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Environmental Protection

Treasure the Environment

Protecting the environment starts with pollution control. Ozone layer protection, maintaining clean air and working towards a clean Hong Kong harbour are very important. We can help reduce waste by paying attention to minor details in our daily lives, for example, not to take extra plastic bags when we go shopping.

Tips for protecting the Environment

Actually, there are many green tips to save the Earth. Believe it or not, they can save you money, too. Check out these energy-saving tips and water-saving tips.

Source separation of domestic waste

How to start a recycling programme? We just need your collaboration. The 3-colour waste separation bin system and the source separation of domestic waste programmes have been widely adopted in Hong Kong and have had a positive impact on waste reduction.

Outlets for recyclable and used items

Not everything we don’t need is rubbish. Sometimes, used clothes, books, toys and furniture can be of value to others. So when you want to throw them away, please consider sending them to outlets for recyclable and used items.

Public events and activities related to environmental protection

Besides protecting the environment in our daily lives, we can also take part in related public events and activities such as competitions, ambassador schemes and award schemes.

Environmental Campaign Committee

The Environmental Campaign Committee also holds various themed programmes throughout the year. Just check out these programmes and join in with your friends and family.

Green Volunteer Scheme

Or start with beautifying your living environment by joining the Green Volunteer Scheme

More information on sustainable and environmental friendly technologies

Visit HK Sustainable Technology Net to find out more information about sustainable and environmental friendly technologies. By applying the greening knowledge at home and schools, you can help to make Hong Kong a greener city.

Education tools for environmental protection

Environmental protection is a broad subject. The Hong Kong Government has designed interesting and fun educational tools for you to learn about it. A good place to start is at one of the Environmental Resource Centres where you will find many exhibits, library items, interactive games and environmental gardens. The Green Education and Resource Centre at Kowloon Park will bring you closer to nature and show you more about the importance of greening and environmental protection.

Noise assessment mechanism

You may also wish to take a lesson at home with the online Educational Package on Environmental Noise. This lesson shows you all about noise and its assessment, management and mitigation.Lastly, you can become a Public Works Engineer through the E-learning Platform for Environmental Impact Assessment Mechanism and make use of the EIA process to plan a development project to avoid adverse environmental impacts.

(Video highlights) Exchange Sessions with Youth - Municipal Solid Waste Charging

The theme of this Session is Municipal Solid Waste Charging, and the guest is Mr Bernard Chan, Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development.

(Video highlights) Exchange Sessions with Youth - Municipal Solid Waste Charging