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Information Centre

Constitution & Administration

Governance Structure 

The Chief Executive is the head of the HKSAR. The Chief Executive is responsible for implementing the Basic Law, signing bills and budgets, promulgating laws, making decisions on government policies and issuing Executive Orders. You can visit the government websites to find out more about the work of different bureaux and departments.

Executive Council

The Executive Council assists the Chief Executive in policy-making.

The duties of the Legislative Council

There is also the Legislative Council, which enacts laws; examines and approves budgets, taxation and public expenditure; and monitors the work of the government. The Legislative Council performs the above functions through a system of committees. The Legislative Council performs the above functions through a system of committees.

“Web broadcast” system on the Legislative Council homepage

In addition, the Legislative Council normally meets every Wednesday to conduct its business while in session. All meetings of the Legislative Council and most of its committee meetings are open to the public. You can also refer to the "Web Broadcast" system on the Legislative Council homepage to listen to or watch open meetings of the Council and its committees online.

District affairs

Meanwhile, there are 18 District Councils to advise the government on district matters, reflect public opinions, promote community building and monitor the delivery of public services at the district level.

Policy Address & the Budget

If you wish to find out the overall direction of the government’s policies, simply take a look at the annual Policy Address of the Chief Executive and the Budget of the Financial Secretary. These will give you a better understanding of the policy initiatives, estimates and forth-coming financial plans.

Government consultation papers

Before major policies are implemented, the government will publish relevant information in consultation papers to invite public comments and suggestions.

Accounts of the government

You can also find the most recent annual accounts of the government, including the accrual-based consolidated financial statements.

Code on Access to Information 

You can also put up a request to government bureaux or departments for access to information under the Code on Access to Information.