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Career Planning

The meaning of work Work, apart from making a living, can also give us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Let’s start with the career ABC - the meaning of work – to understand what we can expect to gain in work as we begin our careers. Support services on employment and self-employment If you decide to join the workforce, you may be puzzled or come across certain dilemmas. You can visit the "Youth Employment Start" for more personal advisory and support services on employment and self-employment. Available services include Career Assessment, Mock Interview Workshop, as well as a free business workstation and a design corner for self-employed youth. You can now try the on-line simplified version of the Career Assessment, as well as register on-line as a preliminary member, apply for activities and make reservation on part of the services of Youth Employment Start. Career guidance Next up: should I work or further study? Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau provides detailed information about both options and will help you make the right decision.