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Technical Officer and Survey Officer (Quantity)

Drawn by the Technical Officer, the working drawing is an essential part of a construction project. Comprising the design concepts of the Architect and the Landscape Architect, etc., the drawing provides the building contractor with the blueprint for carrying out the project. To be a Technical Officer, one should have a keen interest in architectural design and basic knowledge of computer graphics. Meticulous attention to detail and accurate calculation skills are also conducive to more efficient handling of tasks related to the working drawing. Upon receipt of the working drawing, the Survey Officer (Quantity) will begin to produce the bills of quantities, estimating the materials and human resources required in order to prepare the tender documents. To be a Survey Officer (Quantity), one should have a quick mind, sensitivity to numbers and the ability to read architectural drawings. Organisation chart

Quantity Surveyor

Once a building design is finalised, the Quantity Surveyor will get to working out a budget and the financial arrangements for the building project right away. Then the tender documents will be drafted for the building contractor to bid for the project. Once construction is under way, the Quantity Surveyor will check if the building contractor’s accounts are in order and make recommendations where appropriate until the end of the building project. On completion of the project, the Quantity Surveyor will check and settle the accounts, and make sure that the project has been carried out according to contract. He or she will also have to mediate in any contractual disputes. Since a Quantity Survey’s job involves a huge amount of data and contractual terms, he or she must be meticulous, thorough and well-organised in his or her work. In handling contractual disputes, he or she must be patient, has good communication skills, and demonstrate fair judgement and integrity. Organisation chart

Maintenance Surveyor

Buildings in Hong Kong generally last for 30 to 40 years. They owe their lasting looks to Maintenance Surveyors who have done a good job in keeping up proper maintenance and repair. Whenever the need arises, a Maintenance Surveyor is ready to perform a “body check” on a building to find out what’s wrong and, with the right solution to every problem, carry out the maintenance and repair work. Under special circumstances, such as when it’s necessary to revitalise an old building by changing its use, the Maintenance Surveyor will perform a major overhaul on the building by installing modern and safety facilities to comply with the legal and new-use requirements. The job of a Maintenance Surveyor is more suitable for those interested in buildings. In view of the possibility of all sorts of construction problems, practitioners should be determined to come up with solutions to the problems. Organisation chart

Land Surveyor

"We will utilise the pilotless aircraft to take photos for handling the work regarding the land management and the study of topographical changes, "Elsie, Land Surveyor of Lands Department. "We will regularly utilise the fixed-wing aircraft provided by the Government Flying Service to overfly Hong Kong in order to take aerial photographs for the production of topographic map and orthophoto map, "Ben, Land Surveyor of Lands Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Land Surveyor of Lands Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Survey Officer (Land)

Wong Sau-lei, Survey Officer (Land), said, “A Survey Officer is required to work outdoors and also in office. So it suits my active yet quiet personality.” Lau Chi-wun, Survey Officer (Land), said, “And it is a stable civil service job, providing civil service benefits like housing and medical benefits. So it has attracted many young people to join. Please watch the video for more information about the work and promotion prospects of the post of Survey Officer (Land). Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Survey Officer (Building)

"Building ageing is a major problem worthy of concern. As I want to contribute to the sustainable development of buildings, I chose to become a Survey Officer (Building)." Mandy, Survey Officer (Building) of Buildings Department. Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Survey Officer (Building) of Buildings Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page