of the Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau and Student Finance Office, Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency for further information. Grants and loans  Apart from scholarships, disadvantaged tertiary students may apply for interest-free loan including loans from the Sing Tao Charitable Foundation Students' Loan Fund and the Hong Kong Rotary Club Students' Loan Fund. Student Financial Assistance Scheme Disadvantaged students can apply for financial assistance through the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students or the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes, which are subject to the means test and the asset test, and travel subsidy through the Student Travel Subsidy Scheme, which is means-tested. Students can also consider applying for loans under the Non-means-tested Loan Scheme.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary institutions There are eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC). The UGC Secretariat provides administrative support to the UGC, which advises the Government on the development and funding of tertiary education in Hong Kong and to administer Government grants to the UGC-funded tertiary education institutions. University graduates employment  After graduation, you might start looking for jobs. Developed by the career centres of the tertiary institutions of Hong Kong with a grant from the UGC, the Joint Institution Job Information System (JIJIS) is a one-stop online career service for students. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts  Apart from the eight post-secondary institutions, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is the only tertiary institution in Hong Kong providing professional education, training and research facilities in the performing arts, theatre technical arts, and film and television. Grants and loans To support the progressive increase in post-secondary education opportunities, a series of support measures for both students and providers of post-secondary programmes have been introduced by the Government. Among others, they include the provision of student grants and loans, as well as interest-free start-up loans for post-secondary education institutions. Visit the online information centre for information on the full-time self-financing post-secondary programmes at sub-degree levels (Associate Degree or Higher Diploma) or above, that meet the Government's quality requirements and other relevant information.