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The MPF System was implemented in December 2000 to provide basic retirement protection to Hong Kong's workforce. You can know more about the MPF System by understanding the requirements of the employees and employers.


An employee, aged between 18 and 65, who is employed for a continuous period of no less than 60 days (full-time or part-time), or is employed in the construction or catering industry, should join an MPF scheme. Read about the rights and benefits of MPF scheme members, types of MPF schemes, MPF funds and features, how to manage your MPF accrued benefits when changing jobs and circumstances of MPF accrued benefits withdrawal. The MPFA website is very useful.

MPF Calculator

Maybe you should know your retirement needs before planning your MPF investment. Use MPF calculators to estimate how much you need for retirement and calculate your MPF accrued benefits.

Frequently asked MPF questions

Lastly, if you have any questions, read frequently asked MPF questions from employees or MPF Youth Corner to know more.


If you have already become an employer, you must enrol all qualifying employees on MPF schemes and make MPF contributions for them. Read information for employers to see if you comply with MPF-related legal obligations.

Self-employed person

If you are a sole proprietor, or partner to a business partnership, you will be regarded as a self-employed person. You still have to make contributions of your relevant income to your MPF scheme. The ways to calculate the relevant income and MPF contribution as a self-employed person are different from being an employee.