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Three secret tricks of a Postman

If you think all a postman needs to do is simply to deliver the mails swiftly, then you may have underestimated their job. Read the following for three tricks of postmen that you may not notice.01.Speedy hands Yes, the main duty of a postman is to deliver mails; and no, other than that, there are many other kinds of duties. Postman Wong Wai Hung said, “We are responsible for delivering parcels and registered mails as well as redirected mails.” Each postman of the Sorting Section is also responsible for more than 700 mailboxes. The first thing postmen do every day when back to the office is letter sorting, immediately followed by picking up registered mails for delivery. Not necessarily urgent, but definitely quick.02.Sharp eyes“I had to spend a lot of time to learn my way around at the beginning.” Postmen rely on their eyes to deliver the mails. They have to keep their eyes open and get familiar with all the places to deliver the mails quickly and precisely. Otherwise, they might get lost or take a longer path and the delivery progress would be delayed. 03.Make friends with dogsPostmen have to deliver mails even under adverse conditions. Ip Kwan Ho, who works in the rural delivery bearing, shared, “Our job is far from easy. Other than poor weather conditions, we are also prone to attack by dogs.” As a postman, however, he does not take a fight or flight approach, but rather makes friends with the animals to get his job done efficiently. “There was a dog that walked like a company of mine along part of the route of my delivery!”[More about the amazing tricks of Postmen] Contributing Editor: Sophie