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e-Book Highlights - Tree of Life

You may browse selected articles from below e-databases via E-Account; or Library card; or Smart Identity Card allowed for Library Purposes; AND Password.If you have never applied for a library card or E-Account of Hong Kong Public Libraries, please visit the Hong Kong Public Libraries website to know more aboout the application details.    《足足五萬年-跟達爾文去進化島》 Introduction: (Please refer to the Chinese version) Author:項明生Publisher: 皇冠出版社(香港),2015Printed Book: Library CatalogueSource: 「金閱閣」電子書 (Back to top) 《生命的奇跡》 Introduction: (Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 海克爾Publisher: 北京大學出版社,2019Printed Book: Library CatalogueSource: 方正中文電子書(成人館藏) (Back to top) What is Life?: Understand Biology in Five Steps In this book Paul Nurse, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, defines life in a way that every reader can understand. It is a shared journey of discovery, step by step he illuminates five great ideas that underpin biology, including the cell, the gene, evolution by natural selection, life as chemistry and life as information. He traces the roots of his own curiosity and knowledge to reveal how science works, both now and in the past. Using his personal experiences, in and out of the lab, he shares with us the challenges, the lucky breaks, and the thrilling eureka moments of discovery. Author: Paul NursePublisher: David Fickling Books, 2020Printed Book: Library CatalogueSource: OverDrive eBooks   (Back to top) (The information is provided by Hong Kong Public Libraries)