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Job Seeking

Job search

Searching job vacancies is more convenient now because recruitment advertisements can be found in newspapers, recruitment notices on premises, vacancy boards and especially online. The Internet is now a popular tool for job hunting by job searchers and recruitment by employers. There are application letters and CV templates on the Internet for reference. But don’t just copy them! Personalise your writing so that your letter and CV are unique and you are more likely to be interviewed. For more advice on applying for jobs, read points to note when applying for jobs.

Labour Department’s Interactive Employment Service

You can use the Labour Department's Interactive Employment Service to search for job vacancies of many different industries.

Government Vacancies Enquiry System

If you are interested in Hong Kong government vacancies, you can visit the Government Vacancies Enquiry System to check the latest job vacancies.

Gov Job - Now Recruiting

Police recruitment

If you are committed to serving and protecting the community, you can consider becoming a member of the Hong Kong Police Force. Police recruitment is an on-going exercise held throughout the year. You can apply at any time you wish.

Joint Institution Job Information System (JIJIS)

University students can log into Joint Institution Job Information System (JIJIS), a one-stop on-line career service for employers and university students offered by the career centres of 8 Hong Kong tertiary institutions.

Employment traps

Finally, you should also be aware of employment traps. While we are keen to find a job, it’s as well to be aware that there are always some people ready to take advantage of us and cheat us out of money or other benefits.

Tips on JRE

Job interview strategies

If you are granted the chance of an interview, seize the opportunity to convince the interviewers that you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Read job interview strategies and attending job interview before walking into the interview room. Also prepare answers to the most frequently asked questions for an impressive performance in an interview. After the interview, there will be follow up and evaluation that you can do. These can show your appreciation to your potential employer for granting you an interview, improve and equip you for future interviews and enhance your performance next time.

Adapt to a new job

The office is a new environment for school leavers. Don’t worry about how to adapt to a new job. Here are some tips for you to follow. Promotion or demotion? Employees with good performance get to keep their jobs and move onwards up the career ladder. Check to see if you are an ideal employee with attributes of favourable employees and keep away from the worst attributes of unfavourable employees.