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Travelling Outside Hong Kong

HKSAR travel documents Travelling is such an enjoyable activity for most people. There are a few things that you should consider besides hotel and flight bookings. Firstly, check the expiry date on your HKSAR travel documents because many countries require visitors’ travel documents to be valid for at least six months. Visitors who fail to present a valid passport may be refused to board the plane or enter the country. Travel protection If you plan to join a package tour, please make sure the travel agent is a reputable licence holder. Then should the travel agent go out of business or in case you have an accident during your travels, you will be able to obtain the travel protection under the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. To better cover your own travel needs, you can consider arranging your own travel insurance for which please refer to the Publications & Publicity Materials of Insurance Authority. Discovering the local cultures Like most travellers, you may want to refer to some travel guides or web sites such as the discovery tours around the world [Chinese version only]. On top of introducing you to local attractions and customs, authors will usually share their personal experiences with you. Information on travel health Before going overseas, be sure to check out information on travel health about any travel-related health risks (such as outbreak of infectious disease, vaccination requirements, high altitude syndrome, heat exhaustion and hypothermia). Outbound travel information You may register your outbound travel information on Registration of Outbound Travel Information if you wish to receive updates on Outbound Travel Alert and related public information from the HKSAR Government.   Assistance outside Hong Kong from the government You may also want to find out how to get assistance outside Hong Kong from the government and jot down relevant information and website before your trip, so you will know where to go in case you lose your passport or get into trouble during your trip. World weather information Always check the climatological information for travellers and world weather information before packing your luggage. Security requirements at Hong Kong International Airport If you travel by air, check the latest security requirements in place at Hong Kong International Airport, and arrive at the airport earlier to allow sufficient time for check-in, security screening and immigration procedures. Enjoy a safe and carefree vacation!